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I was in Epcot last month with a friend of mine and as we stumbled (literally – Epcot drinking games still exist) into Germany, a sign for caramel pretzel bread pudding caught my eye. I’d never had such a bread pudding and the moment I tasted it, I just knew it had to be my next recipe. Comparable to the most decadent French toast ever, this one is perfect for breakfast, dessert or both and it’s a lovely variation of my classic bread pudding except we use pretzel bread instead of croissants and, in place of a whiskey glaze, load it up with a vanilla and caramel sauce!

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[Music] Hey guys it's Jeff from pressure luck so A few months ago oh my gosh it's almost Been two months already I was in The Fabulous Epcot in Disney with my Wonderful friend Zach and you know we Were strutting along the countries doing Everything fun and we stumbled into Germany uh I say stumbled because I had A few drinks before then you know the Whole drink around the world thing when You go there you gotta When in Rome or When in Germany or Epcot uh so I went There and everybody is in line at like The were there was original like that's What their thing is there it's like Werthers right like the caramel stuff But in like the corner like in the nook By like the beer garden there was really No line and I saw there was a little Sign for an offering pretzel bread Pudding now I had never had a pretzel by Pudding before in fact I never heard of One but genius brilliant so I waited in The line which took all of two seconds Because it was really not aligned Uh and then I ordered one the minute I Took a fork full I immediately gave it To my friend Zach I'm like you need to Try this try this and we were both like Wow this is incredible so I knew right Away I had to go to the instant pot and Make some pretzel bread pudding caramel Pretzel bread pudding because it has

Caramel like kind of hints of it Throughout uh So Good Hope guys forget It we don't have to go all the way to Germany we don't even have to go all the Way to Epcot we just have to go right Into our kitchens because we're about to Make up the most amazing caramel pretzel Bread pudding in the instant pot To start off I'm going to add two Tablespoons or a quarter of a stick of Salted butter to my instant pot I'm Gonna come down to my control panel on The pot and I want to melt that butter And I want to go to my saute button hit That I want to make sure I'm on the Medium or normal setting some say normal Some say medium that we want to change By either hitting the saute button again Depending on your model or the Temperature button so we want this on Medium we don't want it on high normally Always do it on high but leave it on Medium or normal do the same thing Depending on your model All right once the butter is melted I Want to add in two cups of whole milk Along with three tablespoons each of White granulated sugar and light brown Sugar three tablespoons each you can Also use dark brown if that's all you Have and one and a half teaspoons or a Half a tablespoon they're synonymous of Vanilla extract and I'm just gonna stir Until my sugar is completely combined

Into my milk and everything gets heated Up for about three minutes or so now I Don't want my milk to Bubble I want Everything to get just warm enough so That everything gets combined with each Other and that'll take about three Minutes but just watch it we don't want It to Bubble all right and after just About three minutes of stirring we're on The brink of bubbling we're good I'm Going to turn my pot off here let's hit The cancel button here and we're gonna Just let this cool for about 15 minutes We don't want it to be hot the reason Being we're about to add some eggs and We don't want those eggs to start Cooking in our milk mixture here now to Speed this process along you can pop This in your fridge for about five to Ten minutes that's fine or just let it Rest for about 15 to 20 minutes on the Counter Right there leaving it in the instant Pot will take longer for it to cool Because the heating element's still kind Of warm even after you turn it off okay So after a few moments of letting my Milk mixture cool down a little bit just Touch it with your finger make sure it's Nice and coarse and clean Delicious perfect it's not hot at all It's just like lukewarm and that's fine And we'll cook the eggs speaking of the Eggs I'm taking three large eggs that

I've just beaten separately and I'm Gonna add that to my milk mixture as Well as a quarter of a teaspoon of Ground cinnamon and we're gonna whisk This all together and this is now Forming a custard All right perfect and I love it the Instant pot liner pot here is deep Enough so when you whisk you're not Going to Splash it all over the place so The next thing I want to do is I want to Take some pretzel bread and for this I Am going to use these pretzilla soft Pretzel bread Burger buns here that I Found in my bakery of my Supermarket Um you want to use about a pound worth So this is about 12.8 ounces so I Probably want to get a bed and another Bun in there so I bought two packs of This however you can totally just use Like soft pretzels like the super Pretzels from the frozen section and Just let them thaw out even though They're frozen or put them in the Microwave that's actually fun to Speed It along that works and then about a Pound worth no matter what kind of Pretzel bread you use and just rip them Up into pieces And there we have it our pretzel bread Again about a pound of it nice and Ripped up into pieces about this size in A mixing bowl because we're going to add Our wonderful custard that we just made

All over this and by the way don't use This regular hard pretzels for this it's Not going to work out the way it should You want the pretzel bread and like I Said it can be these pretzel buns you Can use uh the frozen hot pretzels about A pound worth just put them in the Microwave so they get thawed out a bit And soft that's what you want into Chunks about that size now I want to Take that custard and I want to pour it All over my pretzel bread and I also Want to add in some caramel sauce I'm Simply using the Sundae Syrup Smuckers You know whatever kind you can get by The ice cream sundae section of your Supermarket usually buy the ice cream About two tablespoons worth is that like A nice caramel flavor for this so now I Want to get in there with some clean Hands and just mix everything up make Sure that all of the pretzel bread has The custard and the caramel seeped into It and now we're going to pop a lid on It and we're going to pop it in the Fridge for an hour so everything really Comes together it firms up a little bit And then we're gonna put it into a Little bundt pan and we're going to Pressure cook this amazingness up okay So about an hour has passed since my Pretzel bread has been sopping up that Delicious custard and now it is time to Assemble what I want to do is I want to

