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Today we are using our Instant Pot to make a really easy meal prep for the week. We are making chicken and mashed potatoes – and to make it even simpler, we are going to cook the chicken and the potatoes at the same time! If you are a busy individual, but looking to eat healthier, more nutrient dense meals, this is the recipe for you!

0:00 Intro How to Meal Prep Chicken in the Instant Pot
0:57 Using our Instant Pot for Meal Prep
3:00 A great HACK for shredding chicken
3:21 Making mashed potatoes really easily

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3 to 4 pounds of Chicken Breasts
4 to 6 large Russet Potatoes
1 cup Dry White Wine, substitute chicken broth
2 tablespoons Kick it Up Chicken Spice (substitute your favorite spices)
1 teaspoon Pink Salt
1/2 Stick Butter
20 ounces Frozen Vegetables

Place chicken inside Instant Pot liner. Add the wine, then add the kick it up chicken spice. Add trivet and then place washed potatoes on top of trivet (ensure you have poked holes in each potato). Close the lid and make sure it is set to sealing. Cook on HIGH pressure for 19 to 25 minutes depending on how frozen chicken is. Take frozen vegetables out of the freezer and leave on the counter to thaw. Allow 10 minutes of natural pressure and then perform a quick release.

Remove potatoes and chicken and strain and reserve the cooking liquid (wine). Add chicken to the Instant Pot and using a hand mixer, shred the chicken. Divide chicken into equal portions of meal prep containers. Next, add the potatoes to the instant pot and using the hand mixer, mash them. Add salt and butter, along with 1/4 cup of the reserved cooking liquid (wine) and using the hand mixer again, smash until desired texture. Spoon equal amounts into each meal prep container. Add frozen vegetables to each meal prep container. When reheating, add any extra butter, olive oil, or spices to the vegetables and enjoy!

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Cheers today we're gonna meal prep for The week our lunches using our instant Pot you guys are gonna love this easy And quick recipe we're going to be using Chicken breast today I love getting my Chicken from the butcher box it's just Convenient it comes straight to my door And it's affordable if you want to try It out for yourself I will leave a link In the description box below so you can Save some money we're gonna make the Chicken and the potatoes at the same Time so this recipe could not get any Simpler I'm going to be using a Delicious wine to cook my chicken in if You don't like wine or you don't have Wine alternatively you can use either a Vegetable broth or chicken stock but if You have wine I highly suggest you give This a try because the chicken is going To be so flavorful you guys are going to Love it there is almost no prep for this Recipe let's grab our instant pot and Let's get started we're going to start By adding our chicken breasts inside of The instant pot these are almost Completely defrosted but they were Slightly Frozen still and that is Completely fine next we're going to add In one cup of this dry white wine Foreign Our spices and guys this could not get Any easier this kick it up chicken spice That I got on Thrive Market is so good

But use whatever spices that you like Add it on in Next we're going to place in our trivet And you can see here the more chicken Breasts you have the harder it is to get That trivet level then we're going to Add in our potatoes make sure you poke Holes in the potatoes trust me guys Place in as many as will fit I love a Recipe that is so easy close the lid Make sure it's set to Sealing You're going to set it to pressure cook For roughly 21-22 minutes depending on If it's frozen you might want to go 25 Minutes Then we're going to grab out our Vegetables this is such a great hack to Just place them on the counter and just Let them defrost Use whatever veggies that you like when The instant pot is done we're going to Allow 10 minutes of natural pressure Then you're going to perform a quick Release Now we're going to take these perfectly Cooked potatoes out and I'm going to Just set them out of the way because we Have to take the chicken out Drain it So that we can then Shred the chicken And I'm going to show you guys a really Easy hack I would strain the liquid but save it it Is wine

I just rinse the liner out and now we're Going to put the chicken back in If you've never tried using a hand mixer To shred chicken guys you are not going To believe how easy it is alternatively You can shred it with two forks or even A stand mixer works really great then I'm just separating it into five Portions and I had all of this chicken Left over my husband took the meal Prepped ones to work and I took the Container with the rest of the shredded Chicken to work it was perfect now we're Going to place our potatoes in and using The same mixer guys again this is so Easy just smash them up I'm adding a Fourth of a cup of that wine that was Cooked in the instant pot with some Butter and some salt use whatever Seasonings that you like or milk or Whatever it is that you find to be the Best for mashed potatoes And then just portion it out My husband loves mashed potatoes and I Love easy And it doesn't get any easier than just Adding in these vegetables that I pulled Out of the freezer when he cooks this And warms it up he puts in a little bit Of butter that's the way that he likes It if you prefer to saute your veggies With olive oil whatever you like to do Do what you find to be best but I like Easy and this was definitely easy as you

Can see it doesn't have to be difficult To make healthy food for the week We sometimes over complicate things but If we just keep it to the basics it can Be nutritious delicious and very Satisfying if you enjoyed today's super Easy recipe give this video a big thumbs Up share it with anyone that you know That is looking for healthy recipes and I will see you in the next one bye guys Balance Camille And I have all of this chicken left over Foreign

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