White Beans with Greens and Lemon using Instant Pot IP-DUO

By | September 6, 2014

This is a vegetarian recipe by Jill The Veggie Queen. More details and videos are at http://InstantPot.com.

Hi I'm Jill NASA now I'm the veggie Queen and what I'm going to be showing You today is I'm going to be showing off My instant pot duo and how it works it's An electric pressure cooker I'm going to Make a recipe today which is white beans With greens and lemon all the beautiful Ingredients here So what I'm going to do now is I'm going To turn on the saute function here the Nice thing about the incident pot duo is It has a sautee function and I can Adjust it so it can be high medium or Low I have it on medium right now and When it is ready it will say hot okay so Now it says hot and that means it's hot Enough to put in I do want to mention That I actually saute before the hot Comes on because it is quite hot in There Many times people add olive oil when They're doing this I'd like to do Something called a dry saute and what That means is I just add my ingredients In this case onions and put them in the Pressure cooker I will saute them for a minute or two if For some reason they start to stiff what I do is I add some of the liquid then I'm going to add anyway and that would Be my broth right here which I made this Morning You can make the broth and the instant Pot it's pretty cool five minutes at

Pressure this is only about half the Broth that I made so if I need it I will Add it smells really good so what I do Is I save all my kitchen scraps and I Have another video on that and then I Make the stock so I put everything in Cover it with water five minutes that's Pressure So my onions are getting to be slightly Cooked on you can see there's lots of Steam here and it smells really really Good so what I'm going to do now is I'm Going to turn off the saute function and I'm going to move on and I'm going to Put the beans in and this is I'm really going to start pressure Cooking okay so now my onions are Sauteed and now what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to pressure cook so What this pot does it has a setting it Has a manual setting which I really like There is manual it's set to 30 I only Need to cook this for seven minutes so I'm going to turn it to 7:00 and what I'm going to do is very very simple There's my seven I want to show you the Beans I'm going to use but these are Lima beans or any kind of white bean Will do cannellini Navy Great Northern These are my beings when they are soaked And you can see a huge difference Between the soaked ones and the non Soaked ones so I'm going to use soaked Beans for this this was a cup and a half

The recipe calls for one cup but I love Beans so I figured I would do more I Soak them overnight you can also do a Quick so the quick soak is three inches Of water above the beans bring it to a Boil for one minute turn it off let it Sit one hour so my games are in I'm Going to put in a couple of bay leaves And then the only other thing I need to Put in is stalks I'm actually going to Put in a whole cup of stock for this Your recipe will say three quarters Because you're going to do one cup of Beans if you need to do more you'll add More stock my ratio is a half a cup to 3/4 of cup of stock for each one cup of Dried soaked beans and then what I'm Going to do is I'm going to put the lid On the cooker okay now I'm putting the Lid on the cooker I'm turning it and it Is on what will happen now just so you Know is it says on as soon as the Contents boil push up the pressure valve It will start counting down and We'll count down for seven minutes okay The pressure cooker now came to the Number seven and it's going to start Counting down and I don't have to do Anything now I can run off and take a Shower just to show you you cannot open This pressure cooker while it is under Pressure okay so when this little silver Button pops up this is how you know that It's under pressure

So what I'm going to do now is I'm going To pull the grains off the stems this is A beautiful beautiful kale I think it's Red Russian but I don't know it's so Beautiful and all I do is hold the kale And the stem and just pull and that's What I want and once I get most of these Off the stems and why am I taking them Off the stems because the stems tend to Be tough and then what I'm going to do Is not just going to finely chop it Okay this recipe calls for lemon zest And lemon juice Here's one important thing always zest Your lemons before you juice your lemons This is a regular Eureka lemon here in California we get Meyer lemons they're Both good when you use lemons make sure You use unwaxed unsprayed lemons to do This well it's good to have a zester and This is a microplane zester and what you Might not see but i will show it to you The lemon zest is coming off on the back Of the zester this is what you want to Use so I'm going to because I have to I'll use a little bit of each a little Bit of the Meyer lemon a little bit of The regular lemon and then when I do the Juice the Meyer lemon juice a little Sweeter and you can use whatever lemon You can get but I am going to use the Meyer lemons and in order to do this I'm Going to use one of my very cool tools Which I highly recommend which is a

Lemon squeezer you put the lemon in the Way you think you don't put the lemon in The flat side down and then all you do Is press and then you have your lemon Juice and it keeps the seeds out and so I'm going to use both parts of the lemon To do this and I will have oh I don't Know maybe three tablespoons of juice And that's what I want to use in this Recipe Okay so what I'm going to do now is I'm Going to use some garlic most everybody Loves garlic in this recipe relies on Garlic what I'm doing is I'm using my Garlic roller and what it does is it Will take the skin off the garlic this Is very young garlic and it may not want Its skin taken off so let's see it is Going to stick a little bit but it's Easy to get off I'm going to put it into My garlic twist which I am going to show You next This little garlic twist was introduced To me by a garlic grower you put the Garlic in and you turn no parts left Behind like you get with your press so Let's see there is the minced garlic Ready to go in okay the time is up on The cooker it should go to zero when it Goes to zero what you want to do if You're home and you're not still out Walking the dog is you want to hit the Off button and what will happen now is The pressure cooker will let the

Pressure come down now how long this Takes depends on how much you have in it I'm going to guess that this is going to Take at least 10 minutes it may take a Little longer remember until the Pressure comes down I cannot open the Pot for the next part of the recipe I'm Going to show you what's called a quick Release and that's very exciting yep Okay so the pressure has released and What I'm going to do is I'm going to Open the pot when you open the pot you Want to always tilt the lid away from You because it's very very hot it's very Cool that this pot actually has a holder For the lid which is a wonderful Wonderful improvement in the duo so Anyway I'm just stirring the beans a Little bit and what I'm going to do now Is I'm going to add the last ingredients While almost lost ingredients I'm going To add the Greens the lemon zest and There's a lot of greens there was that Whole bunch of greens and I'm putting Those in I'm going to put in the garlic Which you probably remember from my Little garlic twist and this garlic is Wonderfully juices so I'm going to have To use a spoon To get out and give a little laugh here And then I'm going to add this in you Never want to fill your pressure cooker More than two-thirds whole I'm kind of Right at the top but I know the greens

Are going to go down and cook down a lot And what I'm going to do is I'm going to Lock the lid on the cooker I'm going to Turn it and I'm going to set the Pressure to manual and one and then I'm Going to do a quick release so the steam Is coming out of the pressure valve now And that means that it is now a pressure I silts little button pop up okay so the One minute is up and I'm going to hit Off because I want it off okay so now What I'm going to do is I want this to Stop cooking I can do it quickly now it Is not too much for me to touch but if You feel like it's too hot for you to Touch you can use some kind of You definitely can put your hand in here And feel that it's warm but you do not Put your hand down below cuz it is hot Hot hot I cannot open this cooker until The pressure is completely abused so I'm Just turning this to let the pressure Out and once the pressure is out I'm Going to open the lid carefully I'm Going to add my lemon juice because That's the last ingredient and then I'm Going to plate up this beautiful one hot Meal which I would serve with noodles or Quinoa or your favorite grain okay so Now what I'm going to do is we're going To open the pot carefully Remember tilt it away from you I'm going To add the lemon juice which is the last Ingredient and then I'm going to plate

This up so what I want to make sure I do Is I want to pull out my bay leaves Because you don't want anyone to get one Of those so now you can see my beautiful Plate of greens beans and it has lemon In it and this is what you can do in About 15 or so 20 minutes in the Pressure cooker

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