How To Make FRESH Italian Pasta│Traditional Potato Gnocchi From SCRATCH│Episode 3

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How To Make FRESH Italian Pasta ∣ Traditional Potato Gnocchi From SCRATCH ∣ Episode 3

Do you love fresh pasta? How about potato gnocchi? Have you wanted to learn how to make gnocchi easily at home? This is the video for you! It is so easy – requires only a handful of ingredients and NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT! What do you guys think of this fresh pasta series? So fast, easy and fun to make!

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2 large Eggs
4 Russet Potatoes
1 cup All Purpose Flour
1 tsp teaspoon Pink Salt

1. Steam potatoes until tender.
2. Using a ricer, rice all the potatoes. Add salt and eggs, one at a time. Gradually incorporate flour and knead gently top combined. Don’t over mix.
3. Cut dough into baseball size sections and roll into cylinder shape, adding flour as necessary to prevent sticking. Cut dough cylinder into 1 inch sections. Use either a fork, a gnocchi board, or your finger to make either grooves or an indent.
4. Allow gnocchi to dry out on counter for 1 hour.
5. Bring a large pot to boil and generously salt. Add gnocchi and cook for 2-4 minutes. Gnocchi are done when they float. Scoop out and either pan fry for a minute or two to brown both sides and top with favorite sauce, or simply top with favorite sauce. Freezes well. Also freezes well before cooking. Enjoy!

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[Music] Hey guys welcome back to my channel if This is your first time here my name is Tara and on this channel I love to share Delicious but easy and healthy recipes You can make right in your very own Kitchens so whether you love to cook or Just love watching videos about cooking This is the channel for you today is the Conclusion of our three-part fresh pasta Making series I am so excited about this Recipe if you missed either one of the First two videos I will link them up in The cards and also in the description Box below the first was a delicious red Lentil and chickpea flour pasta great For meal prepping so incredibly Delicious the second last week was a Traditional Italian pasta and we made Angel hair so much fun and today we are Going to be making a delicious Traditional Italian potato gnocchi I am Very excited about this video you do not Need any special equipment I will not be Using my stand mixer at all this recipe Is easy delicious so incredibly fun to Make great for meal prepping it freezes Well and you guys are gonna absolutely Love this be sure to stay all the way Through the end of the video I'm gonna Be showing a sneak peek into three Delicious Italian potato gnocchi recipes That are going to be coming in the near Future on this channel you do not want

To miss that if you have not already I Would love to have you a part of this Community you do that by hitting the red Subscribe button below and be sure to Hit that Bell icon That way you'll notified each time I Post a new video okay guys let's hop Right into the video the first thing we Need to do is get our potatoes ready so I have four large russet potatoes and I'm poking each one with a fork all Around and I'm gonna steam these inside Of my instant pot these are just a Couple of ideas for the racks that you Can place inside of them You can also steam them in the microwave Boil them on the stove or bake them in The oven so I'm placing them in here Then I'm taking one cup with cold water And I'm pouring it right in there to Help with the steaming process since This is gonna be set to high pressure I'm making sure that my silicone ring is On if you guys are interested in my Instant pot playlist I will link that Above and also below the instant pot is So much fun to use I've been having a Great time with it so I'm gonna set this To pressure cook on high for only 10 Minutes so it's very fast to get ready And I just love this instant pot but you Make these anyway you like I did a quick Release and now I am just gonna take the Skins off of the potatoes I find that

Using a spoon is one of the best ways to Get the potatoes out of the skins so We're really just looking to get all of The skins off so that we can rice these Potatoes which wait until you see this If you haven't tried this it is such a Really great way to get such a great Texture out of these potatoes so here is My ricer if you don't have one of these You can use a hand mixer we really just Want to get a really smooth consistency So wait until you guys check this out so I'm putting a little bit of the All-purpose flour down on my work Surface so that the potatoes will not Stick and now I'm just squeezing the Handle I put about maybe half of a Potato in here and look at this this Makes such a really great texture it Gets the potatoes so smooth it's the Absolute perfect consistency for this Type of dish nokey using a ricer is just Perfect so here I am using two cage-free Eggs and I kind of have made A little mound with my potatoes and now I'm adding a teaspoon of Himalayan pink Salt you want to make sure you salt this Really well because the potatoes Themselves will not have any flavor so I'm adding one egg at a time and I am Just kind of mixing it in with my hands You can use a spatula if you find it Helps more I like to get my hands in There and I'm just adding a little bit

