Instant Pot Red Beans & Rice

By | February 26, 2023


It’s hard to believe I’ve been creating recipes for over six years. It’s even harder to believe that within that time I never had a Red Beans & Rice recipe…until now! Yes, a yankee making a Southern staple but not to worry. Just like my Gumbo and Chicken & Dumplings, you’re in good hands. Plus, my partner, Richard, heartily approved this super simple, lightning quick and flavor-packed hearty dish that’s great as a side to my Fried Chicken or a main!

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[Music] Hey guys it's Jeff from pressure luck Oh man the last week Richard and I Didn't feel so good we were under the Weather to the point where we actually Had to cancel a road trip to the South He was supposed to go to Charleston Savannah to mobile for their Mardi Gras Which Richard was so excited to take me To he says it's the original Mardi Gras New Orleans took it over after and then You know of course when everyone thinks Of Mardi Gras they think of New Orleans But it really did start in Mobile Richard taught me this I feel like Johnny Five input Stephanie but we Couldn't go we had to cancel our plans So to make him feel better since we're Feeling better now I decided to make one Of the most iconic Staples of Mardi Gras Well it's really popular any time of Year in the South red beans and rice and It really took me a long time to make This and frankly it shouldn't have Because it's so silly how easy this is It's a celebration in a bowl and it's Just you know something that's going to Be done in no time at all really it Takes such little work and the flavor is Insanely good the payoff is huge here And that says something because there's Really not much to pay off it's super Easy with super affordable ingredients As well always accessible so let's earn

Some beads today and go right to the Instant pot and make some Sensational Red beans and rice so the very first Thing I want to add to my instant pot is Going to be three tablespoons of extra Virgin olive oil add that to the pot and Of course as always make sure that Stainless steel liner pot is in your pot Before you begin cooking and now we're Going to heat that oil up so let's come Down to the control panel hit the saute Button make sure we're on the more or High setting and we'll give it that heat If your hair bottle has a start button Hit that if it doesn't it'll start on Its own after a few moments of doing Nothing okay and after about three Minutes of the oil heating up I want to Add in a Holy Trinity now if you don't Know what a Holy Trinity is it is a Combination of onion bell pepper and Celery that's diced up usually together My Supermarket must have known that Mardi Gras is coming up all the way up Here in the north so they had actually In the produce section already Pre-chopped Holy Trinity so I don't have To really worry about doing it myself Which was nice costs a little extra but You know what sometimes it's okay if I Don't have to chop my own vegetables Sometimes the magic powers don't work But what you do to do your own is to Take one medium yellow or red Red Onion

Could be fine there about one large bell Pepper it could be green or red here This kind of a mix of both and it looks Like they used about a half of red and Green bell pepper that they diced up and It's like about three ribs of celery That will dice up that's what you do if You're going to do it on your own add That to the pot and we'll saute for About three or so minutes all right Perfect and after about three minutes of Our veggies sauteing in the oil I'm Gonna add in about a 13 and a half to 14 Ounce package of andouille sausage it's Always usually pre-cooked when you get It you don't have to use andouille by The way you can use any smoked sausage You can even use kielbasa you can use Kaneka sausage if you're from the south It's an amazing breakfast sausage that's Really only found in the Southeast at Least that's what I know of if anybody Else can find Kaneka and any other parts Of the country please let me know we Definitely don't have it up North but Basically what I did was I just took the Sausage it was one large length Sometimes you got four or five links I Just cut them into about a quarter to a Half inch size discs and then quarter to Each disc like this add that to the pot No more than a pound just don't use more Than a pound as well as six cloves yeah I want this nice and garlicky six cloves

