Homemade ITALIAN Spaghetti and Meatballs ★ Top INSTANT POT Recipes

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Homemade ITALIAN Spaghetti and Meatballs ★ Top INSTANT POT Recipes

I am so excited about this recipe! Today is the day – we are going to be making homemade Italian spaghetti and meatballs ✻ I will show you how to make an authentic Italian pasta sauce! Have you joined the INSTANT POT craze? We are going to be sauteing the meatballs and cooking this delicious sauce in the instant pot. This recipe is so fun, fast and yummy! Don’t worry, if you don’t have an instant pot you can STILL make this recipe. I have both INSTANT POT and STOVE TOP instructions below.

Come and cook with me!

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2 Bay Leaves
1 Salt & Pepper
1 Yellow Onion
1 6-12 Garlic Cloves
½ cup Fresh Parsley
handful of Fresh Basil
½ cup Dry Red Wine
½ cup Filtered Water
2 tsp Dried Basil
2 tsp Dried Parsley
2 large cans Tomato Sauce
2 large cans Tomato Paste
drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tsp Cane Sugar (optional)
Fresh Parsley & Basil for Garnish
2 medium Zucchini (low carb option)
1 Fresh Grated Pecorino Romano Cheese
2 tbsp Unsweetened Almond Milk
2 lb grass-fed 90% lean ground sirloin
1 tsp Dried Red Chili Flakes (optional)
2 tbsp Hazelnut Flour (or breadcrumbs)
8 oz Red Lentil Pasta or Pasta of your Choice

1. Mince or puree onion and garlic. Chop fresh basil and parsley. Reserve a few tablespoons for garnish.
2. Add half of onion/garlic mixture to a bowl with half of herbs. Add ground sirloin to the bowl. Add milk, flour (breadcrumbs), salt & pepper and mix. Shape into even size balls.
3. Set Instant Pot to saute (if using stove top, heat oil in a large saucepan over medium high heat) and add oil. Add half the meatballs to the pot and brown on all sides. Remove from pot and add another drizzle of oil and remaining meatballs and brown on all sides. Remove from pot.
4. Add a drizzle of oil to the pot (saucepan) and add remaining onion/garlic mix. Saute for 2 minutes. Add tomato sauce and paste to the pan and all dried herbs and cane sugar. Add wine and water and stir. Add meatballs back to the pot. Cover Instant Pot (make sure seal is on) and set to meat/stew or LOW PRESSURE for 10 minutes (If using saucepan, cover and simmer for 45 minutes on low, stirring occasionally). Allow Instant Pot to naturally release for 10 minutes, then do quick release. Add remaining fresh herbs. Enjoy!

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[Music] Hey guys welcome back to my channel if You're new here my name is Tara and I Absolutely love food I love to cook I Love to eat I love to watch videos about Cooking if you love food all things food Or just watching videos about food this Is the channel for you I would really Love it if you would subscribe you do That by hitting the red subscribe button Below and be sure to hit the bell icon That way you don't miss anything today I Am gonna be sharing one of my all-time Favorite recipes I've been making since I was 7 years old in my Brooklyn Italian-american home and I want to Share it with you if you love Italian And you have been looking for an easy But incredibly delicious pasta sauce Today is the day I am gonna be unveiling My delicious Italian pasta sauce and we Are also going to be making meatballs I Have to tell you I love meatballs I love these meatballs they are so good Delicious easy to make and we're gonna Be making this in my new favorite Appliance the instant pot if you don't Have an instant pot you can still make This recipe just on the stove I will Leave complete instructions in the Description box below but if you do have An instant pot this recipe only takes 10 Minutes what what did I just say 10 Minutes you got that right be sure to

Stay until the end of the video I am Gonna be sharing a low-carb version of Spaghetti and meatballs it is so good Okay guys let's hop right into the video Okay guys let's get started so I have Some fresh basil and some fresh parsley And I'm just grabs a big handful of Rinsed it and dried it off and now I am Just slicing it up into very small Pieces you don't want to crush it Because otherwise you can make it Brown And then I'm grabbing about six to seven Cloves of garlic and one yellow onion And a great hack that I like to do is I Like to puree my onion that way you're Not biting into it and the marinara Sauce and so I use my Vitamix and cups For this and it works just absolutely Perfect with just a drizzle of filtered Water to help it to blend up and uh I Love it and so now I'm grabbing a nice Medium-sized bowl and I'm adding this is One half of the onion and about six or So cloves of garlic I'm taking half of The fresh herbs into that bowl and I'm Setting it aside and now I am gonna Blend up the remaining onion and garlic I'm reserving just small tiny piece of Onion just to add some texture to the Meatballs and I'm grabbing one of my Favorite wines Chateau Thomas Merlot oh So delicious love it and now I have set This aside perfect great and I decided I Wanted to actually add a little bit more

