Paneer Tikka Pasta in the *NEW* Instant Pot | Episode 105

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This paneer tikka pasta, made in quickly in the new Instant Pot, fuses the best of Italy and India into a dish that your whole family will crave year round. The perfectly cooked pasta, the soft paneer and the creamy sauce all come together in absolute harmony without any fuss. This is a perfect dish to meal prep with or even cook on a weeknight after work. 

Also, be sure to check out the new video to see me talk through the features on the new Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus!

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[Music] Hi everyone people we’re in the exciting Time of year of really good food and Comfort clothes and like the warm fall Smells of our candles of course burning Through our house this was a really Exciting post instant part has reached Out to us to help try their new instant Pot and I’ve been experimenting in it And I actually really loved it so we’re Gonna show us a new dish but also I want To highlight some of the really cool Features of the new instant pot that I Really love and I think that you guys Will really love to so for our dish Today we’re doing India meets Italy We’re gonna do a tea cup paneer pasta Really great for the full warm flavors And I think that you guys are really Gonna like it comfort food all about it So one of the things we’re first going To start with is run through our Ingredients and then we’re gonna get to Actually cooking it and while it’s doing That I want to highlight a few things For you all so we’re gonna go ahead and Run through these these are I have some Ground ginger and garlic I have chopped Onions some bowtie pasta it’s uncooked Pasta some mixed peppers chopped up Chopped big onions some paneer fresh Funnier it’s not the frozen kind so you Have to cut the fresh cubes and then we Have some tikka masala again it’s up to

You on what you’re able to find we’re Using the Shan brand today but totally Your preference on what you may favor The best you’ll need some water Oil and some whipping cream and a cramp Cannot crushed Tomatoes so in order to Get started I’m really excited about This new feature of the instant pot so Before the saute mode you would have to Guess the timings on how long you wanted To do something and so now you can Actually hit the saute button and There’s a timer to it which i think is Amazing so you can just scroll down look At the new screen really cool and we’ll Get to the navigation of that in a Minute so you can actually set your Saute I’m gonna go to three minutes and You set it on high and then we’re gonna Go ahead and draw Our oil into that into the pot remember You don’t need very much just kind of Swirl it through and you can go ahead And add your onions you know heat up as You go and watch this heating up I’m Gonna talk to you guys about some new Features of a pot let me just mix it up Real good and then while it’s heating up We’ll get to the navigation all right so Back to the screen something really cool About this screen that I like and Especially if you’re a novice to instant Pot and don’t really haven’t practiced With the older versions is that there’s

An actual status bar which i think is Really cool so there’s a preheat status Bar there’s a cooking and then like when It’s on warm and it’ll actually tell you That and there’s also a way to preset Which i think is actually really cool Now the instant pot gives you the Buttons and there’s actual programs that Are already preset for you so if you Wanted to for example cooked white rice You would hit the rice button and then You just scroll to white rice hit start And make sure all your ingredients on There no guessing so I think that’s one Of the biggest intimidating things that I think people tell me is they’re Overwhelmed with guessing like how long Do i cook this or how long should it do What if it’s undercooked and so they Don’t want to try but here they’ve Actually built it to where you don’t Have to guess and so it’s common foods That you can choose from the menu so you Can do rice pressure cook and there’s Vegetable options steam again they’re All preset so you just scroll to it hit Start and you’re good one also very cool Thing is Suvi so you can actually have That option so it’s truly an all in one Pot you don’t have to have a separate Apparatus for Suvi which i think is Really cool and I know some people that Follow us do do that so again that’s Another option for you in the new

Instant pot that’s got to come out so I’m really excited about it so right now The sautee function is on it’s heating Up I can start I can hear the sizzling Now and then the time For three minutes so we’re gonna come Back and then we’ll start with the rest Of it our difference that you can see That the timer says three minutes for The saute you can see that it’s cooking So um intermittently just make sure you Go in and stir it while the timer’s on But I want to just to show you what that Timer part look like when you saw thank You okay everyone so the onions are Almost finished then you’re gonna add The ginger and garlic and just give it a Good stir and let it sauté for another Minute okay everyone so we’re done with The onions garlic ginger so one of the Things that we wanted to show as a trick Is to add a little bit of water too deep Blaze because sometimes you can get some Ginger and garlic stuck to the bottom so We’ve heard a lot of our followers tell Us like they get a lot of the firm sign And sometimes when things get stuck to The pot it can actually give you that Sign and delay cooking so if you add a Little bit of water about two spoons of Water and just scrape up the bottom of The pan that will help avoid that burn Fine later on I’m gonna go ahead scrape The bottom of the pot I’m done with that

