I love easy and delicious recipes. I especially love recipes that use meal prepped ingredients! This recipe may seem complicated, but trust me, it is not! We’re making empanadillas, and we are using the beef from the beef roast we made in the last video (watch it here – I’m going to air fry these empanadillas, but you can deep fry or bake – whichever you prefer. This recipe is very customizable so you can easily swap out the beef for shredded chicken, ground beef, or even beans to keep it vegetarian. I’m using stackable stainless steel containers to make the potatoes. If you don’t have these, simply use a trivet in the bottom of your instant pot and place a heat proof bowl with the seasoned potatoes inside and it will cook beautifully. Alternatively, you can make the potatoes on the stove or in the microwave – so it is completely up to you! What other recipes are you interested in? Let me know in the comments below.

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0:00 – Making Empanadillas in the AIR FRYER Intro
1:29 – Recipe Starts
2:39 – Adding Ingredients to the INSTANT POT
3:38 – Making Sofrito
4:29 – Making Empanadillas
5:22 – Using our Air Fryer
6:03 – Making Empanadillas in the AIR FRYER Outro

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2 pounds cooked Shredded Beef (substitute chicken, ground beef, or meatless protein)
2 cups Beef Broth
2 pounds Gold Yukon Potatoes
2 packets Sazon
2 packs Discos (10 white & 10 yellow)
1 bunch Fresh Cilantro
3 Garlic Cloves
1 cup Water
Drizzle of Olive Oil
¼ cup Chopped Green Olives (optional)
Cooking Spray

1 tablespoon Coriander
1 tablespoon Ground Cumin
1 tablespoon Ground Annatto Seeds
1 tablespoon Garlic Powder
2 teaspoons Dried Oregano
1 teaspoon Onion Powder

1. Wash and chop potatoes in small chunks. Place inside stainless steel containers and add 1-2 cups of beef broth and 2 sazon packets. Add water to instant pot and place stainless steel containers inside of instant pot. Set instant pot to HIGH pressure and cook for 8 minutes. Allow 10 minutes of natural pressure and then perform a quick release. Add potatoes to a large mixing bowl, then add cooked shredded beef to the bowl. Add cilantro, garlic and a drizzle of olive oil to a food processor and pulse lightly. Sauté over medium heat in a dry skillet for 1 minute. Add to mixing bowl.
2. Lay a discos onto cutting board. Add 2 tablespoons of mixture and a teaspoon of olives (if using). Take one edge of discos and fold over. Press down firmly with wet fingers. Using a fork, press into edges of discos half moon shape to crimp the edge. Do this for all the discos.
3. Set air fryer to 400F and cook empanadillas for 10 minutes. Flip over and lightly spray with cooking spray. Cook for 5 minutes. Flip over and apply another light coating of spray. Cook another 5 minutes or until empanadillas are perfectly crispy for you. Enjoy!

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[Music] [Applause] Hey guys welcome back to my channel if This is the first time you're here my Name is Tara today we are making and Pontius super delicious so incredibly Easy to make last week we made a beef Roast inside of our instant pot if you Missed that recipe I will link it up in The cards and also in the description Box below so you can check that out Afterwards but we are going to be using The shredded beef from that recipe Inside of these empanadas so it could Not be any simpler if you've already Eaten up all of your beef roast from Last week you can also just use either Ground beef in here shredded chicken or A different type of shredded beef use Any kind of left over meat that's Shredded inside of this recipe so it is Very customizable before we get started If you have not already I would love for You to be a part of this community you Do that by hitting the red subscribe Button that's right below this video Next week we are making a lentil tomato Soup you do not want to miss this recipe Be sure to click the bell icon that way You notified each time I post a new Video if you guys are ready to make Super delicious and pun adea's go ahead And smash that like button and let's Jump right into the video we're going to

Start by chopping our potatoes I'm using Gold Yukon potatoes here you can use any Kind of potatoes that you like just be Sure to cut them roughly the same size And the smaller the better so they'll Cook more quickly once you have all of The potatoes chopped up it is time to Grab our beef roast broth I'm using About a cup of the leftover beef broth From the roast if you don't have any Broth available you could also just use A little bit of beef bouillon or beef Broth about a cup of it inside of each Of the containers and it will be Delicious next we're gonna grab our Sazon seasoning this is a classic Reading for these empanadas give Everything a good stir then we're gonna Grab our lid I'm using these stackable Stainless steel containers if you don't Have these all you need to do is place a Heat proof oven proof microwave proof Glass bowl or another container on top Of the trivet and just put the potatoes And the seasoning inside of there and it Will cook perfectly these containers are Super handy so I'm just gonna close the Handle I'm gonna put about a cup of Water inside of the instant pot and then I can place this just directly in Without a trivet if you don't have this Put a trivet down with the bowl or Whatever you're using you're gonna close The lid make sure the silicone ring is

On and I'm setting it for eight minutes We're gonna allow ten minutes of natural Pressure then we're gonna perform a Quick release and open up our lid Carefully remove the containers and then I'm gonna pour it in another Bowl to Make it easier these potatoes are going To cook a second time inside of the Empanadas so they don't have to be Completely tender that being said if you Want your potatoes to be a little bit Softer all you need to do is stick them Back inside of the instant pot for about Three to four minutes and it will be Perfect next we're going to add our Shredded beef or whatever kind of Protein you're using stir everything Together and now we're gonna make our Sofrito mixture so I'm grabbing some Cilantro and putting it inside of my Little food processor along with some Garlic and a drizzle of olive oil and I'm gonna just pulse this just a little Bit to chop it up you don't have to Completely pureed us then over a hot Skillet I'm just throwing this right in Just to make it fragrant and then I'm Going to add this right to the bowl Super easy Mix everything together to keep this Recipe super simple I'm using Store-bought discos if you can't find These at your local supermarket they are Also available online at places like

Amazon and they come in either a white Or a yellow variety and the size I'm Using here or in a mini size there is no Difference between the white and the Yellow variety except the yellow has a Natto in it next we're gonna place our Discos on top of our cutting board and Add about a couple of tablespoons of the Mixture I'm also adding some chopped up Olives this is optional but highly Recommended I find it's easier to have Wet hands when working with empanada is You want to make sure you press down Firmly all around the edge and then take A fork so you can crimp all along the Outside edge this not only keeps the amp On ideas from opening up when they're Cooking but it's also pretty so continue This process of laying down the Disco's This is one of the yellow variety very Very pretty Add your mixture press down firmly use The fork to crimp the edges super simple And it makes it so incredibly pretty Next I'm grabbing my airfryer Traditionally empanadas are deep-fried Go ahead and deep-fry them if that's how You like it to keep these healthier I'm Going to airfryer mine if you don't have An air fryer and you don't want to deep Fry you can also just bake them inside Of the oven and they will still be Delicious once you have them inside of Your basket you're gonna bake this for

10 minutes at 400 degrees then we're Gonna spray it I'm using avocado cooking Spray cook it for another 5 minutes and Then we're gonna flip them over spray Them again and cook them for an Additional five minutes I love for mine To be super crispy you can cook yours Less if you want it to be less crispy These empanadas freeze beautifully you Can either freeze them before you cook Them or after you cook them I highly Recommend making a double or triple Batch that way whenever you feel like Having one they're right there in your Freezer I can't wait to hear what you Think about this recipe you guys are Gonna want to check out my busy workweek Playlist I'm gonna leave it right here For you go ahead and click the video on The screen and I will see you over there [Music]

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