Today we are cooking lasagna soup inside of the Instant Pot! We are kicking off our Fall Soup Series with a BANG! This recipe comes together very quickly. We will be making homemade meatballs and also using pork sausage. Be sure to snap a photo of the RECIPE CARD at the end of the video for future reference! Let me know any other ideas you have for a future recipe video.

0:00 Intro to Cooking Lasagna Soup
1:26 Recipe Starts
3:43 Turkey Meatballs
4:46 Using Our Instant Pot
7:40 Using Lasagna Noodles in the Instant Pot
8:27 Finishing our Lasagna Soup

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1 pound Sausage
1 tablespoon Dried Basil
1 tablespoon Dried Parsley
2 Bay Leaves
1 Yellow Onion
7 Cloves Garlic
1 Carrot (optional)
6 cups Water
1 teaspoon Sugar
2 tablespoons Olive Oil
4 teaspoons Beef Broth
½ cup Dry Red Wine
¼ cup Fresh Basil
28 ounces Crushed Tomatoes
¼ teaspoon Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
8 ounces Mozzarella Pearls
8 ounces Dried Lasagna Noodles
Salt & Pepper to Taste

1 pound Ground Turkey
1 tablespoon Dried Basil
1 tablespoon Dried Parsley
¼ cup Grated Pecorino Romano Cheese
8 Crackers (crushed)
¼ cup onion/garlic puree
½ teaspoon Salt
¼ teaspoon Black Pepper
¼ cup Milk

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Want to make a quick and easy lasagna Soup inside of your instant pot then Keep on watching [Music] [Applause] [Music] Hey guys welcome back to another video If this is the first time you're here I'm tara a family nurse practitioner That loves sharing easy to make recipes That are not only super delicious but Also healthy today we are making soup Inside of our instant pot kicking off Our new fall soup series with a bang As an italian lasagna is one of my All-time favorite things to eat but it's Not always one of my favorite things to Make it takes a lot of time this recipe Comes together so quickly you guys are Gonna absolutely love it be sure you Stay all the way through the end of the Video i know you guys love those recipe Cards so there is a recipe card at the End you could take a screenshot of for Easy reference if you're excited for our New instant pot soup series especially This lasagna soup give this video a big Thumbs up grab your instant pot and Let's make this easy recipe [Music] I'm gonna use three classic ingredients In soup onion garlic and carrot and of Course we need a sharp knife so first I'm gonna remove the skins from the

Onion and just cut it into Smaller pieces so it'll fit inside of my Blender cup and i'm using this Immersion blender that i've got here you Could use a mini chopper you could use a Food processor alternatively you could Just chop it up by hand but this was Just so easy i love starting with the Onion because there's so much liquid i Didn't have to add any water Next i'm going to grab my garlic i'm Using roughly seven cloves use more or Less if you like And just like with the onion i'm just Throwing it on in there Blend it up Then i'm going to reserve about one Fourth of a cup of this for our Meatballs Set it aside and then grab our carrot i Don't typically use carrots in a like a Pasta sauce italian recipe but i decided To try it here and guys i was so happy With the sweetness and the depth of Flavor that it added as well as the Nutrition i highly recommend giving this A try when it's pureed to the Consistency you prefer set it aside and Then i'm going to use some fresh basil i Love using fresh herbs especially in a Soup recipe alternatively you could just Leave this out and just add a little bit More dried basil though i highly Recommend using fresh then we're going

To grab our sausage i'm using italian Sweet sausage typically i will use a Couple of sweet and a couple of hot i Don't have any hot italian sausage at The moment you can use all hot all sweet Or mix it up or leave the sausage out if You don't like sausage you could also Just use ground pork that works just as Well i decided to slice this up while it Was still raw it is a little bit more Difficult to slice this way Alternatively you could brown it and Then slice it or just use ground pork Next we're going to grab our turkey Traditionally i use beef to make my Meatballs i thought i would change Things up a little bit today since i've Already made meatballs with beef on this Channel before i will link a couple of Those videos in the description box Below if you want to check them out After this video but today we're going To use ground turkey it's so good if you Prefer go ahead and use beef instead I'm going to add some salt and some Pepper All of the measurements again will be Listed in the description box below as Well as on that recipe card at the end Add some parsley some basil garlic Powder and our onion and garlic mixture I like to add a little bit of extra Garlic because after all i am italian Adding in some milk this is two percent