You can reduce it to three if you want Uh crushed your minced garlic here which Is basically going to be two tablespoons Three cloves equals about one tablespoon When it's all minced and pressed or Chopped and we'll saute this for about Another three minutes by the way if Sausage isn't your thing you can use a Plant-based sausage or you can just Leave it out but whatever you choose to Do don't go over the one pound suggested Amount for the sausage because we don't Want to have issues with the pot coming To pressure in a bit okay this is Looking good let's move on we're gonna Add in three cups of a broth of your Choice I am using ham better than Bouillon base which is a concentrate I Add three teaspoons of the ham better Than bouillon to three cups of water and That creates three cups of ham broth but You can use any flavored broth you want Beef chicken garlic it doesn't matter Add that to the pot along with one Tablespoon of a Creole Cajun or Louisiana seasoning I love Tony Fisheries Creole seasoning they have a Few different flavors and it will be Fine honestly this is my favorite stuff For any Creole slash Cajun Louisiana Seasoning whenever I call for that That's what I use as well as two Teaspoons of Italian seasoning and we're Just gonna stir all that up in the pot

And then our final ingredient before Pressure cooking is going to be our rice I am using a long grain white rice you Can use jasmine rice you can use brown Rice although the cooking time will vary If you use Brown Um they're all great I'll show you how To do that basically what we want to do Is we want to put always our rice always Usually uh for this recipe certainly I'm Gonna put your rice in a fine mesh Strainer like this and then rinse it for About 90 seconds under the sink doing This so all the water goes from being Cloudy when it comes underneath to being Clear that's when you know it's nice and Rinsed I just want to just kind of Sprinkle my rice along the top of this I Don't want to stir it in there's already A lot going on in that pot with all the Sausage and the vegetables I just want To take my spatula and just smooth it Down so it's fully submerged the rice Inside of the broth I don't want to Start it just like this that is perfect All right so now we're going to secure The lid make sure that it's in the Ceiling position we'll come back down to The control panel now and we're going to Hit the cancel button and we're going to Hit the pressure cook button or manual Button depending on your model they have Changed over it's from manual to Pressure cook now

Um and if we're using white rice be it Long grain or Jasmine we want to go for Three minutes at high pressure if you're Using brown rice I would suggest 15 Minutes at high pressure uh after that We'll do a natural release it's going to Be the same amount 10 minutes for each Okay so while the rice is cooking Without beans I want to explain why rice And dry beans have greatly varied Cooking times if you're making a white Rice be it long grain or a Jasmine You're going to pressure cook for three Minutes of the 10 minute natural release If you're using brown rice you're going To pressure cook for about 15 minutes With about a 10 minute natural release That can vary by the way look at my Cooking charts on my cookbook if you Want a little more Al Dente versus a Little bit more softer and I didn't want To add in a canned beans just yet now About was making the rice because I Don't want it to get mushy I want them To still hold their form and I will be Using canned beans and I'll be adding Them at the very end there's no shame in That and in fact it could be even a Little bit more flavorful and it's going To make the dish cocoa much more quickly But if I was using dried beans you know If I was using rice I'd have to cook it For about an hour maybe a little bit More and the rice would just become a

Clump of Sad mush at that point so that's why I Keep them separate and I just like to Add some canned beans at the end it's Very simple that way And now that we're done pressure cooking We're going to allow a 10 minute natural Release and I'm going to do that whether It was white rice or brown rice in this Situation And now that 10 minutes of a natural Release have passed we're going to Finish it off with a quick release And look at that barely any steam coming Out at all And the pin drop that was one of the Quickest quick releases ever all right Let's get that little off And there is our cooked rice and now We're just gonna take our spatula here And just stir everything up so we have Our rice now mixed with our Holy Trinity Which again is bell pepper onion and Celery and our sausage okay so look at That beautiful rice with some sausage And veggies but now we gotta add the Beans right like I said we're gonna add In some red beans from the can two 15 And a half ounce cans of any kind of red Bean whether it's a red kidney bean Sometimes it just says red beans so you Can use a dark kidney bean just try to Go with the red color and I'm also using The juices in these cans here because

