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Today we are making a super easy vegetarian meal prep using only our INSTANT POT! What fun! This is perfect for days that you don’t feel like messing with your stove or oven, or if your camping or even in a hotel! You can customize this meal prep with any of your favorite vegetables. You can even make it simpler by using canned chickpeas and a bottle of salad dressing. What other recipes are you interested in? Let me know in the comments below-

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1 cup Dried Chickpeas
2 cups Filtered Water

1. Soak chickpeas in filtered water for 30 minutes. Drain and rinse.
2. Add chickpeas to the INSTANT POT along with more filtered water (to cover), add 1 teaspoon of salt per 1 cup of dried chickpeas, and cook on HIGH pressure for 2 minutes. Allow 10 minutes of natural pressure, then perform a quick release. If using right away, drain. If storing, store in liquid.

½ cup Balsamic Vinegar
1 cup Frozen Strawberries (substitute any frozen fruit you love)
½ teaspoon Onion Powder
½ teaspoon Garlic Powder
1 tablespoon Dijon Mustard
1 teaspoon Olive Oil
1 teaspoon Agave Nectar (optional)
Salt and Pepper to Taste

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

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[Music] Hey guys it's tara and welcome back to Another video and another super Delicious Instant pot recipe today i thought we Would make a Vegetarian meal prep using only our Instant pot that's right everything we Are making today We're only going to use our instant pot That means no stove No oven super easy fast to make and you Guys are going to absolutely Love it before we get started if you Have not already i would love for you to Be a part of this community You do that by hitting the red subscribe Button that's right below this video Next week we are making an instant pot Pork Curry you do not want to miss this Episode be sure to click the bell icon That way you're notified each time i Post A new video if you guys are ready to get Started with this Easy vegetarian meal prep smash that Like button and let's jump Right into the video we're going to Start by soaking our chickpeas So i'm just using one cup of chickpeas And about two cups of water You can double triple this recipe and We're gonna soak it for only 30 minutes

That's right this is a quick Soak process that works really well Then we're going to drain it and rinse It add it back to the instant pot Along with some more filtered water Add some pink salt Give it a stir Then we're going to close the lid make Sure it's set to sealing And set it to high pressure for two Minutes That's right just two minutes we're Gonna allow 10 minutes of natural Pressure Then we're going to perform a quick Release and when the pin drops we're Going to open the lid To our perfectly cooked chickpeas we're Not looking for these to be mushy that's Very important then we're going to drain It And we can either use these chickpeas or If you're feeling really lazy you can Just grab a can Of chickpeas rinse and drain them Add them to the bottom of your instant Pot along with a little bit Of nonstick cooking spray you can also Just use some olive oil Turn it to saute on high and we're gonna Just saute these chickpeas Add a little bit of pepper And some pink salt I'm also going to add a little bit of

Dried basil And italian parsley you can use any kind Of dried herbs that you like And just keep sauteing you can add more Cooking spray if you like or you can add A drizzle of olive oil [Music] This is a really quick process and great If you don't feel like turning on the Stove Look at these chickpeas they look Absolutely perfect Then we're gonna grab our veggies i'm Using broccolini it's one of my all time Favorite vegetables super tender super Delicious You can substitute any other type of Vegetable that you love or even make Multiple types of veggies very Customizable Super delicious so i'm just slicing them Into Bite-size pieces Broccolini is such an easy vegetable to Work with It also reheats really well So once you have it all chopped up i'm Going to add a drizzle of olive oil to The same Instant pot i have not washed it if you Swirl it around it makes it Kind of coat the bottom really easily And then we're just stirring it around Add a little bit of salt

A little bit of pepper then i'm grabbing Three garlic cloves adding them to my Garlic press i love this garlic press it Just makes it so easy And i'm just sauteing this just so that It's Almost done we're not looking to cook it Completely because this Is going to be reheated when we have it For lunch Add a little splash of water to deglaze The bottom of the pot Perfect now let's make the balsamic Reduction If you've never made a balsamic Reduction before You guys are in for a treat not only is It super Easy to make and so delicious cheaper Than getting it at the store You can customize it with any type of Vinegar that you love Today i'm using this fig balsamic That i found at my local organic store So incredibly delicious but you can Substitute A white wine vinegar a red wine vinegar Sherry vinegar play around with the Different vinegars You guys are going to love this so i'm Adding about half a cup to my instant Pot You can use more of course and all we're Doing is sauteing this to cook it down

It's really that simple It's gonna start to get thick and syrupy And when it looks like this it's perfect Now we're gonna get started on our salad So i have these baby cucumbers i love Using these because they're Perfectly delicious and very easy to Work with and you don't have too much Water Then i'm grabbing a couple of radishes i Love radishes because they add such a Unique Flavor to the salad also a great crunch Slice it up [Music] Then i'm grabbing some garlic stuffed Olives my absolute favorite if you don't Like olives Leave them out use whatever kind of Veggies or salad mixes that you love I also love adding fruit to my salad i Feel like it really balances it out And adds just a hint of sweetness which Is really satisfying So i love mango mango is one of my Favorite fruits Especially when it's like perfectly ripe So i'm just chopping it into bite-sized Pieces the key to having a satisfying Salad Is for everything to be bite-sized so You're not feeling like you need a knife In order to eat the salad Now i'm just plating it up i love to use

Some arugula i love the spiciness of it Add the cucumber the radishes The olives Some cherry tomatoes Some pickled red onions i made this in a Previous episode and i will link it Below So good some of that delicious mango A handful of nuts i'm using pistachios And some raw pecans use any kind of nuts Or seeds that you like Now let's make the dressing just like Making the reduction You can use any type of vinegar to make This dressing One of my favorite ways to do it is to Use a mixture of balsamic and red wine Vinegar about half and half It makes it sweet tart so delicious but Play around with it today i'm only using Balsamic That's all i had on hand you can use a Chardonnay vinegar a champagne vinegar A white wine vinegar a sherry vinegar This recipe is super forgiving And i love using frozen fruit in a Recipe like This because i usually have it on hand In my freezer And i don't have to worry if it's Seasonal or not and depending on how Many berries you add You can adjust the thickness or thinness Of the dressing

So we're gonna add our vinegar our Frozen berries A little bit of onion powder and garlic Powder super simple Some dijon mustard it really gives a Nice tanginess to it a little splash of Olive oil Then we're going to give it a quick Blend And if it isn't the consistency that you Like just add a few more berries it's That Simple you guys have got to try Making this dressing it is so easy And so crazy good You can also make a really easy hummus i Love Meal prepping with chickpeas because There's so many different things you can Do with them Including making a delicious hummus like I'm showing here I've made hummus on this channel before I'll link the recipes In the description box below if you'd Like to check that out but They're super delicious good for you Packed with protein and fiber I can't wait to hear what you guys think Of it easy and quick And food you can really feel good about I like to store All of these ingredients separately that Way

I can assemble a salad and then i have The dressing separate And i love to keep the veggies and the Chickpeas Stored separately because i like to warm Those up and then add them On top of my salad i love the Combination of the cold and the warm Healthy and nutritious and also really Delicious I'm telling you guys this balsamic Reduction is a game Changer if you notice that your balsamic Reduction Has thickened up a little bit too much All you have to do Is pop it in the microwave for about 10 To 15 seconds It will loosen up so that you can pour It over your deliciously sauteed Vegetables I hope you enjoyed today's video and That you have a chance to try it I'm going to leave a playlist of more Easy delicious recipes On the screen over here if you'd like to Check that out thanks so much for Watching and i will see you in the next Video bye guys

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