INSTANT POT Tomato Sauce Recipe│BUSY Work Week Dinner│SLOW COOKER Function

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INSTANT POT Tomato Sauce Recipe│BUSY Work Week Dinner│SLOW COOKER Function

You guys asked for more INSTANT POT RECIPES – this recipe uses the SLOW COOK function. I know that its a controversial subject – but TRUST ME – the slow cook function is PERFECT for this pork roast Italian tomato sauce. You can set it up in the morning – and when you get home from work – DINNER is served! This recipe is so easy and I can”t wait to hear what you think of it! What other recipes are you interested in? Drop me a comment below and let me know ✻

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10-12 Cloves of Garlic
1 bunch Parsley
Drizzle of Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 ½ – 2 pounds Pork Tenderloin
2 Bay Leaves
1 tbsp Basil
1 tbsp Onion Powder
1 tsp Cane Sugar or Sugar in the Raw
29 oz can Tomato Sauce
15 oz can Tomato Sauce
12 oz can of Tomato Paste
10-15 ounces of Dry Red Wine
10-15 ounces of Filtered Water

1. Chop Parsley and mince the Garlic. Set aside roughly half of each for making the sauce. Using a long sharp knife, create a cavity in the center of the short end of the tenderloin on both side. Insert the garlic and parsley inside. Rub remaining garlic and parsley on the outside.
2. Drizzle some Olive Oil inside the Instant Pot set to saute on HIGH. When hot, brown tenderloin on all side and then remove from the pot and set aside. Drizzle more olive oil inside and add garlic and saute for 10 seconds. Add all the sauce and the paste, plus the wine and filtered water. Add the dried spices and stir. Place cover on INSTANT POT with seal removed. Press the cancel button and then select SLOW COOK. On the ULTRA it is the LOW setting (185F). I set it for 5.5 hours. You can go longer if workday permits. Once its done, open the lid (no need to release pressure) and add the reserved fresh parsley. Stir. Remove pork roast and slice. Serve over zoodles or pasta. Enjoy!

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About to leave today we are gonna be Making an instant pot recipe on the slow Cooker that's right a pork roast in Italian tomato sauce if you have not Already be sure to subscribe and let's Jump right into it here are all of the Ingredients we'll be using today I will Have a complete list in the description Box below we're going to start by Chopping up our Italian flat parsley and Then I'm taking about 10 or so cloves of Garlic use more or less if you like and I'm mincing it up with my garlic press And then I'm gonna separate this out Into moons Roughly equal portions and I'm gonna Reserve half of the parsley and half of The garlic for the sauce and now using a Very sharp long now I'm making a cavity On the inside of the pork that way I can Stuff the garlic and the parsley inside I've used the knife on both ends of the Pork to make it easier and then I Decided to just rub the rest of the Garlic and the parsley all over the pork So now we're grabbing our instant pot Set to saute on high I'm putting in some Extra virgin olive oil Of course I'm drinking this delicious Red wine And then we're placing it inside of the Already hot instant pot I'm adding a Little bit of salt and I'm letting it Brown we're really just looking to brown

All sides of the pork tenderloin to seal In the flavor then we're going to remove The pork set it aside add some more Olive oil saute our garlic just for About 15 seconds or so add the sauce Both cans of it as well as the tomato Paste this recipe comes together so Quickly and easily so we're just making Sure we get all of the paste inside of There and of course I'm adding the Delicious red wine and now we're going To add all of the dried spices we're Gonna reserve the parsley the fresh Parsley for later so now I'm just really Stirring this all up ahh This is gonna be so incredibly delicious I'm adding a little bit more salt here And I like a little bit heat to my sauce So I'm adding some red chili flakes if You don't want heat don't have this and Then I'm also adding some filtered water Don't worry you're not gonna have the Sauce be too runny then we're gonna put The pork back inside and have it Completely submerged I don't have the Silicone ring on because we're not Setting this to pressure we're setting This to slow cook that's right do not be Afraid of the slow cook I use this all The time and it works absolutely great So I am setting it for five and a half Hours and the low setting is 185 degrees So that's absolutely perfect the press Start you let it do its thing after five

And a half hours there's no pressure to Release so all we have to do is open it Up and look at this oh my goodness this Looks absolutely delicious So now we're gonna add the fresh parsley That we reserved in the beginning so I've hit cancel on the instant pot put It back on saute on high and now I'm Gonna have a taste oh my goodness so Incredibly delicious and I'm gonna keep The cover on it my glass lid just to Keep it warm and now I've taken the pork Out and I'm gonna slice it up wait until You see how tender this is it is so Incredibly perfect and look at the Inside of this since we stuffed it the Flavor is just infused inside of that Pork tenderloin look at this oh my Goodness you know this is gonna be Delicious so now I thought it would be Really fun for us to spiralize some Zucchini and this is one of the Spiralizer that I have and it's pretty Easy to use especially because I'm using Or zucchini it just makes it go really Quickly and then the extra pieces I Actually chop those up and throw them in The freezer and I put them inside of my Smoothies that I make in the morning Look at this it's just like pasta except Without all of the carbs so incredibly Delicious so now we're gonna plate this Up if you prefer of course use pasta It's fun to just change it up sometimes

And this makes a really great lunch also You get a lot of nutrition a lot of Protein with the pork a lot of times I Throw ham parts on top of it as well for Extra protein without all of the extra Carbs that can kind of weigh you down And make you tired throughout the day so I love a lot of sauce I'm Italian after All some more sauce the better and now We're gonna top it with the slices of This delicious slow-cooked pork roast of Course some pecorino romano cheese on Top completes the dish and here you have It guys be sure to subscribe if you Haven't already and hope you enjoyed Today's video drop me a comment below Let me know a video you'd like to see Next and I will see you in the next Video bye guys [Music]

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