Part of it and then we’re gonna now just Do our dump and go that we’re used to Doing and we love because it’s fast so We’ve turned the sautee mode off now You’re gonna be able to add everything Else in so you’re gonna take your Tomatoes dump it in the bottom 50 Careful the splashes your veggies onions Funnier the tikka masala and then the Bowtie pasta and the water you’re gonna Put that in and then make sure you mix It very well So I want to make sure that I get all The onions from the bottom pull it to The top and just keep doing that until You’re funnier and your pasta are both Well coated and then we’ll get to the Next step all right so I went ahead and Started up real well but I also like to Dunk making sure how all the pastas Dunked in the sauce so just kind of do That and now it looks nice and mixed But some of the cool features of the new Pot is that before the inner liner did Not have handles so now they actually Have handles which is really neat I love That part because you always have to Have a towel or something else for the Other one and if they don’t get hot Which is great and then you can still Put your lid in the slots and not have It on the counter if you don’t want to Move let me flip it this way I mean one Of the cool things that I realized was

That it’s made for left-handed people Why right-handed people so they’ve Thought about that when they did all the Design for the new pot so now we’re Gonna go ahead and close it up my angle Is often wrong okay so um like I was Telling you guys there’s some smart Programs so I’m gonna hit pressure-cook And wanted to show you guys what that Look like so if you’ve never used an Instant pot before you would basically Be able to customize your Pressure-cooking or you can just scroll Over to whatever you’re making so if You’re doing beans eggs and then you Just hit the dial hit star and you’re Good to go so there’s no guessing on the Time for us right now because we’re Doing pasta we’re going custom on Pressure-cook we’re doing five minutes So we’re good there and we’re gonna do High pressure so I’m going to keep all That and then I’m gonna hit start so Again the preheating will show the Cooking will show and then when it’s on Warm it will show which is also a very New feature and the other screens it did Not show you that so I think this is Actually very helpful when you’re doing Either meal prep or you’ve come home From work just to see the status of your Cooking all right so our timer went off Again you can see that on the status bar It says keep warm so I’ll just flash

There but your timer is done and then I Wanted to show you guys about the new Lid so at least you have an idea of what The new lid looks like so remember that In the older versions the actual steam The vent had was open now they actually Added a splatter guard which is a great Addition and then you have a switch for Seal and vent so we’re gonna release the Steam in just a minute but I want to Show you this last speech omelette so The other thing is that they added a Little Area to where when you’re doing a Natural release recipe you can actually Add cold water which will then kind of Decrease the natural release time by Half which is awesome and if you’ve used An old traditional pressure cooker you Know people usually don’t get under the Water of the sink and then the steam all Releases it’s kind of the same idea but This is cleaner and needs you so we’re Gonna go ahead and release all the steam Because our dish is done so I’m gonna Open the vent and I’m gonna move out of The way but we’re gonna release it and Open it up alright so we’ve released the Steam I’m gonna go ahead and turn this Off and then we’re gonna open up the lid And then the last step is to go ahead And add the cream into it so out of the Cream and then give it a really good Stir and remember you can use the

Handles now so you don’t have to burn Your hands and just give it a really Good stir if you feel like you would Like some more cream you can always add Your own amounts totally up to you also One tidbit about salt so some of the Seasoning packets have salt already in Them so I did not add additional salt to The dish right now so up to you and your Flavors to see if you would like more Salt so just kind of a tidbit on that Part so we’re gonna go ahead and plate Some so that you guys can take a look at What it looks like and we’re gonna dig In and start eating one of our favorite Fall dishes now It’s great the vegetables have all Cooked up the funnier looks really good And seasoned so we’re gonna go try it Hopefully you’ll try it and hopefully You’ll try out the new engine pot I Think you’ll really like it especially If you’re trying to guess timings and Not really sure how to use it for like And predicting your times this is a Really great choice with the preset Programs I think that’s a really great Idea And I just love the new kind of screen To show you the progress of your dishes And things like that So I hope you check it out I’m having a Lot of fun with it and we’ll see you Next time

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