Today we are making SINGLE SERVING LASAGNA! We are going to be sing our Instant Pot for this recipe. We are also making a LOW CARB lasagna!!! Using zucchini…if you have never used zucchini to replace pasta – you are in for a treat!! This recipe is sooooooo good! I’m adding meatballs to mine, but you can leave them out for a nutritious and delicious vegetarian lasagna. What are your favorite quickie lunch recipes? Let me know in the comments below! Also – what kind of Instant Pot do you have???? I want to know!

0:00 – Instant Pot Single Serving Lasagna Intro
2:14 – Recipe Starts
3:24 – Sautéing the Mushrooms
4:26 – Great Instant Pot HACK
5:14 – Building the Lasagna Layers
7:18 – Using our Instant Pot to Cook Lasagna
8:09 – Using our Air Fryer to Finish the Lasagna
8:37 – Question of the Day
8:56 – Recipe Card and Outro

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2 medium Zucchini
3 Meatballs (optional)
1 cup Pasta Sauce
6 ounces Mushrooms (substitute any veggie you love)
2 ounces Mozzarella Cheese
1 ounce Grated Cheese (Pecorino Romano or Parmesan)
½ ounce Spinach
½ teaspoon Olive Oil
1 cup Water (to pressurize)

1. Using a mandoline, slice zucchini lengthwise into very thin slices. Spread out onto a cutting board or counter in a single layer. Blot with paper towels. Slice mushrooms and set aside. Chop meatballs into small chunks (if using).
2. Set Instant Pot to sauté on HIGH. Add mushrooms when hot. Stir-fry until mushrooms begin to brown. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add olive oil and stir-fry until golden brown. Remove mushrooms and set aside. Rinse liner.
3. Spray springform pan with oil spray. Begin by adding a layer of sauce to the pan. Then add zucchini to the pan. You can overlap slightly. Next add a sprinkle of mushrooms, a few meatball chucks, a little cheese and a little sauce. Add another layer of zucchini (you can overlap slightly). Continue layering until your desired height of lasagna. For the final layer, add zucchini and then add sauce and mozzarella cheese only. Cover with parchment paper and then aluminum foil. Tightly seal it around the pan. Add water to the Instant Pot, then add trivet, then an aluminum foil sling. Add springform pan. Cook on HIGH pressure for 8-11 minutes. Allow 5 minutes of natural pressure and then perform a quick release. Remove the springform pan. Remove aluminum foil and parchment paper. Top with additional cheese and broil at 450F for 5-7 minutes until cheese is golden brown (optional). Allow to rest for 5-10 minutes. Place on a plate and remove from springform pan. Enjoy!

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I'm so excited about this recipe why Would you use your instant pot to do This Because it's so incredibly fast and easy That's why Hey guys welcome back to another video If you're new here i'm tara And on this channel i love sharing easy But healthy recipes that you can make Right in your very own kitchen i know You guys absolutely Love using your instant pot and so do i What kind of instant pot do you have let Me know in the comments below If you watched my last video then you Know i bought the three quart the mini I absolutely love this mini instant pot It's perfect If you love to go camping if you live in A dorm a small apartment if you only Want to make One or two servings this mini instant Pot is perfect for what we are going to Make Today you clicked on this video so you Know we are making a Single serving lasagna today if you Don't have the mini You can use any instant pot or pressure Cooker That you have to make this recipe i am Italian i absolutely Love pasta and lasagna is one of my Favorite dishes

Of all time sometimes i just don't want All of those carbs Weighing me down in the middle of the Day if you're interested in making a Traditional lasagna I have a recipe for that on this channel And i will link it in the description Box below it's so Incredibly delicious but if you want to Have A lunch or dinner that is so incredibly Flavorful and delicious and you will Feel like You are eating a traditional lasagna This is the recipe for you i love Sharing easy recipes just like today's Recipe every sunday So if you're new here tap that red Subscribe button below and make sure That you click that bell icon That way you never miss a delicious Recipe Be sure you stay all the way through the End of the video there is a recipe card At the end You could take a screenshot of for easy Reference i don't know about you guys But I'm starving so let's do this shall we [Music] Here are the ingredients you will need For today's recipe everything is listed In the description box below as well as On that recipe card

So we're going to start by chopping up Our mushrooms if you don't like Mushrooms You can use any other type of veggie That you love but i Love mushrooms then we're going to set Them aside and grab Our zucchini then i'm going to grab a Mandolin i'm going to be using this Mandolin that i have to slice the Zucchini That way they're all the same size i Highly recommend Using a mandolin safely of course Because they could be very dangerous If you're looking for a mandolin i will Link the one i'm using here in the Description box below Alternatively you could use a knife and Slice the zucchini as thinly as you Possibly can Just try to make them all roughly the Same size I love using a mandolin because then all Of your slices will be the same size and This is the thickness that i like for This recipe But you could even slice it thinner if You prefer just be very careful when Using this you do not want to slice your Fingers Then we're going to just spread these Out in a single layer On a paper towel and then just blot it

