Kala Chana in the Instant Pot | Episode 104

By | September 29, 2019

Full recipe – https://www.instapottinwithpoonam.com/kala-chana/

This recipe is another great healthy and vegan option to add into your weekly meal rotation. These black chickpeas are high in fiber and have a lower glycemic index, which makes them a great alternative to meat. There is no need to soak the chickpeas overnight thanks to the Instant Pot. This recipe can be served as a soup or as part of a complete meal. Besides being healthy, the flavors in this dish will keep you coming back for seconds or even more!

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[Music] Hey everyone welcome to in Japan with Poonam glad you could come and watch our Video today we have a really good dish For the fall or the winter like when you Just need some comfort food we are going To be making curried black chickpeas Well in my language we say God Jonah Let’s talk but we thought that it would Be a really great dish to incorporate Within your fall dishes just because it Is with chickpeas but also really great Seasonings for the winter and comfort so We wanted to show you how to do it so Let’s run through your ingredients so You can see what you need you’ll need Chopped onions chopped tomato we use egg Or asafoetida some dried red chilies we Have ground chilies garlic and ginger we Have some turmeric over here chili Powder coriander powder and then blend It up cumin seeds salt we have some Gore Or palm sugar over here lemon juice and Then the black chickpeas or we’ve washed Them and left them in some water you Need some oil your instant pot obviously And then some water on the side so in Order to get started on the dish it’s Pretty simple you’re just gonna already Did it for you but you’ll put your Instant pot and sauté mode wait till it Says hot and then drop some oil into the Pot as well and I’ve dropped some in There and then you’re gonna let it kind

Of warm up in the pot and then you’re Gonna take your asafoetida and your Chilies and just drop it in the oil and Just kind of warm it up a bit in there [Music] Alright so then you’ll take your onions It’s kind of a dump and go situation now You take your onions [Music] The garlic chili paste ginger mix that All in there and then you’ll take all Your masala that we had in that bowl and Then your chickpeas and in your add some Water as well and you can add water Dependent on how much gravy you want With it Also because it’s chickpeas you’ll need A little bit of extra because it will Absorb more and just remember that Cooking chickpeas takes a little longer Than cooking like split pea lentils or Split lentils just cuz it’s full and it Will take a little longer to cook it so I got it a little water in there stir it Up real good and now you’re just Basically ready to close it up so make Sure your seal is in there nice and safe And snug you don’t want it to come out If you can pull it out that means you Need a new one so you need to buy new Rings if you can pull out the not safe If it doesn’t seal well so basically You’re gonna come here and turn off the Saute mode and then you’re gonna lock

Your lid in close your vent and I’m Using the three quart so you’ll go to Pressure-cook and you’re gonna scroll up To 45 minutes It does take longer though because we’re Not soaking the chickpeas overnight Usually you have to think ahead and soak Overnight so at least this way if you Had a craving for it and on the same day You wanted to eat it then you’ll be done In 45 minutes instead of you waiting Overnight soaking it and then doing it So we will come back and show you that Okay okay so we’re back and the timer Went off I went ahead and turned it off For everybody as well as I released the Steam remember when you do release it do Not stay them close to it because it It’s very hot you’re gonna open it up And it already smells really really good The next part of this is to actually Turn on saute mode so we’re gonna turn It on and then you’re gonna take your Lemon juice that we have pour that in And then also the bore or the palm sugar Throw that in and then You’re just gonna let it simmer there For a few minutes before we serve it out All right so we let it sauté for a Little bit we got the palm sugar melted In there the lemon juice is in there and Then you can kind of eat it put it into A bowl you can take some of it and eat It as a soup or you can let its I’ll

Tell you a little bit longer and let Some of the water evaporate if you like It more dry totally up to you and your Preference so we can top it with some Cilantro and I like extra lemon so I’m All about the lemon and then you can eat It either like a soup you can eat it With white rice you can eat it with none You can even with burrata whatever you Want um I kind of like this eating it Like a soup while I’m watching TV – my Favorite part of fall is having soup and Watching TV on Christmas movies but Anyways I hope you do try this a lot of People did ask us to make this so we Thought we’d do it really quick and easy You don’t have to soak the chickpeas Overnight like traditionally you used to You just have to set your instant pot a Little bit longer for the for it to cook So I hope you try it if you send this Pictures I hope you’re all watching Christmas movies and eating this I Definitely let us know make sure you go To the website for all the ingredients And the amounts and the order so that You don’t miss a step but I hope you Enjoy it and happy eating

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