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Hey guys! I absolutely LOVE food – and I love eating foods that make me feel really good. This recipe couldn’t be easier. All you need is milk! That’s right! (you also need your yogurt culture). The instant pot makes this process so easy!

Easily make yogurt in 8-24 hours. The longer you ferment it, the tangier it gets. It also decreases the lactose with longer fermentation, so if you suffer from lactose intolerance, ferment this at 23-24 hours. I can’t wait to hear what you guys think! When you make this recipe, be sure to tag me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ✻

Come and cook with me!

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1 Gallon of Milk (1% or 2% works great!)
¼ cup of yogurt starter (use store bought yogurt that’s plain and unsweetened or buy a starter packet and use instead)

1. Boil milk to 180 F.
2. Then set aside until cooled to between 107 F and 117 F.
3. Place inside the instant pot and start the yogurt function. I use 107 F and ferment for 23 hours.
4. Place into Greek Yogurt Container and refrigerate for 4-6 hours.
5. Enjoy!
6. Be sure to reserve ¼ cup of yogurt in a separate mason jar for making more yogurt next week.

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It's like a euphoric experience I Absolutely love food hey guys welcome Back to my channel if you're new here my Name is Tara and this channel is all About food I love to eat I love to cook I want to eat things that taste Delicious but are also healthy so if That sounds like something you're Interested in I would love for you to Subscribe and join our community you do That just by hitting the red subscribe Button down below and be sure to click On the bell icon that way you're Notified each time I post a new video I Post new videos every Sunday Many of you probably don't know that I'm An oncology nurse also in grad school For my nurse practitioner and I believe In merging holistic medicine with modern Medicine and one of the best ways to do That is with what you eat in today's Video we are gonna be making yogurt and Since you clicked on the thumbnail you Already know we are making it in the Instant pot I absolutely love love my Instant pot now if you don't have an Instant pot I really don't I really Don't know how to tell you to make this Yogurt because it has to stay at a Constant temperature for a very long Period of time so if you don't have an Instant pot but you are interested in Making yogurt I highly recommend getting An instant pot I'm going to show you how

To make yogurt one of the best things About this you only need one ingredient Besides the bacteria and that's milk so I'm gonna show you how to make yogurt Two ways one is just the regular way Normal yogurt it's delicious and the Second way is Greek yogurt so that's my Favorite I absolutely love it and I Already loved yogurt this yogurt is the Absolute best yogurt I have ever had in My life you don't need to add sweetener You don't need to add anything I cannot Wait for you guys to try this be sure to Watch all the way through the end of the Video I'm gonna show you some creative Ways to have your yogurt in the morning Okay guys let's jump right into the Video so the first thing we want to do Is pour the milk inside of the instant Pot I'm using 2% milk and I'm using an Entire gallon and I'm pouring it inside Next I'm turning the instant pot on and I am selecting the yogurt option and Then I am going to the temperature Section and changing it to high which Equals one hundred and eighty one Degrees or boil it says the same thing It will switch to boil once you turn it On so then you press Start and I have The clear lid you can use no lid or put The other lid on and then once it's done It'll say yogurt and then you check the Temperature make sure it says 180 Degrees that is really important you can

Let this get to more than 180 degrees But it's very important that it gets to At least 80 degrees then I've taken the entire Inner pot out of the instant pot set it Over on my stove with the lid ajar to Cool this can take about three hours for The whole entire process I continue to Stir it throughout as well but when it Reached about 116 degrees I put the inside back inside of the Instant pot and change the temperature Control to medium which is 107 degrees And I set it for 23 hours now it's time To add our bacteria you can either Purchase something like this or if you Have a starter or you already have Yogurt I already did from the last batch So I'm using about 1/4 of a cup of just Plain unsweetened yogurt or you can buy Yogurt and add about 1/4 of a cup or use The packets that I you can purchase from Amazon I'll leave a link below and I Stir it really well we're gonna take off The silicone liner that's on the lid we Do not want to leave this on it holds a Lot of smells in it and we do not need It for this and then we place the lid on It does not have to be set to seal so Just close the lid after about 11 hours You could see it's about halfway it Takes a long time but you don't have to Do anything so it's not hard after 23 Hours this is what the yogurt looks like

