Instant Pot Salmon in the MINI! Plus a GREAT HACK for Low Carb | Dining with Tara

Instant Pot Salmon in the MINI! Plus a GREAT HACK for Low Carb | Dining with Tara

Today we are making an easy salmon recipe using only a few ingredients. We are going to make it in our Instant Pot! I will be using my MINI 3 quart – you can use whatever size pot you have. I am also going to show you guys a great hack to make this a complete meal – all while keeping it low carb! What ideas do you have for a future episode? Let me know!

0:00 Intro
0:39 Ingredients for the recipe
1:54 Preparing our Salmon
3:57 Using our Instant Pot to make Salmon
4:21 Low carb HACK
6:15 Taste Test!

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8 oz Salmon (2 pieces)
0.5 tablespoon Raw Honey
0.25 teaspoon Garlic Powder
0.25 teaspoon Onion Powder
Zest of 1 Lime
Pinch of Salt
8 oz Water

Place Salmon Fillets on an individual piece of parchment paper and add half the honey to each one. Add garlic and onion powder, pinch of salt. Then zest the lime over each of the Fillets. Close each parchment paper packet tightly.

Grab your Instant Pot and place in a trivet. Add a cup of water. Place parchment paper packets on the trivet. Close the lid. Make sure it’s set to sealing. Cook on HIGH pressure for 4 minutes. Allow 2 minutes of natural pressure and then perform a quick release. Open the lid and carefully remove the packets.

Fried Rice:
7 oz Miracle Rice (Konjac)
10 oz Frozen Peas
1 tablespoon Tamari (substitute Soy Sauce)
1 tablespoon Coconut Nectar (substitute Date Syrup)
1 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1 teaspoon Onion Powder

Rinse the “Rice” really well under cold water. Then in a large pan over medium heat, add in the “Rice” and allow to dry out, stirring often. Then add in the peas, spices, sauces and continue to cook until heated through.

Macros per serving (recipe serves 2):
31.4 grams Protein
27.7 grams Carbs
7.8 grams Fat

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We're gonna make a salmon recipe today That you guys are going to absolutely Love packed with flavor super nutritious We're gonna use our instant pots I know You guys love using your instant pot so Do I what kind of instant pot do you Have let me know in the comments below Don't mind behind me my kitchen is Almost done working on the finishing Touches it's going to be fabulous we're Gonna make a salmon fried rice there's a Twist stay till the end you guys you're Gonna love this recipe let me take you Through the ingredients that we're going To use today So of course we have our salmon Hot So I've got some soy sauce Coconut nectar if you don't have coconut Nectar you could also Sub in something Like Date syrup or even coconut sugar would Work A little bit of raw honey I love raw honey One lime I'm gonna use some organic green peas a Medley of different veggies would be Great here also like even with carrots I Didn't have this available so this is All I have so this is what I'm going to Use Then One of the stars of the show

Is this cone Jack this is made from Organic conejac flour this is actually a Prebiotic I got this on Thrive Market I love it They also have Noodles like vermicelli noodles Spaghetti even fettuccine I'm gonna show You guys how to make this because it's Super great and then our spices so Let's get our salmon going I'm gonna use Parchment paper I'm trying to reduce My exposure to aluminum Alternatively you could use aluminum Foil if that's all you have But again I do really like using Parchment paper Now I'm going to add the raw honey I'm Just separating it into basically equal Size portions this doesn't have to be Perfect because it's raw honey it's very Thick it will melt down when it gets hot Then we're going to add in a little bit Of salt Garlic powder Such a quick and easy recipe Foreign some onion powder And then the star of the show gochugaro I love this spice I use this for all Sorts of things but trust me guys you've Got to try this alternatively you could Use some just red chili flakes if that's All you have Then we're gonna zest in The zest of a lime

[Music] Now we're gonna just make pouches this Is where it's much easier if it is Aluminum foil For it to stay like closed But I was pleasantly surprised By how well this did turn out Alternatively you can wrap the salmon in Parchment paper and then do a second Wrap in aluminum foil Just to ensure that it stays closed [Music] Now we're going to grab our instant pot Place in a trivet in a cup of water I'm going to place those two packets Right on in again this is my three chord Use whatever size you have [Music] Place on the lid make sure that it is Set to Sealing Then we're going to come down to the Control panel press pressure cook and We're going to go for four minutes I'm going to show you guys how to make This really easy rice I'm using air Quotes over here One of the most important steps is to Make sure that you really rinse this Rice do not skip this step whether You're doing rice or the vermicelli Fettuccine whatever you're doing rinse It really really well Then over a medium Heat [Music]

We're going to add It right on in and just do a dry heat You don't want to use any oil this step Is really just to dry out the rice so Then it can absorb whatever flavors we Put in the instant pot came to pressure And just beeped we've got about two Minutes left and we're almost ready to Eat I'm gonna let that naturally release For about two minutes And then we'll do a quick release And add in our peas The soy sauce The coconut nectar [Music] Now we're going to hit it with a little Bit of garlic powder [Music] Onion powder And I'm going to use the gojugaru again I love this spice It's one of my favorites when I make Kimchi this is what I use [Music] Thank you let's go check the instant pot Now we're going to perform a quick Release and when the pin drops open the Lid And very carefully remove those packets They are filled with delicious juices I'm going to open up the packets here to Show you this salmon was cooked Perfectly [Music]

Thank you Hmm Let's taste the salmon Mmm [Music] You need to make this recipe it is Delicious that lime zest hits right at The end the gochugaru If you don't have gojugaru Go get some gojugaro it is so incredibly Delicious I hope you guys loved this Recipe and I will see you in the next One bye guys [Music]

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