Of flour at a time and now I'm gonna add The second egg and you're really just Looking for this to hold its shape to be Incorporated you do not want to over mix This because we do not want this dough To be tough so you can see it's really Coming together well in total I probably Used about a half a cup of flour but You're gonna have to go by how it feels To you because you want it to be able to Hold shape but you do not want it to be Tough look at this oh my goodness this Looks so incredibly delicious so now we Are ready to make the milky so I am Adding probably about 1/4 of a cup of The all-purpose flour back down and here Is my dough cutter I really like this one I'll link it Below and you want to make sure you Flour all of the surfaces everything Your music so this is a no keyboard what We're gonna use this here in a little Bit and you'll see how fun it is if you Don't have one of these that's totally Fine because I'm gonna show you three Ways in which to make this so now I am Kind of just molding this into kind of Like a log shape and I'm cutting off a Section it's kind of like a Baseball-sized shape and look at this oh My goodness look at how airy and light It looks you just know this nogi is Gonna be absolutely delicious make sure You have enough flour on the surface so

That it doesn't stick you don't need a Rolling pin you don't need anything Fancy and I'm just using my hands and Just kind of rolling it into about a One-inch thick cylinder and now I'm Gonna cut it just to make it a little Bit more manageable and now here notice How I am cutting these until it 1 inch They're kind of like squares they almost Look like Hello's and I'm showing this technique With a fork look at that it is so easy You might want to put a little bit bit Of flour on the fork so it doesn't stick So now I'm going to show you another way In which to make this no key with a Shape so I'm cutting off another piece Same technique I'm rolling it into Cylinder make sure you flour it as you Go you want them to be roughly the same Thickness so I find one inch is just About perfect so again we're just Cutting it into sort of equal size Shapes perfect so you can just take your Finger and press it right inside the Middle it's like a pillow with a finger Right in the middle and look at that how Easy is that Okay guys are you ready to check this no Keyboard out so we're doing the same Thing we're rolling it into a cylinder Make sure the surface is floured well You do not want your no key to stick to The surface and lose all of its shape so

Same thing cut into about one inch sized Pieces now look at this this surface is Floured while you just kind of press and Time press and turn and check this out Oh my goodness this is so cool I was Really impressed with how it turned out [Music] Look at that Oh you do not have to press very hard All three ways of making the nokey work So it really just depends on what you Have on hand and which is your Preference the simplest I found to use Was just to use my finger to flatten it Down but go ahead and try all three ways It is really fun the ridges help to hold The sauce so that's something to Consider so here are the no key once They are ready to either be boiled or to Be placed in the freezer I don't Recommend putting them in the fridge Three different ways to make it all of Them turn out great okay guys I promised You a sneak peek into some recipes so The first is a garlic and pecorino Romano and parsley Nokey so incredibly delicious this is Made with a vodka sauce and I made a Stuffed beef roast oh my goodness so Delicious and this is a portobello Mushroom stroganoff with a cashew cream Sauce three great ways this video will Be coming to my channel soon so stay Tuned so what if you think of the video

I cannot wait to hear what you guys Think of it which of the three types of Nokey do you think you're gonna try First are you gonna do it with a no Keyboard do you think you're gonna use a Fork or you're just gonna use your Finger I cannot wait to hear if you Liked today's video be sure to smash That like button and share this video With your friends your family your Co-workers or anyone else you know that Would love to see videos on healthy Delicious cooking thanks so much for Watching and I will see you in the next Video bye guys Today we believe today today we will do An upcoming video that should be on the Channel soon you don't you do not I am So excited about today's video Labadee Beloved e I am so excited

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