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I love the holiday season. Family, friends and delicious food. Instant pot mashed potatoes are so simple and fast to make. The instant pot is one of my favorite appliances – allowing me to make quick and easy recipes. This special thanksgiving edition video has an extra bonus at the end. You don’t want to miss out – so be sure to watch the video all the way to the end. Let me know other recipe ideas you have. Be sure to drop me a comment below and say hello ✽

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4 Large Idaho Potatoes
1 cup Water
1 Garlic Bulb
1 teaspoon Pink Salt
½ teaspoon White Pepper
4 tablespoons Butter
5 tablespoons Unsweetened Almond Milk (or any milk you prefer)
¼ cup Fresh Italian Parsley

1. Place trivet in the bottom of the instant pot. Place potatoes on top of trivet. Add water to the pot. Chop off top of garlic and place on aluminum foil. Add drizzle of olive oil to the top and then close packet. Place on top of potatoes. Making sure silicone ring is on, place lid on instant pot. Set to HIGH pressure for 10 minutes. Allow 10 minutes for natural pressure release and then do a quick release.
2. Remove potatoes, garlic packet, and trivet and empty the water. Peel skin off potatoes and add to the pot. Either rice all the potatoes, or use a potato masher. Add milk, butter, dried spices, and fresh parsley and whip potatoes to desired texture. Enjoy!

2 cups Cooked Cold Mashed Potatoes
1 Large Egg
⅔ cup Panko Bread Crumbs (plain)
1 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1 teaspoon Onion Powder
1 teaspoon Dried Basil
½ teaspoon Pink Salt
¼ teaspoon Black Pepper

1. Beat egg, then add to large mixing bowl with mashed potatoes. Add half the panko breadcrumbs, and all the dried spices. Mix well.
2. Form into pancake patties and coat each patty with a little of reserved breadcrumbs. Place potato pancakes either in an Airfryer for around 20 minutes (flipping after 15 minutes and applying a light coating of avocado spray) or pan fry the patties over medium high heat with a drizzle of olive oil for around 10 minutes flipping halfway through Enjoy!

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[Music] Hey guys welcome back to my channel if This is the first time you're here my Name is Terra I know today is not Sunday I thought it Would be super fun for us to do a bonus Video today since Thanksgiving is only a Couple of short weeks away so I thought Why don't we make one of my all-time Favorite side dishes mashed potatoes and Use our instant pot be sure to stay all The way through the end of the video Because I'm gonna be showing you how to Make the absolute best potato pancakes You have ever tasted in your life this Recipe is super easy and delicious and I'm gonna show you two ways in which to Make it the first is the airfryer method And the second is pan frying on the Stove incredibly delicious whichever Method you use before we get started if You have not already I would love for You to be a part of this community you Do that by hitting the red subscribe Button that's right below this video Sunday we're gonna make an incredibly Easy and delicious white chicken chili You do not want to miss this recipe so Be sure to hit the bell icon that way You're notified each time I post a new Video if you guys are ready to make some Of the easiest and most delicious Mashed potatoes you've ever had then Keep on watching we are gonna start of

Course with the potato so I'm placing in My trivet and then I'm putting four very Large Idaho potatoes I'm gonna add 1 cup of Water and here I have taken a head of Garlic and I've chopped the top off and Drizzled it with olive oil and I'm Making a foil packet this is a great Hack to make kind of like a roasted Garlic very simply so making sure your Silicone ring is on we're gonna close The lid we're gonna set our instant pot To high pressure for 10 It's very important to allow for a Natural pressure release this is going To ensure that the potatoes are fully Cooked as soon as I open the lid I Realize I had actually forgotten to Pierce each of the potatoes with a fork But they still turned out absolutely Perfect I like to remove the skins for This type of mashed potatoes because I Want them to be as smooth and creamy as Possible so a trick to getting them off Is to allow them to cool just for a Couple of minutes that way you can Handle them and you won't burn yourself And use either a fork or a spoon and Just slide it down the side of the Potato the skins will just fall right Off making it super easy so I'm gonna Use this gadget called a ricer Essentially it makes the potatoes look Like little pieces of rice after it goes