And i didn't have any bread crumbs but i Did have crackers and i've got to say Guys it worked beautifully Make sure that your hands are wet when You're trying to roll out meatballs i Also didn't have any eggs if i had eggs I probably would have used one it would Have made it a little bit easier i'm Gonna grate in some pecorino romano Cheese you could also use parmesan I decided to add a little bit more bread Crumbs just to kind of help everything Stick together again i did not have any Eggs Then we're going to roll it out into Very small meatballs remember this is a Soup so we want our meatballs to be Little tiny bite-sized meatballs set That aside I'm drinking this delicious dry red Set the instant pot to saute on high and Add in 1 tablespoon of olive oil And again i love showing this hack just Pick up the liner and swirl it around It's so much easier this way to coat the Bottom i decided to add the sausage First And we're looking to brown this This took me about three Ish minutes three to five minutes And i just threw all of it in there at The same time when it gets to look like This it's perfect So i'm just gonna set it aside i'm

Putting it in the same bowl because of Course this isn't finished cooking Anyway And why dirty another bowl Then we're going to throw in those Little meatballs i did cook these in Batches [Music] Be very careful when turning them that You don't break up the meatballs it was A lot easier to pick it up and swirl it Around ah look at how absolutely perfect These meatballs look I added in that other tablespoon of Olive oil at this point you may or may Not want to add it in that is entirely Up to you finish cooking the rest of the Meatballs Be very careful of course because this Liner is very hot I did decide to use some paper towels so I wouldn't burn my fingers And once they're cooked mostly through Remove them and i'm just quickly putting In a paper towel swirling it around the Bottom so we can get this grease out i Did not want to pour the grease down my Drain and i love this hack fill it with Some hot water this it's still set to Saute and it makes it so much easier to Decrease the bottom of the pot do not Skip this step guys you have to deglaze The bottom of the pot or you will get That dreaded burn signal then put the

Liner back in and i'm adding in some of That dry red wine Add in our onion garlic and carrot Mixture if you don't want to use red Wine alternatively you could just use More beef broth i highly recommend using Wine though if you have it i also i'm Not using any more oil because i just Didn't think you needed it you could add A little bit more oil if you prefer add In that beef bouillon Now it's time to put all of the meat Back in so i started with the sausage Then i'm putting in the meatballs again I'm being very careful i don't want to Break them Pour in the water Now i'm going to add in the dried spices And then very gently i'm going to stir The instant pot you don't have to worry About the bottom at this point it's Already deglazed grab your pasta i'm Going to take traditional lasagna Noodles and just break them up if you Prefer use any other type of pasta or You can wait until after the instant pot Is finished cooking and throw in some Fresh pasta like some tortellini or Ravioli that would also be so good I broke the lasagna into these Bite-sized pieces again it does not have To be perfect i like that they're not All the same size So just put it

Right inside the pot and i'm going to Add my crushed tomatoes right on top of The pasta this order is very important Again that way the tomatoes are not on The bottom of the instant pot to cause That burn signal i added a little bit More water and my bay leaves I also decided to add a little bit of Salt and pepper You might have to adjust this to your Preference close the instant pot make Sure it's at the ceiling and set it to High pressure for four minutes we're Going to allow 10 minutes of natural Pressure and then perform a quick Release and when the pin drops open up The lid And give your incredible lasagna soup a Stir Now we're going to jazz this up of Course remove the bay leaves add in that Fresh parsley And i got these mozzarella pearls i Loved using these inside of this recipe Guys they melted beautifully Alternatively just put in some shredded Mozzarella that will also work Give everything a stir I can't wait to hear what you guys think About this recipe you enjoyed today's Lasagna soup made in the instant pot be Sure to give this video a big thumbs up That way i'll know to make more recipes Like it

[Music] Want more instant pot soup recipes click The video on the screen and i will see You over there bye guys

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