Forbidden Rice Bowl | Episode 107

By | December 10, 2019

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During the holidays, we tend to overindulge between entertaining family and friends, holiday parties and constantly being on the run. This forbidden rice bowl is the perfect way to eat well, feel guilt free and stay energized during the holiday season. Also, it is a great meal prep idea and doesn’t take any time at all, thanks to multitasking with the new Instant Pot and InstantPot Vortex Air Fryer.

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[Music] Hey guys holiday season which is a very Exciting time for everybody it’s busy There’s also a lot of unhealthy food and A lot of calories that we eat so we have A really cool video coming up but I Wanted to also mention you saw it’s Hooking in the new instant pot in our Previous recipe we’re going to be doing That again but also we’re gonna be Adding in our new friend which is the Airfryer so the inter pod company has Come out with an air fryer so our dish Today uses both things and you know we Always have some shopping to do or Errands to run so we wanted a quick Healthy meal something that you can also Get some other multitasking items off Your list to be completed so let’s go Ahead and run through the ingredients so We’re making a forbidden rice bowl with Lots of veggies really healthy but we Wanted to run through their ingredients So you know what you need so you’ll need The forbidden rice we have washed it and Drained it we have some marinated tofu Over here some water sweet potatoes Brussels sprouts salt and pepper some Sambal chili paste sesame oil we have Some Asian marinade sauce which if you Would like to know the ingredients to That it’s all on the website so you can Go and capture all of the ingredients in Amounts cauliflower and broccoli and

You’ll need like a little stirring bowl With some utensils to get us started You’re gonna first to start with the Rice which is very simple so I’m gonna Come around so you’re gonna take your Ride for 30 wash dump it into the pot And then you’re gonna add your water on Top of it and I’m just going to make Sure I stir it really well to where the Rice goes mix it up through the water There’s no lift So we’ve mixed that I’m gonna move this Out the way and then we are going to Pressure cook and I’m gonna go custom so We’re gonna hit custom And then we’re gonna scroll up to 20 We’re gonna do 20 minutes on pressure Cook and on high so I’m gonna hit yes to The dial and then hit on high and then I’m gonna go ahead and close up my lid [Music] Don’t forget that part Make sure you close the vent to sealed Make sure your cap is on for your splash Guard and then we’re gonna go ahead and Hit start so while that’s cooking you Can now kind of start with the air fryer And then kind of get the veggies and Everything ready so I’m going to show You that on how to get that started all Right so onto our second part of the Dish the forbidden rice is cooking back There on the other counter so now we’ll Cook and we’ll do the veggies and things

In the meantime so it’s a consolidated Effort so we’re gonna use the instant Pot air fryer of the vortex so one of The really cool features of this air Fryer is that it has multi functions Obviously but it comes with a barrel and So you can actually put your food in the Barrel and like it’ll cook all different Areas of the food or you can do a Rotisserie chicken so that’s kind of a Really cool feature that I thought of The new air fryer so make sure you have Your dripping tray in here and so before We start doing our veggies I want to go Ahead and turn this on so it can preheat Make sure the barrel doesn’t fall over So we’re gonna go ahead and put it on Airfryer and on 375 so in order to Adjust your temperature you have the Up-and-down so you can go down if you Want or you can go up so we’re on 375 And our timer is gonna be for 15 minutes So I’m gonna hit time and it’s on 15 Again you can go up and down as you Please and then we’re gonna hit start And so as it’s heating up the unit Itself will tell you when you can put The food in so I thought that was a Really cool They need to so to get back to the dish You’re gonna now take your veggies kind Of a mini dump and go situation so you Have all your veggies throw everything In and we’re gonna season them a bit

Before we put them in the air fryer you Got your salt and pepper and then you Have your oil here just kind of pour it On top and then mix all that up really Good so that the veggies get the salt And pepper as well as get coated with Some oil on it the marinade sauce and The Sun ball chili paste is more for Toppings and for people’s preference so We’re not gonna put that in the veggies Right now all right so we put all the Veggies mix them up put them all in the Barrel and then in order to close that There’s like a lot function of the Barrel so you kind of see the little Picture up at the top sorry lock/unlock So we’re gonna lock it and then this Takes a little bit of the route Maneuvering so I’m gonna come around Open up the air fryer and then we’re Gonna go ahead and put it in just be a Little careful when you’re putting it in There because it is already hot all Right So close it back up and then it will Automatically start on its own because You’ve already put the timer on you’ve Already put the temperature so you can See it changes to 15 it’s gonna count Down and then we’re gonna switch over to Getting the tofu ready once the veggies Are done hey so we went ahead and set The temperature as well as the timer but A really cool feature of the new of

Instant air fryer is that you can Actually hit the rotate button which We’re gonna go ahead and do And the actual barrel inside will Actually turn so if you’ve not used a Air fryer before this is not something That other air fryers usually have so This is a really cool feature I think But just make sure you get that rotate Button so your veggies get out cook down Real well hey so the air fryer timer Went off and in the meantime the rice Has also the timer finished but we need It to naturally release for a few more Minutes so we’re gonna let that go ahead And do that on its own I have gone ahead And taken out the barrel from the air Fryer but do not do it without a mint Because it is hot so I’m gonna let this Cool and put it to the side and then Your next step is the tofu so you’re Gonna take your marinated tofu you may Get a little bit of splashing that’s Alright so you don’t go ahead and spread It across the tray and make sure they Don’t touch each other so kind of Separate them out so that way they get Cooked really well And not stuck to each other the cubes I’m gonna move them around and then you Are going to go ahead and put it back Into the air fryer in the middle line it Up stick it in same drill so you’re Gonna go to air fry you’re gonna go 375

You’re gonna do the timer to 15 minute And then you’re gonna go ahead and hit Start and we’ll come back and check it Out all right so the air fryer went off You can also see that it has a cool Function so it usually cools down a Little bit so you can actually let the Apparatus cool down before you put your Hand in there but before I take the Actual tray out of this we are gonna go Get our rice from over here I’m gonna Bring it on this side and bring it over There so one of the cool things again Remember that the new inner pot has Actual handles to it so you can actually Lift it up and not burn yourself before You have a towel or whatnot so I’m gonna Put the rice actual I’ll put it here out Of the way and then we’ll go ahead and Pull the tofu out of the air We can start building our open a Tricycle I’m really excited to do so so in order To build your bull you take your spoon Get your rights first gonna pull out the Rice you can toss the rice of it before You serve it Oh Looks so good put some more make a Hearty bowl for ourselves and then You’re gonna take your veggies and the Veggies cooked really well Now again if you have a preference to Have more crispy veggies or softer

Veggies you can kind of play around with The times but that’s totally up to you On if you what you prefer so now you’re Gonna go ahead and throw your tofu on Top again Totally at your preference if you would Like and then you can take that extra Asian marinade that we had made before And kind of just drizzle it on top for Your own flavor and I like a little bit Of spice not too much my husband can Either want more spicy than me But I’m gonna take some of that sambal Paste and just kind of drizzle it as Well so I get a little bit of zing every Now and then and there you have it so You have a sorry about that So we have our forbidden rice bowl Remember it’s a really great holiday Dish to have it’s healthy It’s hearty it’ll keep you full it’s low In calorie you’re also using an air Fryer so you don’t have that much oil to Take in as calories but remember you can Throw it into your rotation between Holiday parties if you’re just needing a Break from all the high calorie foods go Ahead and try this one we hope you like To ask using the instant pot over there As well as the new airfryer we hope you Try it and we hope you enjoyed that fish

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