Five Dollar Vegetable Soup

Five Dollar Soup:

What if I told you you could feed 6-8 people a delicious, nutritious, healthy and comforting soup for under $5 in a time of severe inflation? What if I also told you it’s dairy-free, gluten-free, keto, paleo and vegan? You don’t have to believe me but seeing (and tasting) is believing so prepare yourself for a sensational 4-ingredient Five Dollar Vegetable Soup on the most delicious budget ever!

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[Music] Hey guys it's Jeff from pressure to luck Now we are living in times as you might Have seen with my penny Penny pasta Recipe where prices are nuts inflation Is the worst Um it's tough eggs oh my gosh have you Seen those eggs you think what the price Of eggs are they were laid by the Giant In Jack's Kingdom and they should be Golden or something but I got you Covered for the next recipe no eggs Something incredibly simple in fact this Recipe shouldn't cost you more than five Dollars and it should feed up to about Six to eight people Oh is that even possible well you're Gonna see for yourselves that it is Today we are making a classic vegetable Soup just a simple vegetable soup that's Going to be rich in flavor on a budget To save you'll never realize that flavor Is so deep could cost you so cheap we're Gonna be doing it in the instant pot Four ingredients that's all it's going To take four ingredients and it's gonna Take practically no time at all it's Probably the easiest recipe that exists Apart from just making hard-boiled eggs But eggs right now eggs are all they're A little pricey so let's focus on Vegetable soup in fact this is so simple I actually have every one of these Ingredients in my house as it is I

Always keep some diced tomatoes tomato Sauce frozen veggies and broth around But to prove to you how cheap this Recipe really is truly five bucks or Even maybe a little bit less we're gonna Take a little field trip to the Supermarket to ShopRite shop right and Always save I do love me at ShopRite so Bring your recyclable bags and let's Push the wagon or the card or the buggy Depending on where you're from let's go Okay my friend since seeing is believing Here's how to make the easiest cheapest Vegetable soup ever all I want to do is Add six cups of broth to the pot I'm Using vegetable broth because well Vegetable soup but you can use any Flavor broth you want So let's talk about broth for a second Here all right the best value you're Gonna find is better than bouillon it's 4.99 for a jar of broth base okay that's 38 servings it's a concentrate one Teaspoon of this plus one cup of water Equals one cup of broth basically 4.99 Right divided by six cups of broth in This situation is going to come to about 80 cents okay so we only have 80 cents Here technically of broth versus if you Wanted to get uh look at this 32 ounces That's four cups that's a quart and that Is going to come to three dollars I mean There's no contest in which the better Deal is here plus this is gonna last in

Your fridge today is uh February of 2023 This expires in December of 2024. a 15 Ounce can of tomato sauce from the Kirkland Signature uh you can also just Use two eight ounce cans if that's all You can find it's if you can't find a 15 Ounce can usually they're more Prominently found in eight ounce cans It's okay if you have the extra ounce if You have two eight ounce cans versus a 15 ounce can using the Kirkland brand is A great value because you get a lot for Less but in the supermarket if you're Just gonna go there look at this tomato Sauce a store brand I'm in ShopRite love ShopRite 99 Cents for 115 Ounce can can beat that One can of diced tomatoes and look at This store brand 99 Cents for all these Different variety of diced tomatoes you Have petite diced you have regular dice You have them with basil garlic and Oregano that could add even more flavor It's up to you 99 Cents for a 14 and a Half ounce can or look at that five for Four dahala stock up that's a 14.5 ounce Can And because vegetable soup needs Vegetables we're going to add in between Like a 16 to 30 ounce bag of frozen Mixed vegetables whatever kind you like The most and I know that's a range in Size but it's completely up to you how Much you want to add and look at this

My frozen vegetables I just use these Mixed vegetables it doesn't matter if it Says steam in bag or not it really makes Zero difference here in the situation It's a 12 ounce bag I feel like every Market has varying sizes again you can Go between you know 12 ounces to two Pounds worth really that's 32 ounces up To you how much you want to put in there 88 cents this is what it cost me right Now that's it that's a dollar 76 for two Bags I'm gonna grab two of these And then it's going to be Frozen from The bag So let's recap and do some math here for The Frozen mixed vegetables that just Cost me a dollar 76 and then for each Can of tomatoes diced tomatoes and Tomato sauce a dollar each so so far We're at 3.76 and then if I want to add In the broth there which I just showed You the better than bouillon using six Cups of broth out of that 4.99 jar is Going to come to 80 cents that comes to 4.56 cents to make this soup which is Going to feed up to eight people And it come on come on And just for comparison look at this a 19 ounce can of vegetable soup is 4.39 That's almost equivalent to what we're Going to be spending to make a soup it's Going to be so much better because You're going to be making it yourself And feed way more people this is like a

