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By | February 17, 2022

Today we are making an easy, healthy, and super delicious chicken and rice meal prep! Everything is going to cook at the same time inside the Instant Pot so this couldn’t be easier or faster. Looking for more meal prep recipes?
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0:00 – Healthy Instant Pot Chicken and Rice Intro
1:04 – Recipe Starts
2:20 – Using Pot in Pot Method

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1 teaspoon Avocado Oil
1 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1 teaspoon Pink Salt
1 teaspoon Parsley
1 teaspoon Basil
½ teaspoon Black Pepper
½ cup Filtered Water
½ cup Dry White Wine
1 pound Chicken Breast

¾ cup Banza Rice (rinsed & drained)
¾ cup Filtered Water

Set the Instant Pot to sauté on HIGH. Add avocado oil when hot. Add chicken and brown on both sides. Remove and add wine. Deglaze the bottom of the pot. Add water. Add the chicken back in. Add dried spices and stir. Place in a trivet and add equal parts rice and water to a heat proof bowl and place on the trivet. Close the lid. Press cancel on the Instant Pot. Set it to HIGH pressure for 4 minutes. Allow 10 minutes of natural pressure and perform a quick release. When the pin drops, open the lid. Fluff the rice and remove the bowl. Remove the trivet. Remove the chicken and reserve liquid for another recipe. Enjoy!

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[Music] [Music] Hey guys welcome back to another video If you're new here i'm tara a nurse Practitioner that loves sharing easy to Make recipes and tips and tricks so you Can make restaurant quality food at home It is snowing out in my neck of the Woods and there's almost nothing i love To do more on a snowy day then use my Instant pot to make some delicious food Today we're using our instant pot and We're going to make a chicken meal prep That is so easy we're going to cook the Chicken and the rice at the same time so This could not get any easier be sure You stay all the way through the end of The video i know you guys love those Recipe cards there's a recipe card at The end you could take a screenshot of For easy reference if you're excited for Instant pot meal prep recipes give this Video a big thumbs up grab your instant Pot and let's make this super easy Recipe To kick this off right i'm drinking a Delicious dry red then i'm going to add In some avocado oil once the instant pot Says it's hot and i love this hack to Pick up the liner and swirl it around Now i'm using my instant pot mini so Only one chicken breast will fit at a Time if your instant pot is bigger than This one you might be able to fit both

Of them in Brown it on both sides and we're going To remove it and add in the other Chicken breast This only takes about a minute or so per Side but it really ramps up the flavor So i highly recommend not skipping this Step now i'm going to add in some dry White wine i highly recommend using dry White wine here because it's really Going to add so much flavor we're also Deglazing the bottom of this pot do not Skip this step guys you have to scrape The bottom of the pot really well then i Added in some water and we're gonna put Those chicken breasts back in now we're Gonna add in our dried spices this is Such a quick and easy recipe and i'm Just kind of mixing it around it does Not have to be perfect guys Then we're going to add in our trivet I love this little trivet it came with My instant pot Add in a heat proof bowl [Music] I'm going to use some banza rice Add it on in Then add in equal parts water when i Cook with rice inside of my instant pot And layer it on top of whatever type of Protein i'm using i always rinse my rice First why i decided not to rinse this Lentil rice is beyond me because as you Can see there is so much starch it is

Going to make it a lot harder later and It would have been much better if i Would have rinsed it first alternatively Just use white rice jasmine rice basmati Rice something that'll cook in just the Four minutes along with the chicken and It will be perfect Now we're gonna add in our dried spices For our rice again guys rinse this rice Before you use it do not make the same Mistake i did close the lid make sure The silicone ring is on set it to Sealing And cook it on high pressure for four Minutes we're going to allow 10 minutes Of natural pressure then you're going to Perform a quick release and when the pin Drops open up the lid And i left this next clip and so you can See Even though this doesn't look like it's Cooked Correctly it did work out i just had to Rinse it off Remove the trivet Remove our chicken This chicken had so much flavor you can Save that juice also for another recipe Make sure it's cooked to at least 165 Degrees i cannot wait to hear what you Guys think about this recipe If you enjoyed today's super easy recipe Give this video a big thumbs up that way I'll know to make more recipes like it

Also i would love to know what ideas do You have for a future episode drop them In the comments below Looking for more instant pot meal prep Inspiration click the playlist on the Screen and i will see you over there bye Guys I'm Absolutely frozen Freezing [Music]

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