I've pulled it out look at this now this Is just exactly what it looked like when It came out so this is regular yogurt It's not Greek yogurt it's just regular So it contains all of the way and all of The extra liquid that's in regular Yogurt but I prefer Greek yogurt so if You buy one of these awesome strainers I'll link it below this is a stainless Steel version it it'll separate the the Thicker party yogurt from the thin so You just kind of pile it all in there I Used about half of what I made inside of This container you put the lid on you Stick it in the fridge it takes about 6 Hours maybe and then it's ready so I set That aside then with the rest of the Yogurt I grabbed my hand mixer and I Wanted to yield the smoothest texture Possible so I highly recommend doing This step you will not regret it so I Just mixed it all up inside of the Instant pot stainless-steel and then you Can see it's pretty watery but don't Worry about it once this goes in the Fridge it Will thicken up a lot so I take this and I am pouring it into some mason jars Though the one gallon of the 2% milk Yielded two of these large mason jars Plus almost a full small one and the Entire bin of Greek yogurt that I made So you get a lot of yogurt one gallon of Milk is a lot of yogurt for a week and

You know I'm just pouring it right in Both ways of making the yogurt is very Good but wait until you see this so this Is the Greek yogurt this is after about Six hours look at how thick it has Become it's almost like ice cream it's Absolutely incredible this is not Sweetened this is this is just exactly Plain no flavor and I have to tell you It is by far the best yogurt I have ever Had so I've grabbed a glass container And I am placing all of this inside of It I can keep it in this glass container Throughout the week I can set it into Individual mason jars and bring it to Work and I just wanted to show you just Just how incredibly thick and incredible This is once you make this yogurt I Promise you will never buy store-bought Yogurt again and reserve about 1/4 of a Cup of it for the next batch I reserved The non Greek one because it goes Further and this is what I've strained Away do not throw this away I took this And I coated my chicken with it and then Like dipped it in this instead of an egg Wash and then you bread it and it'll Yield the most delicious chicken you've Ever had so I got these two large jars And this is after it's been in the Refrigerator overnight you could see It's thickened up a lot so if this still Is not thick enough for you I really Prefer the Greek all I'm doing is I'm

Taking the Greek yogurt container that I've just used I'm not even rinsing it Out and I'm pouring one of the large Containers into it and then the small Container as well that I had so those Two containers are going in I am keeping One of the large jars just the way that It is and I put this back in the fridge For about six hours I promised you guys I would show you Some creative ways to make yogurt balls So here I have just the Greek yogurt Style in a bowl then I like to add Beetroot powder it makes it a beautiful Pink and you get all of the health Benefits and then I usually top it with Some chia seeds some hemp parts cacao Nibs golden berries and goji berries Here I've paired it with my breakfast Almond cookies and I wanted to show how I really topped my yogurt bowls I add a Lot more stuff after I snap my Instagram Pic here I've topped it with mulberries Frozen raspberries blueberries and Strawberries and golden berries you can Change this up any way you like and Incorporate different textures different Flavors it's so versatile and so easy in The morning here I filled up one of my Bento boxes and I added some blue magic Spirulina granola that I made oh so Delicious easy quick healthy breakfast Ideas I just love it so what did you Think of the recipe doesn't this yogurt

Look absolutely delicious I promise you If you make this yogurt you will never Buy store-bought yogurt again I would Love to hear what you think about this Recipe so be sure to drop me a comment Below and let me know recipe you'd love For me to make and if you haven't Already I would love for you to join our Community so smash that subscribe button I post new videos every Sunday and be Sure to follow me on Facebook Instagram And Twitter I post there all throughout The week well guys thanks for cooking With me today I'll see you next time bye Guys love food I love to eat I Absolutely loved I loved I all I do is Eat everybody that knows me knows I Absolutely love food I do not want to Sacrifice taste or

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