How To Make Blackened Chicken Cutlets

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A lot of folks have noticed that I shed a few pounds (and thank you for noticing!). I dropped 40 big ones since January of this year (2023). It’s now April 1st and I have a recipe to share that helped got me there: my blackened chicken cutlets. I can assure you, it’s no April Fool’s Day joke how quick and easy it is to make these and how flavorful they are to taste. I’m talking the juiciest, most amazing tasting chicken ever that is restaurant-quality. It’s keto, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free and is super good for you, while being rich in protein! Eat this chicken as is or top it over salads, rice, pastas or anything your heart desires!

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[Music] Hey guys it's Jeff from fresher luck and It's been a while since I made a video And um a lot of people have been very Kind and they've seen me in some lives That I've done lately and some photos That I posted and they said have you Lost weight and I say yes in fact I have Thank you for noticing it's always so Nice when people notice when you do you Know if it feels good Um and you know I kind of just say Whatever I felt like this summer this Past summer I just went to town and then The holidays came up and I'm like oh but The holidays are here I'll I'll start in The new year and I did Um but the truth is you can eat whatever You want is the way I look at things as Long as you are you know moderate with Your portions to have portion control Don't eat at crazy late hours right Before you go to bed and mostly drink Water and seltzer as your main fluids I Also love the Crystal Light and some Fitness those will work for me and That's what helped me do this I by the Way still do we carbs I don't cut carbs Out and no I'm I don't know is that big People best you want rosembic I'm I Don't know it was epic So today we're Gonna move a little bit beyond the Instant pot and cross the street to your Stovetop chances are you have one and

I'm going to show you how to make the Most amazing blackened chicken breasts That are to die for delicious and let me Tell you something it's one of the Easiest things you're ever going to do You're not even going to believe that You've created something that literally Tastes like it was from a restaurant Literally don't you just love that word Literally everyone uses it I use it way Too much as I don't even realize and Then I watch myself on video I'm like You use that word too much but it's Literally amazing so you know I'm just Gonna stop talking you're gonna see for Yourself how to make the most amazing Juicy flavor flavorful guilt-free Chicken cutlets right on your stove it's So easy and you're gonna just say Afterwards wow I'm a gourmet cook I'm Promising you this and I'll tell you Guys something it is a let's go so the Very first thing I want to do is I want To create like a little bit of an artist Palette here of seasonings this is going To be the seasoning mix and we are going To be doing this with the easiest of Spices you can find basically anywhere In any Market what I want to use is two Tablespoons of smoked paprika try to use Smoked you can use regular but smoked is Going to give you a little bit more of An edge on this and again you can find That in pretty much any Market two

Teaspoons of Italian seasoning one Teaspoon each of seasoned salt garlic Powder and onion powder and a half a Teaspoon of black pepper if you want it Extra spicy you can add between a Quarter to a half a teaspoon of some Cayenne pepper now take a fork and get This lovely artist palette with Everything swirled so we made a Beautiful painting of seasonings and There we go looking great I'm going to Shake the plate and speaking of which The reason why I'm zooming in this on a Playlist is because it's going to be the Easiest way to coat our chicken look at This it looks like the seasoning is About to eat that chicken and in a way It's about to one caucus it so that's Very fitting there Pac-Man spices uh I Am using for this about two pounds worth Of thinly sliced chicken breasts or also Known as chicken cutlets you can already Buy them thinly sliced in the market Which I suggest doing it just saves you Some time Um but you can absolutely use thicker Breasts and slice them into cutlets About a quarter inch thick so what I Want to do now is I want to move over to My stove where I have a saute pan you See these pans that have like high sides Here those are called saute pans and to Me they are everything you know why Because it helps with splatter and keeps