Fraction of the soup for practically the Same price just make it yourself give it The old-fashioned stir make sure the Tomato sauce which by the way is Obviously different than using pasta Sauce when it's in the can uh is Combined well with the broth the diced Tomatoes and the veggies all right That's all we have to do pressure cooker Can you believe it if you don't well I Don't know what else is going to make You believe it because that's what we Just did let's secure our lid make sure That we're in the ceiling position I'll Come down to my control panel and hit The pressure cook or manual button Depending on your model and I want to go For one minute at a high pressure and That's it now it's going to take a few Minutes for this to come to pressure Probably about 15 because there's a lot Of liquid in that pot let's just give it Some patience literally you could do Anything you want right now do some Cleanup of anything that you just did to Prep this meal even there's really no Cleanup to be done there was barely Anything that we had to do or you can Just head of the washing machine you Heard that in the background whatever You want just take a break and before You know it soup's up by the way you Don't even have to make this in an Instant pot obviously you can totally

Just dump all these ingredients into a Pot on the stove and just cook it that Way this is a very universal recipe I've Been doing it in the instant pot well Because to show you you can do it in an Instant pot or really any method of Cooking I do believe also that cooking It in the instant pot will Infuse more Flavor into the soup due to the Tomato Product and all the broth mixing Together under pressure but you know It's fine you could totally do this on The stove just heat it up as you would a Soup And now that was in a pressure cooking We'll perform a quick release Foreign Dropped we're going to take the lid off And by the way it's going to take a fool Look at that it's foggy there I have my Little fat on and there it is all done Vegetable soup and look at this gorgeous And I added about a pound of the frozen Vegetables but like I said you could add Up to double that if you want you could Even add to two pounds however many you Want is up to you if you feel like you Want more after you're pressure cooked It that's fine all the flavor is now Melded with all the tomato and the broth Uh you can add up to another pound now If you want that's totally up to you and As far as I'm concerned the soup doesn't Need any seasoning right now but however

If you want to try it out take a little Sip feel free to season it with whatever You have lying around be it some Seasoned salt some like a Creole or Cajun or Louisiana seasoning will be Great in there you could use some hot Sauce whatever you want to do but again I don't think it needs anything that's Up that's how I feel all right let's Serve it all and a little fun fact about Me I love serving soup and mugs I love It and this is going to be so easy to Sit on the couch and just so carefully Of course eat it with a little spoon all Curled up on a chilly day whether you're Feeling a little under the weather Whether you're feeling the weather's Chilly it's all gonna work out perfectly And a nice little mug here especially All right I got my spoon and we're gonna Try this out it's all right there is my Vegetable soup my five dollar vegetable Soup look at this I'm gonna do look at This [Music] That is so perfect I I didn't add Anything to this other than broth tomato Sauce not to be confused with pasta Sauce the tomato sauce is in the little Can diced tomatoes and some frozen Vegetables that is all that I added I Don't need any other seasonings as far As I'm concerned the Tomato really takes Care about the tomato sauce but look at

All these veggies in here looking so Good Um This is a way better than any canned Vegetable soup It is so comforting and again slurping It I love it so the thing about this soup That's so awesome right now you can just Eat it how it is and keep it in that Five dollar range or you can add options At the very end I do suggest by the way Using about up to really two pounds of The frozen veggies that's probably your Best bet now if you want to add some Pasta to it separately prepare some Ditalini which is those tiny little Tubes or even some ravioli that you can Get like you know either fresh or dried From the market however you want or Frozen it doesn't make a difference Prepare it according to the packages Instructions and then just simply add it Into each individual serving but if you Add the pasta to the soup just know it Will continue to absorb the soup around It so if you made my minestrone or Minestrone soup you would know that That's could happen so I would suggest If you're going to Ed pasta make sure You kind of eat it all in one sitting or Otherwise you're gonna end up with a Really interesting pasta dish eventually Because it'll absorb it all it'll still

Be delicious but just FYI on that you Could add some Parmesan cheese if you Want at the end hot sauce really Whatever you want to do but this is a Wholesome delicious soup Um and if you want to cut back on some Sodium you can use a low sodium broth You can use a no salt added diced Tomatoes or tomato sauce or low sodium Of those variations it's completely Customizable and that's what I love About this Vibes at all the vegetable Soup I feel like it's the kind of soup I Would have when I was a kid you just Loved it except it's so much better than Having it from a can so this recipe is Really all about budget Simplicity and Shortcuts and what better than to have a Moment to talk about my new cookbook Coming out in April of this year of 2023 April 11th super shortcut instant pot it Is the green book it is my fourth Instant pot cookbook I also want some Other cookbooks and I have the uh yellow One which is the simple Comfort step by Step in some hot cookbook the blue one Which is a lighter book and the original The OG the orange one which is one of The biggest selling instant pot Cookbooks ever if not the biggest Selling Instant Pop cookbook ever and if You want to follow me on some of the Social channels like Facebook go to pressure law cooking give

That page a like make sure you see first Or your favorite or whatever they change It to these days also make sure you Follow me on Instagram and YouTube at Pressure luck cooking or at pressure Lucky just look for it you'll find me Thank you so much again for watching my Friends and the next time you want to Make an outrageously simple yet flavor Loaded and nutritious vegetable soup That doesn't cost much more than a few Dollars well try my vegetable soup and I Can guarantee you You're gonna holler this is some good Soup All right this is some good soup though I don't even have to holler at all about Enjoy [Music]

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