How To Make CHICKEN CURRY In The INSTANT POT│BUSY WORK Week Dinner│Simple HEALTHY Meal Prep Ideas

By | September 8, 2019

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How To Make CHICKEN CURRY In The INSTANT POT│BUSY WORK Week Dinner│Simple HEALTHY Meal Prep Ideas

Are you super busy? Do you want an easy and delicious recipe that’s perfect for after work or meal prepping? This recipe is so simple. Both the chicken curry and the rice cook AT THE SAME TIME inside the INSTANT POT – So its soooooo easy! This recipe makes 4 servings, so its absolutely perfect for a weekend meal prep, or a quick after work dinner idea. What other recipes are you interested in? Comment below and let me know ✻

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3 Chicken Breasts (2 pounds)
1 Shallot
3 Cloves of Garlic
½ teaspoon Garam Masala
½ teaspoon Dried Thai Basil (substitute Italian Basil)
1 ½ teaspoons Thai Red Curry Powder
1 tablespoon Tomato Paste
Dash of White Pepper
2 cups Spinach
1 ¼ cups White Basmati Rice
1 ¼ cups Filtered Water
½ teaspoon Chicken Bouillon
15 ounce can Lite Coconut Milk
Salt & Pepper to taste
Drizzle of Avocado Oil

1. Mince shallots & garlic. Slice Chicken into equal size chunks. With the Instant Pot set to saute on HIGH, add a drizzle of oil, then add shallots. Saute until fragrant and translucent. Then add garlic. Saute for 20-30 more seconds. Add chicken. Add dry spices. Brown all sides lightly, mixing well. Add coconut milk and tomato paste. Scrape the bottom of the pot to remove any browned bits. Hit cancel on the Instant Pot.
2. Place trivet on the bottom of the pot. Place a heatproof large bowl (I use glass) on trivet. Add rinsed and drained rice to the bowl. Add filtered water and stir lightly. Place lid (with silicone ring on) on the Instant Pot. Set to HIGH pressure for 4 minutes.
3. Allow 10 minutes of natural pressure release, then perform a quick release and hit cancel. Fluff rice. Remove bowl and trivet. Add fresh spinach to the pot and allow to wilt. Enjoy over rice!

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An exhausting day at work and I still Have schoolwork to finish what am I Supposed to make for dinner I've got the Perfect idea for dinner [Music] Hey guys welcome back to my channel if This is your first time here my name is Tara Many of you already know that I am an Oncology nurse also in grad school for My nurse practitioner so I know all About being so incredibly busy Especially throughout the work week that You barely have time to eat let alone Think about if it's healthy or not I Know that you guys have really been Loving my busy work week lunch or dinner Recipes and also the instant pot recipe Videos so today we're gonna be making a Delicious chicken curry and white Basmati rice Both of these are gonna cook inside of The instant pot at the same time I Absolutely love making a meal like this One it's easy to you throw the stuff in There after you finish the sauteing you Can go and do whatever else you need to Do so for me a lot of times I'm writing A paper or I'm trying to get my laundry Done I love how easy this is you don't Have to stand over it don't get me wrong I absolutely love to cook but there are Some times that you just don't have the Time to do it and this recipe is

Absolutely perfect for those times you Guys are going to absolutely love this Before we get started if you have not Already I would love for you to be a Part of this community you do that by Hitting the red subscribe button below And be sure to hit the bell icon that Way you're notified each time I post a New video okay guys let's hop right into The video This is gonna come together super Quickly so I'm grabbing a shallot and I'm just kind of dicing it up if I was Using a regular onion I would probably Puree it but shallots kind of just melt Into That you make with it and I'm also Grabbing three garlic cloves I'm using My garlic press I love this garlic press And now it's gonna be time to get our Chicken ready so I'm using three breasts That are organic and I've just sliced Them into chunks with my instant pot set To saute I'll put a drizzle of avocado Oil and I'm thrown in the shallots I'm Just gonna let these get translucent Fragrant and then we'll put the garlic In kind of same thing just stirring it Around so it doesn't get too stuck down There I decided to add just another Little drizzle of avocado oil you can Use water if you would prefer and this Kind of shows how kind of thick I've Chopped this chicken up so in goes the

Chicken my house is smelling so Incredibly delicious so now we're gonna Add the spices so I'm using some garam Masala some Thai red curry you can't Find this you can use regular curry and Some Thai basil you can substitute this With Italian basil I just really love The flavor of the Thai basil if you can Find it so we're not looking to cook This here we're just looking to brown it Just a little bit I'm gonna add just a Pinch of salt I'm gonna be adding Chicken bullion in a little bit and I Know there's a lot of salts in that so I Don't want to add too much salt now and Now it's time for our coconut milk I'm Using light coconut milk it's what I Prefer I feel the sauce is perfect consistency With this if you prefer you can use full Fat coconut milk I'm using my wooden Spoon here to really scrape the bottom Of this pot you want to remove any Burned bits from down there I decided I Wanted to add a little bit more of the Thai red curry and also some tomato Paste tomato paste is gonna really give An extra depth of flavor to the dish I Highly recommend it if you can't find it In the tube you can you also use some Straight out of the can and then I'm Adding the chicken bouillon and I wanted Just a little bit more tomato paste and I'm just mixing this really well I did

Decide to add just a little bit more of The Thai red curry so much of the Cooking process is improvising I Absolutely love to experiment in the Kitchen and now I'm adding my trivet my Heat proof glass bowl and Rinsed white bus mati rice really Important to use a white rice here you Could either do white basmati rice white Jasmine rice or you could even do just Plain white rice you don't want to use Brown rice or black rice or red rice Here because they take longer to cook so They will not be cooked enough by the Time this meal is finished next we're Gonna pour our water over the rice Remember it is a one-to-one ratio and I'm just stirring it up with my spoon Then I'm gonna grab my lid I'm gonna Make sure that the silicone ring is on That is very important it will not Pressurize without it then we're gonna Set our instant pot to high pressure for Four minutes Once it's finished cooking we're gonna Allow ten minutes for a natural pressure Release a really important step in this Recipe is allowing the ten minutes of Natural pressure before you perform a Quick release and open the lid this is Very important do not skip this step it Is going to allow your chicken to become Incredibly tender complete the cooking Process and for the rice to be perfectly

Fluffy after the 10 minutes of the Natural pressure release I'm going to Use my spoon just to release any extra Pressure out of the pot and once the pin Drops we're good to open it so let's Check out and see how our dinner looks Oh my goodness look at this rice this Rice is cooked absolutely perfect so Easy to make we made everything at the Same time it's it's kind of amazing Perfectly fluffy Okay so now I'm gonna remove the rice Bowl make sure you're very careful Because it's hot and I'm gonna take the Trivet out and now I'm going to add just A couple of cups of baby spinach we did Not want to add this at the beginning Because it would have been way too Overcooked and I did not have to turn This on sautee the residual heat was Enough to wilt this spinach gave of Taste I decided to add a little bit of White pepper for an extra special kick You can leave this out if you don't want The extra heat and now it's time to Plate it up put my rice down first and I'm gonna add this delicious curry to The top of it look at how incredibly Delicious this looks this chicken is Perfectly cooked so tender it's like Breaking off of my fork perfectly cooked Rice you guys are going to absolutely Love this recipe what did you think of Today's video drop me a comment below I

Would love to hear from you and let me Know either a video idea you'd love to See a series a recipe if you liked Today's video and you want to see more Like it be sure to hit that like button And share this video with your friends Your family your co-workers or anyone Else that you know that is interested in Healthy but delicious recipes thanks so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video bye guys [Music]

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