Making Cloudy Bone Broth with Instant Pot Smart

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A good bone broth is cloudy with bits of collagen, gelatin, calcium and fat suspended in the soup. Boiling motion is critical to make good bone broth. Electric pressure cookers normally don’t have boiling motion under pressure. This is perfect for making clear stock, but not cloudy bone broth. With Instant Pot Smart, you can program the cooker to constantly be under and off pressure to create the boiling motion.

Pressure-cooking calm and today I'm Going to show you how to make a Nutritious bone broth using that instant Pot smart hole growth is a nutritious Soup which is similar to stock But while the little stock is that have A crystal clear broth the goal of bone Broth is to have a cloudy nutrient-dense Broth and so the way we make it is a Little bit different too while in the Pressure cooker food is completely Stillwell is it pressure that's not the Optimal condition for extracting the Most nutrients from from the bones we Want a lot of action and so one of the Things I did is write a special recipe Script for the instant pot smart which Constantly brings the pressure cooker to Pressure and has it lose pressure There's never an equilibrium and so There's a lot of tossing and turning Inside the pressure cooker you get the Benefits of the speed of pressure Cooking plus the benefits of the tossing And turning of conventional cooking Let me show you how it's done first We're going to turn on our recipe script So I have my smart cooker app let's see Bone broth start what this is doing Right now is heating the pressure cooker We start the overall hot not cold like In the stuff so let's add the grape the Water for bone broth we must start with Hot boiling water and the script will

Bring the water to a boil and then beef And it will say food on the front to let Me know it's time to add the bones so I'll be back in about five minutes with The butters going okay I've been Following the progress of the smart Cooker on my tablet and we're almost at Boiling and I'm ready to add the Ingredients so what are the ingredients To extract the most nutrients for the Bone broth you want a splash of vinegar Or it could be lemon juice whatever it Is just a little bit not too much I also Have a collection of bones I got from my Butcher I got a few veal bones actually might Butcher left a little bit of meat on This one it's really nice and you don't Want to throw the bones into boiling Water if you want to place them in Carefully so it the water doesn't splash Back at you okay So here's some bones from my butcher Also I have a bone from my last batch if You make some of batches you can keep Your using the bones until they're Starting to fall apart so here's a bone From the last batch I have some dried Mushrooms oyster shiitake and porcini Are full of nutrients so you can toss Those in there and – just to add more Nutrients to your stock you can also add Some flavor and that's by with garlic or Or both you can add flavor with that and

Then we're just going to add a couple Onions and that's it now we're ready to Let the recipe script do what it needs To do I'm going to close the pressure Cooker seal the mouth and wait for Instant pop to let us know that it's Ready Our bone broth recipe script is finished Let's see how when it's very good now All you have to do is straighten it I Have a stringer here I'm going to strain It nice and thick here so you want to be Really careful a lot of hot water So you can use it as is or you can Refrigerate it to remove the fat here's One that I made earlier I made this yesterday and when you Refrigerate it you can see that the fat Has solidified at the top so you can Either mix it in when you heat it up or You can just scoop it out before you use It like this bit and everyone trusts the Fat not all of it and you can see it Turned into a nice thick judging and That's just what we want it's exactly One this is a thick nutritious bone Broth so if you want to use it right Away Looks like this You

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