Things more contained in the pot now This is a five quart pan and you see it Fits my largest burner that's what I Like to use for this I feel like this Size is perfect for cooking the chicken In less batches the next key ingredient Here is to add some extra virgin olive Oil and it's all going to depend on how Large your pan is and how many how much Chicken you're gonna cook but we really Just want to add this is kind of like a Really between like three tablespoons to A quarter of a cup and then just kind of Swirl it out on the bottom so it's Covering the bottom of the entire pan Here sometimes I get the words pot and Pan confused but a saute pan is almost Like a mix between a pot and a pan Through the high walls there but that's All I want see that the bottom is nice And coated I'm going to give this some Heat by turning it on to medium high and Let that heat up for about three minutes Or so until the oil begins to Shimmer or Shimmer if you don't have a Long Island Accent in the meantime while the oil is Heating up I'm going to take my chicken Cutlets and I'm going to dredge that's The term for it to dredge or coat each Side in the seasoning and then once the Oil is heated and shimmering by the way When the oil is almost like a water Consistency it's not going to be super Thick anymore as it was at room

Temperature when you pour it in that's Also a good indication we are going to Add our chicken and we're going to cook It on each side for about two and a half To three minutes I suggest only dredging uh the chicken You're going to be using right now while Uh putting it in the pan versus doing it All at once so basically wait until you Dredge the second batch of chicken when The first one is done and the entire Kitchen already smells like Pure Heaven Joy and then after about two and a half To three minutes on each side flip that Chicken over We give it another two and a half to Three minutes on the other side okay and Look at how beautiful this is getting Gorgeous Just gorgeous this is like restaurant Quality blackened chicken okay so we're Gonna remove this batch to a plate Look at that and then continue with our Remaining chicken You see if there's still some pinkness Down there you're going to want to flip That over and make sure that's fully Cooked and you see what I'm doing I'm Cutting my chicken in half just to test It to make sure it's fully cooked and do You see this this is absolutely perfect No pinkness also you should get a Thermometer once it hits 165 it's good 165 Fahrenheit I should say

And here my friends is some gorgeous Blackened chicken that's gonna have so Much flavor to it it's going to be next Level amazingness and this took Basically no time at all to do and it's Going to absolutely blow your mind at How delicious this is going to taste all Right let me try this out and okay my Friends here's that blackened chicken You see how I cut it in half made sure It was fully cooked make sure you do That of course and if it's not just Continue to cook it until it's cooked or Until it reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit With a thermometer okay and I'm not even Gonna cut this I'm just going to take a Bite of this look at how beautiful this Looks Foreign It's almost a crime That you can cook something this simply And have a taste this spectacular out of This world delicious this is also Guilt-free my friends this is not a Fattening meal picture this compared to French fries or a hot dog or a big Heaping slice of cheesy pizza all Delicious By the way and you could put This on Pizza you can cut this up it'll Be amazing work this would be amazing in A salad or over a pasta but this chicken On its own That's so juicy perfectly cooked and Look at that beautiful seasoning

[Music] And this my friends is how I've slimmed Down a bit by eating food like this Right now it's so good My gosh I love it on its own over salad Over some veggies some rice is fine too Eating some pasta that's okay portion Control now even though I'm trying out Some new things in the kitchen to show You how simple and easy things are just Like this miraculous blackened chicken And again we're going to do this method A few times and I'm going to show you Different types of seasonings but it's Going to be the same Simplicity involved You can get my cookbook that's coming Out on April 11th super shortcut instant Pot not an instant pot recipe here but All my recipes are just as simple as This in the instant pot gorgeous color Step-by-step photos for every single Recipe as well as the final shot no Recipe in this book will ever exceed Five to ten ingredients much like this Chicken actually Um and they're all just simple and it's Saving time and money and it's going to Be yummy in your tummy check me out on for tons of other Recipes they are not just instant Pot Recipes many other wonderful ones also Coming your way all simple and easy and Not intimidating at pressure cooking on All the the social channels like YouTube

Subscribe to me there and at pressure look cooking like The page I still definitely do a lot out There I'm totally still into the Facebook by the way I haven't left it I Enjoy it check me out there thank you so Much again my friends for watching and Look at all this delicious black chicken I have it ready to go now for the whole Week I can't wait to just I don't ever Get sick of eating it it's that Delicious and it's so juicy look at all That delicious juice and look at that oh So good make sure you keep that with it If you're gonna put it in some airtight Containers which I would do put Delicious juices in them with it thank You so much again for watching my Friends and the next time you want to Make some delicious juicy full April Full chicken and just a little pinch Well all you gotta do is make my Blackened chicken because it's just that Much of a cinch all right enjoy [Music]

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