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The world is a pretty scary place right now – and the best thing we can all do, unless we absolutely have to go out, is to stay at home. But – that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy super delicious food! Today we are making one of my all time favorite recipes – Pasta with Clam Sauce. We are going to be using our INSTANT POT so this recipe is super simple. If you don’t have an instant pot – you can still make this recipe. Complete instructions for both methods below. I am using a gluten-free red lentil pasta – but you can use any kind of pasta that you like. This recipe has very few ingredients, making this a perfect meal plan option for these lock-down days. What other ideas do you have for recipes? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching!

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5 Garlic Cloves (substitute 1 teaspoon garlic powder)
1 Shallot (substitute 1 teaspoon onion powder)
2 10 oz cans Whole Baby Clams
1 teaspoon Dried Basil
1 teaspoon Dried Parsley
½ teaspoon Black Pepper
¼ cup Lemon Juice (1 juiced lemon or substitute dry white wine)
1 tablespoon Garlic Bouillon mixed with 1 cup Filtered Water (may substitute 1 cup broth)
4 oz Pasta (cooking time 9-11 minutes)
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
2 oz Pecorino Romano Cheese (optional)
Handful Fresh Parsley (optional)
Salt & Pepper to taste
Drizzle of Olive Oil

Peel and chop garlic and shallot. Set INSTANT POT to saute on HIGH. Add a drizzle of olive oil. Add shallots and saute for 20-45 seconds. Add garlic and saute for 15-30 seconds. Add dry spices and stir. Add the broth to the pot. Deglaze the bottom of the pot. Add clam juice (reserving clams for later). Add lemon juice (or white wine). Add pasta. Hit cancel on the INSTANT POT. Making sure the silicone ring is on, close the lid and set to HIGH pressure for 4 minutes. Meanwhile, grate the cheese (if using). Once the INSTANT POT is finished, allow 10 minutes of natural pressure. Perform a quick release. Open the lid and stir the pasta for 15-20 seconds. Add the reserved clams, cheese (if using), and fresh parsley (if using). Add the tablespoon of olive oil (optional). Let sit for 5 minutes (covered) to warm the clams. Plate up and enjoy!

Peel and chop garlic and shallot. In a large saute pan over medium high heat, add a drizzle of olive oil. Add shallot and cook for 15-40 seconds. Add garlic and cook for 15-30 seconds. Add dried spices and stir. Add broth and clam juice and stir. Add pasta. Cook on medium heat stirring often until pasta is tender (roughly 10-15 minutes) Add clams, cheese and parsley and stir. Plate up and enjoy!

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I went by your house what a big mistake [Music] Hey guys welcome back to my channel if This is the first time you're here my Name is Terra many of you already know That I'm an oncology nurse and I'm also In grad school to become a nurse Practitioner I know the world is a very Scary place right now social distancing Is vitally important to protect you to Protect your family and everyone around You and unless you absolutely have to go Out the best thing that you can do is Stay at home so today I thought we would Make something that's super easy using Things we probably already have inside Of our pantry so today we're gonna make A super easy and delicious pasta with Clam sauce and you guys are going to Absolutely love it we're gonna be using Our instant pot if you don't have an Instant pot you can still make this Recipe I will leave complete Instructions for both the instant pot And the stovetop method in the Description box below along with a full Ingredient list before we get started if You have not already I would love for You to be a part of this community you Do that by hitting the red subscribe Button that's right below this video and Be sure to click the bell icon that way You're notified each time I post a new Video if you guys are ready to make this

Super delicious pasta with clam sauce Smash that like button and let's jump Right into the video This recipe is super simple using only a Few ingredients so we're gonna start by Grabbing our garlic and shallot of Course I am drinking a dry red and we're Gonna first remove the skins from the Shallot I have both a shallot and garlic Inside of my pantry if you don't have These you can also use dried and I will Leave the measurements for that in the Description box below now we're just Going to slice the shallots and then Dice it up you can also throw this in a Blender or in a food processor to make It easier I'm gonna do the same thing With the garlic Except I'm gonna use my garlic press Then we're gonna grab a lemon I have one Lemon left inside of my fridge so that's What I'm using and I did not have any White wine if you do have a dry white Wine you could use this instead of the Lemon and if you don't have lemon or White wine you can simply add more broth And it will still be delicious I'm just Slicing the lemon to make it easier for The next step so we're gonna grab our Instant pot set it to saute on high add Some olive oil then we're going to add Our shallots we're gonna saute this for About 20 to 45 seconds then we're gonna Add our garlic I didn't want to add this

At the beginning because I did not want It to burn after about another fifteen To thirty seconds or so we're gonna add Our dried spices I love to toast the Dried spices then we're going to add our Broth and our clam juice I'm using two Cans of baby clams because that's what I Have on hand and I'm straining out the Clams and only adding the liquid at this Point if you don't have canned clams Like this or you don't have enough Liquid you can just use more broth or if You have a bottle of clam juice that Would be amazing I'm gonna add all of The reserved juice from the canned clams And I'm deglazing the bottom of the pot Scraping the bottom making sure nothing Is stuck then I'm gonna add my lemon Juice or your white wine if you have any Next we're gonna add the pasta Traditionally clam sauce is served with Linguine I'm using a red lentil Spaghetti because that's what I have on Hand and I absolutely love using red Lentil pasta for the added protein that It provides you can use any kind of Pasta that you love and it will still be Absolutely delicious I'm adding the Pasta in one layer and I'm gonna make Sure that it's completely submerged in The liquid then we're going to grab our Lid make sure the silicone ring is on Close the lid set it to high pressure For four minutes while that's cooking

I'm gonna grate some cheese pasta with Clams can be served with or without Great Cheese in my household growing up half Of us loved adding the grated cheese and Half didn't if you love cheese add it if Your dairy-free don't add it either way It will be absolutely delicious I'm using pecorino romano cheese it's my Favorite you can also use parmesan Parmigiano-reggiano regular Romano When the instant pot is done we're gonna Allow ten minutes of natural pressure Then we're gonna perform a quick release And as soon as the pin drops we're going To open the lid give everything a stir When you first open up your instant pot You may notice that the pasta looks like It's clumping together using either a Wooden spoon or some tongs stir it Around for about 15 to 20 seconds and You'll notice it separates beautifully And the texture is perfect now it's time For us to add the reserved clams we did Not want to pressure-cook it with these Clams so they would turn very rubbery Then we're gonna add our grated cheese And some fresh parsley if you have it Stir everything together if you want Yours to have more liquid You could add some clam juice white wine Or since I didn't have either I added a Little bit of extra virgin olive oil now I'm gonna plate it up this dish is so

Incredibly delicious hearty quick to Make I'm topping mine with a little bit More fresh parsley and a nice sprinkle Of that delicious grated cheese now I Have got to give this a taste so Incredibly delicious You guys are going to love this recipe If you like this video you're gonna want To check out my instant pot recipe Playlist I'm gonna leave it right here For you go ahead and click the video on The screen and I will see you over there

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