It's going to create extra flavor Although you can drain them if you Prefer I'm also using a low sodium Variety here and then what it's going to Give everything a final stir make sure All those beans are fully incorporated Into the rice and we're just gonna let This rest for about five minutes let Those beans get a bit heated up by the Heat of the rice and everything going on In the pot lot and this is looking Absolutely gorgeous super delicious all Right and after about a few minutes of It just resting and letting those beans Heat up we're gonna plate it up by the Way if you want you can add a little hot Sauce to the mix you could add up to About a tablespoon or two that's up to You you don't have to add it of course You could also just add it when you Plate it up individually I like a little Bit of it in there so I'm going to stir That in okay and now we're ready to Serve all right and here we go Rice red beans make sure you get plenty Of the sausage in there all the veggies Of course beans you want it all and There we have it red beans and rice Looking oh so nice all right let's try It out and here it is red beans and rice So nice let's give it a try look at this You want the rice by the way it should Kind of like Cling together or I should be nice and

Huggy with each other let's try it out [Music] There is literally like a brass band That I can hear in my head right now the Second this ended my mouth I hear the Horns I hear the trombone I can hear the Strutting of the shoes on the Cobblestone that's how good this is Richard get in here and try it is there A cobblestone in New Orleans or mobile Numb all right well I heard the beads Climbing on the wrought iron there you Go all right Richard let me know what You think of these red beans and rice Um yeah good yeah that's really good we Put a little bit of hot salt I say I put A little bit of hot sauce in there I Think it gives it a nice kick come up a Little more yeah and you can always add A little bit more but the rice tell me Describe it the rice cooked well and you Know the rice is cooked perfectly we've Got the peppers in there You really pull out that you know that New Orleans flavor and the salt celery Sausage Is great perfect that is in do we but Like I said it could be a smoked sausage It could be NECA sausage if you can find It in the South uh it can be kielbasa Will work just fine here any smoked Sausage usually you've got the smoked Sausage is pre-cooked right so you just Slice it up and that's it the thing I

Love about this even though it's red Beans and rice and sometimes people with Instant Pot recipes use uncooked beans When they do it and they cook the rice Separately from that I feel like this is Much easier to do it this way and the Beans really hold their form beautifully There's no mushiness of them you add Them at the very end like I said just Let them rest right from the can uh into The pot and they will heat up from the Pot itself and I feel like adding the Juices from the beans in there adds an Additional layer of flavor depth so as You approved good yeah my my Alabama and He's from the state that originated Mardi Gras as we discussed this before New Orleans existed there you go he's a History buff he knows these things um he Approves and that's all that matters to Me I hope you approve as well tell me in The comments or maybe don't sometimes The comments can be like crazy This one's gonna be definitely maybe a Little controversial but look stamp of Approval that a Yankee made some red Beans and rice that a southerner Approves of her yeah the ham Roth Is an exceptionally good touch if you Can get your hands on some ham better Than bouillon base highly recommended to Use it for your broth or you can like I Said it's not necessary you can use any Broth of your choice or you can add a

Ham hock you could actually also keep The ham hock in there even with the Sausage if you wanted to that's fine you Just remove it at the end before adding The beans after it's pressure cooked but This is delicious okay Before I eat this entire Bowl I want you To know in case you didn't that I wrote Not one the orange one the original not Two the blue one the lighter cookbook Not three the yellow cookbook which is My simple Comfort simple comfort food But four Four cookbooks this one is my latest It's the green one super shortcut Instant pot and that doesn't lie no Instant pot recipe in this book will Ever exceed five to ten ingredients some Recipes are just dump and go some just Have three steps or less and every Single recipe in this book has a Gorgeous step-by-step color photos look I gave you a little bit of a little Teaser broccoli Shadow risotto and every Single recipe on top of it all is going To tell you how to have it for if you Have a household of one to two so it There's no guesswork there's a timing Bar it's everything you'd want in a Cookbook and then some you could follow Me at pressure cooking if You have Facebook definitely follow me Follow me so I can feed you we can feed Each other you like me and I feed you

Simple as that well with recipes that is I can't really very well not be a Santa Claus situation and go to everyone's House and make meals and plus I don't Think I'd fit down the chimney of course I press a little cooking on all the Other social channels and my website which is my blog You know you just go there thank you so Much again and remember remember the Next time you want to go to the Mardi Gras and you feel a little under the Weather just stay at home make some red Beans and rice because they go really Nice together enjoy Oh boy [Music]

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