Fresh garlic I absolutely love garlic if You are not a big fan of garlic you Don't have to add quite as many as this But I'm gonna use my garlic press for This I love this garlic press it really Makes it so easy In order to mince it up and I wanted to Do it this way that way there's a nice Pronounced flavor of garlic when I start The sauce so here I have two pounds of Grass-fed 90% lean ground sirloin and I Absolutely love this type of meat and I'm adding a nice sprinkle of salt and Pepper and 2 tablespoons of hazelnut Flour and 2 tablespoons of unsweetened Almond milk you can actually use any Kind of milk you like and if you don't Want to use hazelnut flour I did this to Keep it grain free you can also use Bread crumbs in that work Perfect so now I am rolling out the Meatballs to just even size pieces you Can use a cookie scoop to do this I Didn't want to dirty a cookie scoop so I'm just rolling them out to about the Same size and you'll know the meatballs To the right of the right texture when It feels not too moist and not too dry So now with my inste pot I have set it To saute and put a drizzle of olive oil In it and I'm putting half of the Meatballs inside of here we do not want This to steam that is very very Important we want to Brown this meat and

I decided to add another drizzle of Olive oil you want to leave it on the Bottom of the pot and not move it for Several minutes so it develops that nice Crust guys my house smells amazing look At that oh my goodness so delicious so Now we're gonna get started on batch 2 So I'm just repeating the same process And doing the same thing oh this is Gonna be so good so once these are Browns I'm gonna remove them from the Pan and then I'm gonna put in the onion And garlic the heart I reserved Brown it Just for a couple of minutes and then I'm adding all of the sauce and all of The paste to the instant pot and I'm Adding the dried spices so the basil the Parsley and I also love to add the dried Red chili flakes it makes it a little Bit hot if you don't want this don't add It and I absolutely love this wine I Love adding it to the sauce I'm using Half a cup if you don't want to put wine In you don't have to you could just add Some extra water and I'm just giving Everything a really good mix and now I'm Going to add two Bay leaves bay leaves add a really great Flavor to the sauce just make sure you Remove them when the sauce that's Finished cooking so you don't Accidentally eat them I'm also adding One teaspoon of cane sugar if you want To keep this sugar free you can omit

This I can get really adds to the sauce And I'm adding some filtered water and Then I'm gonna add all of the meatballs To the instant pot this recipe really Could not get any easier I absolutely Love it this was the first time I made Sauce in my instant pot and I was pretty Blown away by it so now we're gonna put The cover on make sure the seal is on I Take it off when I make over it make Sure it's on and you'll notice that the Pin is dropped that's because that's not Set to pressure yet and but you want to Make sure this is set to closed to Pressure so I'm using the meat stew Setting for 10 minutes on low pressure If you don't have the meat or stew Option on your instant pot don't worry About it Set it's the pressure but set it to low Pressure for 10 minutes okay guys it's Time to start the pasta so I'm bringing A small sauce pan to boil adding a Little bit of sea salt and then I like To use red lentil pasta I really prefer this pasta just if you Use this type it has a tendency to boil Over so just be careful use any pasta You like I am carefully releasing the Pressure from the instant pot I like to Do a natural pressure release for about 10 minutes and then you push the vent Button make sure all of the pressure is Released and it only takes a couple of

Seconds until the pin drops all the way Down and then it is safe to open wait For this oh look at that that looks so Incredibly delicious again usually my Sauce would take at least 45 minutes and This in 10 minutes is incredible so now I'm adding some fresh basil and parsley To the sauce I really like to add the Fresh ingredients the fresh herbs last And now I'm plating it up look at this Oh my goodness look at that Oh this pasta was absolutely delicious It also is great for meal prepping a few Delicious meatballs on top high protein So incredibly delicious I've reserved Some of the fresh herbs for the garnish And then I like to top mine with some Grated pecorino romano cheese because it Is just so incredibly delicious ok guys As promised now it's time for the Low-carb version of this delicious Spaghetti and meatballs so I'm grabbing Two medium zucchini and my spiralizer This is my handheld one it's inexpensive It's easy it works great so I'm just Making some zoodles and look at this oh My goodness You would think it's high carb pasta but It isn't it is absolutely delicious I Love to eat this after a long day at Work because I know it's healthy and Nutritious but without any extra added Carbs Of course garnishing with some fresh

Herbs and some fresh pecorino romano Cheese Well guys thanks for cooking with me Today I'll see you next time bye guys I'm such a dweeb spaghetti and meatballs I know Italian spaghetti and meatballs Yes they go together obviously cooking Eating I absolutely love food

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