How To Make INSTANT POT LOMEIN│Better Than Takeout Series│Dining With Tara

How To Make INSTANT POT LOMEIN│Shrimp Lo Mein Recipe Real Simple│Better Than Takeout Series│Dining With Tara
Today we are making Shrimp Lo Mein in our Instant Pot. This recipe is so quick and easy! I’m going to be sharing tips and tricks and hacks throughout the video – as well as a recipe card at the end. What other recipes are you interested in?

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0:00 Intro Instant Pot Lo Mein
1:04 Recipe Starts
2:14 Hack for cooking Pasta
3:04 Using Frozen Veggies
3:21 Finishing our Lo Mein

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4 ounces Lomein Noodles
4 cups Water
8 ounces Shrimp
1 teaspoon Garlic Bouillon
12 ounces Frozen Vegetables
1 tablespoon minced Garlic
1 tablespoon minced Ginger
1 teaspoon Avocado Oil
¼ cup Oyster Sauce
¼ cup Tamari Sauce

Add pasta and water to the Instant Pot. Add garlic bouillon. Close the lid and set to sealing. Set Instant Pot to HIGH pressure for 2 minutes. Allow 5 minutes of natural pressure and then perform a quick release. Drain the pasta and set aside. Press cancel on the Instant Pot and set to sauté on HIGH. When hot, add avocado oil. Then add garlic and ginger. Sauté for 30 seconds. Add shrimp and sauté for 2 minutes. Add vegetables and sauté for 1-4 minutes or until perfectly cooked for you. Add everything back to the pot. Add the sauces and mix well. Serve into bowls and enjoy!

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Today we are making shrimp lomaine [Music] [Applause] Hey guys welcome back to another video If this is the first time you're here I'm tara a family nurse practitioner That loves sharing easy to make recipes That are not only super delicious but Also healthy over the past few weeks we Have been making better than takeout Recipes we made a chicken with broccoli A sweet and sour chicken beef and Peppers and a honey chicken today we are Making shrimp lo mein this recipe comes Together very quickly i have some great Hacks for you guys be sure you stay all The way through the end of the video i Know you guys love those recipe cards so There's a recipe card at the end you Could take a screenshot of for easy Reference if you're excited for instant Pot recipes give this video a big thumbs Up grab your instant pot and let's make This super easy recipe [Music] Here are the ingredients we'll be using For today's recipe so i'm going to use Udon noodles you could also use lame Noodles some tamari some oyster sauce a Little bit of ginger and some garlic so We're going to get our garlic ready First remove the skins and i'm going to Use this microplane of course you could Use a garlic press or just chop it up

But i figured this would be so easy so I'm using roughly three cloves it comes Out to About a tablespoon of garlic give or Take And the little piece of garlic that i Couldn't get through the mincer because I didn't want to get my fingers in i Just chopped it up and then for the Ginger i'm going to use the same knife To peel it of course a spoon works Better and i'm going to grate about a Tablespoon of this i'm not using all of This ginger for it just about a Tablespoon or so as much as you like to Make this recipe a one pot easy meal We're gonna make everything inside of The instant pot but we're gonna do Things a little differently today this Dinner guys is so quick and easy to make Only requires a few minutes of hands-on Time let me show you how easy it is to Put together these noodles come wrapped Up in two ounce servings so i'm gonna Use two of them so it's roughly two Servings two ounces of serving and They're you don't need to cut them in Half because they're the perfect size For my six quart instant pot and you Just want to kind of lay it in a Crisscross pattern and i'm going to use Four cups of water You don't need this much water but Honestly it doesn't matter because we're

Going to drain it at the end you just Want to make sure you cover all the Noodles this is an extra ingredient i'm Going to use some garlic bouillon you Don't have to use this i do feel like it Adds a little bit more flavor close the Lid make sure the silicone ring is on A really great hack to get perfect Results when cooking pasta is to take The recommended cooking time the least Amount of the recommended cooking time Divide it in half and add one minute i'm Going to cook mine for two minutes and Allow five minutes of natural pressure And then i'm going to remove my frozen Veggies while it's cooking so it can Defrost on the counter i'm also going to Defrost my shrimp it's the perfect time To do this when the instant pot is done You're going to open the lid The noodles should be cooked absolutely Perfect So we're going to remove the liner and Drain it return the liner to the instant Pot i'm drinking this delicious dry red Then we're going to add in our avocado Oil or any other neutral oil Our minced garlic and ginger Press cancel on the instant pot and set It to saute on high Give that about a 20 to 30 second head Start And then we're going to add in our Shrimp of course this shrimp is already

Defrosted Give everything a good stir Move it to about one side after about a Minute Shrimp cooks very quickly now we're Going to add in our defrosted Veggies this recipe comes together So quickly After about a minute to three minutes We're going to add in That drained pasta the udon noodles of Course they stuck a little bit to my Strainer add in our Soy sauce i'm using gluten-free tamari Or oyster sauce you could add a little Bit of sugar i decided not to do this But you can add about a teaspoon of Sugar to balance it out if you like i Thought it was perfect like this Stir everything together And after about a minute or so of it Being Set to saute it's going to look like This guys this recipe is so quick and Easy If you enjoyed today's super easy recipe Give this video a big thumbs up that way I'll know to make more recipes like it Looking for another easy instant pot Recipe click the playlist right here i Know you'll find something you'll really Enjoy there and i will see you over There bye guys

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