Take a six cup non-stick bundt pan yes It should absolutely be a six cup Non-stick bun pan and I want to spray Some non-stick cooking spray generously Inside including the center don't forget That all right and then by hand use a Clean Hands we're going to just assemble This and pack in our bread pudding well It's not quite bread pudding yet but it Will become that just evenly press it Into the Buns Next up I want to take some aluminum Foil and put it on top of my pan And then poke a hole Boop right through The center because this is going to make It so the steam when we put it in the Instant pot can come through and come to Pressure more quickly now we're gonna Have to do one of two things we're gonna Either have to put our buns on top of The trivet which is actually going to be A little tricky to maneuver into the pot You couldn't do it but the handles don't Really come up super high on the sides So one of my new favorite things to do In the world Goodbye trivet for now is to get a Silicone sling these things are amazing Silicone sling does the thing So we're gonna put um I love that little Reference now I'm gonna put uh silicone Sling Um well my phone pan on this silicone Sling and then I'm going to just simply

Look at this just like that and I can Lift it and go right to the instant pot I'll have quickly rinsed and cleaned out In my liner pot from mixing the milk Mixture in there and I'm gonna pour in One and a half cups of water and then Just carefully lay my silicone sling With the bunt inside of it directly in The instant pot so easy and it's gonna Be so easy to get out it's a game Changer I'll link to where you can get Both the amazing silicone sling and the Six cup non-stick buns Secure the lid and now we're going to Hit the pressure cook button and we're Gonna go for 30 minutes at high pressure So while the bread pudding is cooking Let us make some fabulous glaze I want To take a cup of powdered or Confectioners sugar it's the same thing As well as a half a cup of heavy cream Half and half and you could even use Milk and a half a teaspoon of vanilla Extract and just mix all that together And you're gonna get a fabulous glaze And by the way if you want a thinner Glaze you simply can just add some more Cream or milk it's fine until it's the Desired consistency you want it to be And now that we're done pressure cooking We'll finish it with a quick release And the pin just dropped so we're going To take the lid off the pot and then We're going to just take a little oven

Mitt here and remove it from the pot This is so easy this alone is the reason To get the silicone sling for how simple It is to pull it out of the pot okay and Now we're just going to let everything Rest Open our sling I'm just going to rest it On the countertop and then I'm going to Take my foil off the top Looking good and we're going to just let This rest in the counter for 15 minutes Okay and after about 15 minutes of our Pretzel bed putting Cooling in the Bundt On the counter I'm gonna take a plate We're gonna go a plate like this and and Put it on top of the bunt and then Simply do a quick little flip a fliparoo Here Hit it a little bit and then Look at that look perfect All right now it is time to top it up I'm gonna take my glaze and I'm going to Just simply drizzle it If on a spatula is easy easiest for this Drizzle a little long just like so just In this type of motion and then I'm Going to take some more of that caramel Sauce and then do the same thing And here we have it caramel pretzel Bread pudding I'm going to cut myself a Slice This is looking insanely the Glorious Glorious Oh look at this look at that look at how

Beautiful that is feel free to drizzle More of the glaze and the caramel sauce On there look at that get it on there of Course another nice touch with any Pretzel you need a little bit of sea Salt right take some sea salt and put it Right on top to give it that final Little touch on each slice okay I'm Gonna try this out so here it is the Pretzel bread pudding look at how Beautiful this looks just look Glistening gorgeous Let's do it I'm gonna go first of all it is like a Cake in terms of the consistency [Music] You know when I throw my Forks out like That and you hear that and I almost look Angry it's not angry it's like it's so Good I'm mad about it that's what it's Like this is insanely delicious you know What this tastes like this tastes like The ultimate French toast but with Pretzel bread I it's like basically Dessert for breakfast or breakfast for Dessert you could have it for either one It is next level delicious oh my gosh The caramel and the glaze [Music] Just take my money this recipe is going To be amazing whether you're eating it While it's still warm out of the bundt Pan or if it's sitting I need to keep it In like a cake caddy and then you eat it

In the morning when it's room Temperature it's going to be amazing Either way and if it is room temperature You can always zap it in the microwave Get it a little warm again you can add Extra caramel sauce or glaze to each Slice I mean it's so incredible again I'm going to tell you how delicious this Recipe is and it is beyond easy it's Actually better than the one I had in Epcot I'm not gonna kid you it's better Guys check out For tons of recipes I have a video just Like this one for every single recipe on My YouTube channel and on the blog that You can find there Um and you know what I've written not One but four instant pot cookbooks look At this Taste the rainbow all different Colors I love it we got blue yellow Green and orange each one has a Different theme my most recent one is Super shortcut it is 5 to 10 ingredients Per recipe some recipes are just dump And ghosts or recipes there's three Steps or less every recipe beautiful Step-by-step color photos and a final Shot of each with a Tommy bar you can't Ask for more than that in a cookbook can You or maybe if someone else cooked it For you but these are easy recipes Everything that I do is easy because you Know what I'm not a trained Chef I'm Just amateur and I just like to cook and

My mission is to Do it anyone can including you thank you So much my friends and I'm Gonna Leave You with this little poem I like my Little poems at the end here the next Time you want to make a wonderful Dessert to make your friends and family Covelle Google it makes some fabulous Pretzel bread pudding topped with Caramel enjoy it really is delicious Gotta get gotta get some of the extra The glaze in there All right get away from here I'm gonna Eat the entire thing get it away enjoy [Music] Foreign

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