Through it you don't have one of these Of course you could use the potato Masher I do love the texture that this Ricer makes though once you have your Potatoes either all riced up or mashed Up it's time for us to grab our garlic If I had made this in the oven I would Have cooked it a little bit longer so it Would be even softer but you can see the Cloves they are fairly soft but I did Decide to use my garlic press just to Make it easier when I'm using my mixer With the potatoes I love using roasted Garlic because it has such a sweeter Flavor now I'm grabbing some parsley This is fresh Italian parsley and I'm Just finely chopping it up now we're Gonna add our garlic and our parsley Some pink salt and then some white Pepper I love to use white pepper here Then we're gonna add 4 tablespoons of Butter you could of course melt this it Would have been a lot easier had I have Done that And then we're gonna either grab a hand Mixer you can use a stand mixer you can Even use a whisk and I'm just getting it Started here and I'm gonna add my milk I'm using unsweetened almond milk here Use whatever kind of milk or cream that You like and I'm adding a very small Amount at a time this is key to not Having your mashed potatoes be too runny You can always add more but

Unfortunately you can't take it away Look at the texture of these mashed Potatoes they're cooked absolutely Perfect okay guys it's time for us to Make those delicious potato pancakes so We're gonna start with an egg I'm using A large cage-free eggs here and I'm just Giving it a nice little whisk and then I'm gonna add this to my leftover cold Mashed potatoes I forgot to film the Bread crumbs but I did add some bread Crumbs and then all of my dried spices And then I'm gonna just stir everything Together this just like when we made the Mashed potatoes we do not want this to Be too wet or it will not cook properly Now it's time for us to form the patties So I'm just grabbing about a tablespoon Or so of it and then I'm gonna just dip It in the bread crumbs these are just Plain bread crumbs it I'm just putting a Very light coating on the outside just To help it to crisp up a little bit more In both the air fryer and the pans Once you have all of the potato pancakes Formed you're ready to start either air Frying or pan frying so we're gonna Start with the airfryer so I'm just Placing them right inside of my basket And then I'm gonna stick it inside the Airfryer set at 400 degrees for 15 Minutes then I'm going to flip them over I was having some trouble flipping them It was a lot easier to just use my hands

Next we're going to add a light coating Of either avocado spray or olive oil Spray this is gonna help it to get that Nice Brown look and put it back in the Airfryer for just about five more Minutes Okay guys it's time for us to pan fry in A large nonstick skillet set to Medium-high heat I'm applying a good amount of olive oil Once it's formed I'm going to add all of The patties and you can see I'm kind of Moving them around so the bottom of each Of the patties has a little bit of olive Oil you're gonna let them cook for maybe About five minutes check it because you Don't want to burn the bottom these Turned out absolutely perfect Then you're gonna flip them over and You're gonna let them cook on the other Side for about five more minutes you can Always add another drizzle of olive oil If you feel like it needs it so now I'm Going to remove them from the pan They're cooked absolutely perfect So which way of cooking is better so I'm Gonna show you the texture of both Cooking methods so this is the air fried Super crispy super delicious and then The pan-fried definitely not as crispy They were softer but also delicious So now let's cut into the air fried Potato pancake Great texture absolutely delicious

Now let's check out the pan-fried Different texture but equally delicious Let me know in the comments below which Method you are gonna try first what did You think of today's video drop me a Comment below let me know either a Recipe idea you have a video series You're interested in are you interested In more side dishes more main dishes Meal prep instant pot let me know I Would love to hear from you if you liked Today's video and you want to see more Like it be sure to hit that like button And share this video on all of your Social media platforms with your friends Your family your co-workers or anyone Else that you know that is interested in Healthy but delicious recipes thanks so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video bye guys

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