With another paper towel we don't have To salt this We just want to make sure it's as dry as Possible Then we're going to set this aside grab Our instant pot this model It'll just turn on by itself there's no Start button make sure it's on high when It's hot grab your mushrooms You can put any type of veggie inside Of this lasagna that you like i just Highly recommend Unless it is spinach that you saute it First That way everything will have the Perfect texture Add them in i'm not adding any oil here We just want to draw the moisture out of The mushrooms I also love using my instant pot to Saute it that way i do not have to dirty My stove or another pan We're looking to draw the moisture out Of the mushrooms and then they will Start to turn golden brown When that happens we're going to spray It with a little bit of olive oil This sprayer that i'm using i've Actually filled with olive oil i love it I will link it below add some fresh Cracked black pepper and some salt Stir it around and then what i like to Do is just remove the liner And empty the mushrooms into a bowl and

Then put the liner back A really great hat to clean your instant Pot is to actually Put the liner back in pour some water Saute it Scrape the bottom and then just pour it Out it is so much easier Than having to turn the instant pot off And wash your liner After there's no more bits stuck to the Bottom remove the liner Pour out the liquid put it back and then Just dry it with a paper towel At this point it is a good idea to turn The instant pot off I'm going to add the water now and my Trivet And then i'm gonna make a foil sling Because i don't have a sling for this Mini Instant pot so just kind of fold it up Make sure that it's long enough to pull It out this was a little bit on the Short side but it still worked And here's the little springform pan That i'm using make sure that it fits Before you go through all of the trouble Of making the layers of the lasagna so I'm using the same Oil sprayer and i'm spraying this spring Form pan Really well we do not want this to stick And i'm just kind of using this brush Here and making sure the entire pan is

Coated With the oil now we're going to start Building the layers so the first step is To add some Pasta sauce and on top of that we're Going to add our zucchini slices It is totally fine for them to overlap It's better if they overlap Actually see how they're sticking up the Sides that is totally fine next we're Going to add some mushrooms I'm going to be using meatballs that i Had already prepped if you're interested In learning how to make your own Meatballs inside of your instant pot I have a recipe for that on this channel I will link it in the description box Below If you'd like to do that otherwise you Can use any type of meatball that you Have Or don't use meatballs if you want to Keep this vegetarian Add just a little bit of the crumbled up Meatballs Then i'm going to add a layer of spinach Add a little bit of the mozzarella Some pecorino romano or parmesan A couple of drops of sauce and then Begin the process again First with the zucchini again just Overlap them a little Some more mushrooms a little bit more of The meatballs

Some more spinach a little bit of sauce Some more mozzarella some pecorino Romano and then we start again With the zucchini you can really press It down too And fit as much in here as you like and I decided to go big with this I'm adding a lot of layers to this since This is going to be my top layer Notice how i am folding the zucchini Inside the pan I am packing these layers inside of this Springform pan I wanted to do it this way to show you How extremely Forgiving this recipe is you do not have To pile yours as high as I'm doing but you can if you would like To We're going to add a little bit more Sauce to the top you want to cover it Pretty well Along with some of that mozzarella Cheese We're going to add some parchment paper This is going to help so the cheese Doesn't stick And then the aluminum foil then we're Going to place it inside Of our instant pot and i'm just checking To make sure i can remove it and it's Perfect Close the lid don't forget to set it to Ceiling and then we're going to cook

This on high pressure make sure it's on High For eight minutes you could go all the Way to 11 minutes if you want the Zucchini to be even softer I prefer eight minutes but you do it However you like And then you're gonna allow five minutes Of natural pressure perform a quick Release When the pin drops open the lid And very carefully remove this i should Have been using oven mitts It was very dangerous the way that i did It Take off the aluminum foil carefully It's very hot inside of there I wanted to get that perfectly golden Cheese On top of this lasagna so i'm going to Be placing this inside of my air fryer I have an instant omni plus air fryer You can use any kind Of air fryer that you have or you can Just simply enjoy it Without placing it inside of a broiler In the oven or an air fryer Because it is still absolutely delicious On this model i'm pressing the broil Button and then i'm going to just set it To 10 minutes That's the lowest that you can actually Set it for but i only cooked it for 7 Minutes

Look at this delicious lasagna question Of the day Do you have more than one instant pot For over a year I used my six quart and only had one Instant pot until i picked up This mini instant pot i would love to Know how many instant pots do you have Let me know in the comments below i Can't wait to hear what you guys think About this recipe If you enjoyed today's easy lasagna Recipe i would be so appreciative if you Would give me a thumbs up Really helps out my channel and if you Haven't already i would love for you to Be a part of this community Simply by tapping that red subscribe Button below i'm gonna leave a playlist Of some fast and easy instant pot Recipes Right here on the screen if you'd like To check that out thank you so much for Watching and i will see you Next week for another delicious recipe Bye guys

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