Fried Rice the “Right” Way | Episode 103

By | September 9, 2019

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[Music] Hey everyone welcome back tens Department with Poonam I know a lot of People have been asking us when we were To be putting out new dishes what are we Planning on doing with videos so we Actually have been looking for new ways New types of food different ideas on how To present in the videos and so today I’m really excited because I have found A new company called Wright rice and I’m Really excited to introduce it Especially because I’m a vegetarian I’m always looking for higher protein Foods higher fiber foods that are simple To use easy to cook and everybody loves So I wanted to introduce that company Right here right rice and the reason I Like them is because there’s four Different flavors so you can do original Lemon pepper or you can do Thai curry And they have a Spanish flavors of Eating enchiladas that’s also another Good choice but the reason I like it is Very simple ingredients it’s rice Lentils chickpeas and piece and so That’s how you get your fiber and your Higher protein and lower carbs so if You’re doing a low carb diet this is a Really great option if you’re wanting to Have a higher protein option for a Vegetarian you can do that if you’re a Meat-eater you can always got your meat Into whatever rice dish you’re cooking

So today I wanted to do a spin I’m not a Spanish sorry getting excited about the Spanish rice a Chinese fried rice I know That we have one an instant pot and we Have a Chinese fried rice instant pop Video but we wanted to show this option As well if you were following a lower Carb or a lower sugar diet this would be A really good choice so I got the Walkout today it’s a big one but we’re Gonna overdo it and I really like using It it’s a nonstick wok I’m so easy less Oil so that’s why we’re using the Nonstick option so let them run through Your ingredients so we have chopped Onions we have frozen vegetables from The frozen section nothing fancy they Got some ground ginger and some ground Garlic we have soy sauce we have some Bo Power of chili paste you can even use a Powder if you’d like the chili powder But we’re using that again variation you Can add however much you want if you eat More I see we have some cubed tofu and we Have some chopped scallions or green Onions and you’ll need oil measuring cup And then your write rice package so We’re gonna go ahead and get started and Start making the rice and then jumped in To the top of there the size of your Fried rice and we’re gonna get two all Right everyone so it’s super easy you Basically boil water the instructions

Are on the back of the packet so I have 1 and 1/3 cup of water boiling in here It’s super simple you basically drop all Of the rice inside and then you’re Basically going to give it a stir just Make sure it’s all soap in the boiling Water you’re gonna shut the lid and Return it to boil and then you’re just Gonna turn off the stove and you’re Gonna let it sit for ten minutes and so While it does that we are gonna move to The next step of the fried rice and We’re gonna cook the tofu so we’re gonna Move over to the big wok and I’ve Already turned it on so it starts to get Heated up you don’t have to wait for me So we’re gonna drop some oil in it not Too much and then you’re gonna throw in Your chopped tofu and then we’re just Gonna let it get some good brown color To it and we will remove it once it is Cooked all right so we’ve gone ahead and Sauteed the tofu you can see that it’s a Light brown color they’re gonna take it Out and put it to the side so your next Step is very easy just put a little bit More oil in the bottom of the pan and You’re gonna drop your ginger and your Garlic in the middle and you’re gonna Cook this for another minute okay All right so then you’re going to go Ahead and throw in your onions and then Stir it up so that the onions and garlic Ginger they all make a good mix and

We’ll get to the next step all right so Your onions have cooked up you can see That it’s turned a little bit of a brown Color as well now it’s just a matter of Putting everything in so you’re gonna Take your veggies real good your green Onions and then your tofu as well and so The cool thing is about the right rice Is that while we’ve done the mixing of All these things the rice is actually Done cooking so we’re gonna go to that Pot I’ll show you what that looks like We’re gonna fluff it up and we’re gonna Throw it in here so let’s move over to That pot take a fork and you’re gonna Basically just fluff up with the rice Now again remember it’s a little Different than regular rice but you can See the size and the shape is pretty Similar it’s just that the color is a Little bit different it’s not white Because it’s made from lentils and peas So the color is different so you fluff It up and then you’re basically gonna Just put this rice into the wok you do Not drain the water anything the water Gets soaked up into the right so you Fluff it up and then you’re gonna dump It into the wok so give me a sec while I Take this over here so just take the Take your ladle and kind of tune it in Now the reason the right rice is really Great like I said it’s high in fiber High in protein so really good option I

Think everyone should try it out and see If you like it all right so go ahead and Mix that all up together and then you’re Gonna go and add your soy sauce and Again you can add or take this whatever How much salt you like you can either Add more have less doesn’t matter and Then your some more and just mix it up And then let it cook on a high heat for The flavors they all mix well together Okay so we finished the fried rice with The right rice that’s funny There so I have the walk on the counter But we’re gonna go ahead and plate it Super easy but look how good the rice Separates it’s not like chunky and mushy And the flavor is actually really good It’s actually flavors really well I was Kind of concerned that because of the Lentils they’ll change the flavor a lot But it actually did not and it flavors Really well with the soy sauce Um and I’m assuming any other sauce that You use but try it out if you would like To have it as they meet dish you can Always I have chicken or shrimp or Whatever you totally up to you but for Us vegetarians it’s a great high protein High fiber meal I hope you try it out Let us know what you think it’s super Fast so I want to hear how fast you guys Can make this dish too and I think the Kids will love it and it doesn’t really Alter the taste of actual rice so I

Think they will really like it so it may Be something you want to add in your Meal plan and prep on Sunday mornings For the regular week so we hope you Enjoyed it and we hope you try it

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