Instant Pot Ginger Scallion Chicken & Brown Rice

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Due to the simplistic and tasty success of my Ginger-Scallion Noodles (which is also in my green Super Shortcut book), I wanted to adapt this incredibly tasty and lighter dish into something even healthier featuring chicken and brown (or white) rice. Featuring a Cantonese ginger-scallion oil comprised of just a few basic ingredients and generally served with steamed chicken, I give you one of the easiest and most satisfying guilt-free meals known as Ginger-Scallion Chicken & Rice. Down 40 pounds in 3 months, it’s one of the key things I’ve been eating on my slimming journey and I am so excited to share it with you!

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[Music] Hey guys it's Jeff from pressure luck And today we are going to do a recipe That is so outrageously delicious and Filling in a complete meal we're going To be using some brown rice and some Chicken if you want to add that at the End Um but also it's on the lighter side and It is loaded with flavor and it couldn't Be easier to make it's actually less Than 10 ingredients and they're all easy To find in pretty much any Market we are Going to be making ginger scallion brown Rice and chicken and it is beyond Delicious and I'm obsessed with the Ginger scallion oil by the way that oil Is a Cantonese oil that's normally Served with a steamed chicken but I love It so much that I took a little Adaptation to it and we're going to be Using it in the rice with the chicken And it's going to just be another level Of amazingness trust me on this so let's Go right to the instant pot and the food Processor to make that oil which is Super simple and make some of the most Amazing ginger scallion brown rice and Chicken This one keeps interrupting me every Time why are you listening to me enough Geez okay now let's focus on our rice And we're gonna cook this so simply for This recipe I'd like to use the lighter

Version of a rice which I would say is Brown rice here and it's really fabulous In its own way because it's kind of Springy it has like a nice texture to it And it's a bit nutty and it's definitely Better for you in terms of white rice Versus brown rice but you know look you Could use white rice too if you want I'll explain in the cooking instructions There but I'm gonna go with brown just Make sure you rinse it under the water Like for cold water for about 90 seconds Through a fine mesh strainer add that to The pot and then I want to follow that Up by adding two cups of a broth of your Choice or you can just use water but Broth will give it a little bit more Flavor and then we're just going to stir That around and make sure the rice is Submerged in the broth or water and then I'm going to secure my lid move the Valve to the sealing position and I want To come down to my control panel and hit The pressure cook button and for brown Rice in this situation I want to go for 15 minutes at high pressure if I was Using white rice I'd go for three Minutes that's regular long grain white Rice or Jasmine rice by the way never Use instant rice in the instant pot all Right so the very first thing I want to Do to make this amazing ginger scallion Oil is take some ginger and scallions I Want to take one bunch of scallions also

Known as green onion and a bad knob of Ginger that's about this big it kind of Fits into the palm of your hand and then I'm going to do the following And all I did was just roughly chop the Scallion and peeled and roughly chopped The ginger just like this it doesn't Have to be anything fine because we're About to add this into a little food Processor or blender and that's exactly What I've just done I've added my Roughly chopped scallion and ginger to a Food processor I'm going to secure the Top on that and then I'm just going to Basically blend this up All right when we're looking like that [Music] When we're looking like that we're good Now I am going to transfer all the Contents from the food processor which Is our lovely pure Mo not pureed it's Like more like minced uh scallion and Ginger into two thirds of a cup of Vegetable oil I have a salad dressing Shaker for this this is fabulous or you Could do it in a larger Bowl I'm just Gonna put all the contents into that And then to this I would like to add two Teaspoons of soy sauce tomorrow or Coconut aminos in case you didn't know Tamari is basically a gluten-free soy Sauce and coconut aminos is both a soy And gluten-free soy sauce it's a little Sweeter coconut aminos and I actually

Also like using a low sodium variety as Well as a half a teaspoon of kosher salt But you can use regular that's fine and Here's why I like to use a salad Dressing Shaker for this which I'll link To because it's so easy to just shake Everything up now and then after a Couple of shakes to get some exercise Going there you're going to have this Amazing ginger scallion oil which I use In so many of my delicious recipes I Love it it's such a simple delicious Sauce which adds a rich flavor and now That we're done pressure cooking will Allow a 10 minute natural release and That's regardless if it went for 15 Minutes pressure cook time for brown Rice or three minutes for white rice Brown rice just takes a little bit Longer to cook is all so we're just Going to wait until this counts up to 10 And then we're going to finish with a Quick release All right 10 minutes of a natural Release of pass so we'll finish it off With a quick release All right and now that the pin is Dropped we could take the lid off and Look at that perfectly cooked brown rice Okay and now all I have to do is take my Fabulous ginger scallion oil and you Could either add the whole thing or just Some it's up to you and now what I also Like to add to this are these grilled

Chicken strips that I get from Costco They come in like two one pound packs Together Um and look at that you just open it up It's refrigerated it's already ripped up It's already cooked you don't have to Add any chicken though it's totally Optional you could add the whole pound You could add just as little or as much As you want and this chicken isn't Seasoned by the way so that's going to Be taken care of with the ginger Scallion oil and then just stir Everything up so everything's combined And look at this fantastic ginger Scallion chicken and rice let's serve it Up and voila there it is our fabulous Ginger scallion chicken and rice could Not have been easier to make and by the Way for the ginger scallion oil you can Totally use avocado oil in place of the Vegetable oil works really nicely and For the chicken you can don't even need To use the exact one I just use Rotisserie chicken is great too anyway Or or leftover blackened chicken meat That you've made for my other recipe I'll link that in there as well whatever You do is going to be great all right Let's try this out and there it is my Friends a fabulous bowl of some of that Wonderful ginger scallion chicken and Rice I can't wait to try it out chicken And brown rice I should say all right

Here we go Foreign [Music] Oil is like everything and like I said If you don't want to use vegetable oil Go for avocado oil it'll work out really Nicely as well and it's a lighter oil Better for you but The brown rice I prefer it's a white Rice in this situation because like I Said it has a springier bite to it and It has like this really slightly nutty Undertone and that chicken that we just Tossed in the end be it the pre-made Chicken strips from Costco or rotisserie Chicken meat that you want to just rip Up and throw in there any will do just Fine it couldn't be easier Just make sure you use portion control No matter what you eat whether it's Something as healthy as this or Something a little more indulgent like You know a fried dish or pizza between One one and a half cups is what you want I just feel like I'm just eating Deliciousness and not feeling bad about It the oil I mean you could put this on Cardboard shavings that come in a Package and it would taste delicious as Oil it's unbelievably good for more Recipes like these that run the gamut From the healthier side like this to the More indulgent sides like some french Onion chicken or something like that

Check out Because I have a slew of recipes there I'm also the author of four cookbooks For the instant pot four of them and They're all pretty good books I'm gonna Tell you right now this recipe is Actually in uh the yellow book A Variation of it anyway I use white rice In this version and I use chicken that We're gonna cook with the rice in this One but this one is kind of almost like A shortcut version which is my new book Super shortcuts where we're just adding Some rotisserie or pre-made chicken at The end it keeps things even quicker and Easier why not this book is actually the One What are you sorry for everything is Great stop listening to me this book is Everything you want in terms of ease and Simplicity and when we're talking no More than 10 ingredients per instant pot Recipe in this book some as low as even Two or three ingredients and some Recipes only have three steps or less Some recipes are just dump and gold like This one was where there's no sauteing Beforehand and every recipe in the book Shows you how to have it for one to two People Oh did I also mention that the book has Step-by-step color photos for every Single recipe as well as a final shot For what every recipe will look like in

A timing bar there's no guesswork here Check me out at pressure While cooking make sure you like the Page anytime I share new items deals Tips news make sure you follow that and Make sure you see it first make it a Favorite and at pressure level cooking And all the other stuff YouTube uh Instagram all that stuff thank you so Much again my friends and the next time You're in the kitchen and you want to Try a dish that's going to make you feel Like a stallion well try to have some of This delicious chicken and rice with Some ginger scallion oil but can we all Really want to feel like stallions I Think it rhymes with scallion Just go With it it's delicious So good [Music]

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