Easy INSTANT POT SALMON│Salmon Potatoes and Green Beans│Healthy INSTANT POT MINI Recipes

Easy INSTANT POT SALMON│Salmon Potatoes and Green Beans│Healthy INSTANT POT MINI Recipes

Today we are making Salmon! We are going to be using our Instant Pot – I know you guys LOVE using your Instant Pot to make easy recipes! I’m using the Instant Pot MINI. Do you have the MINI? Let me know in the comments section. What other fast and easy recipes are you interested in? Comment below

0:00 – Instant Pot Salmon Intro
1:19 – Recipe Starts
3:29 – Adding Ingredients to the Instant Pot
6:09 – Using Our Air Fryer
6:58 – Question of the Day

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450 grams Potatoes (2-3 potatoes)
160 grams Green Beans (1 cup)
300 grams Salmon (2 fillets)
¾ cup Filtered Water
Splash of Plant Milk (substitute any milk)
Salt & Pepper to Taste
2 tablespoon Honey
2 tablespoons Soy Sauce
1 teaspoon Minced Ginger

Chop potatoes into small chunks. Cut off ends of greens beans. Wrapped salmon in aluminum foil or parchment paper. Combine sauce ingredients in a small bowl and set aside. Grab your Instant Pot and add potatoes and water. Add salt and pepper to taste. Place a trivet inside. Add salmon packets. Add a small piece of aluminum foil or parchment paper to the pot and then place green beans on top. Close the packet slightly. Close to the lid. Set the Instant Pot to HIGH pressure for 4 minutes then perform a quick release. Open the lid and remove the green beans packet and salmon packets. Remove trivet. Drain the potatoes and then using a masher or spoon, mash potatoes. Add a drizzle of milk, and salt and pepper to taste. If air frying or broiling the salmon (optional), remove from packet and place on the pan. Top with a little sauce and cook at 450F for 2-5 minutes. Plate up salmon, potatoes, and green beans. Top with additional sauce. Enjoy!

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[Music] Hey guys welcome back to another Video if you're new here i'm tara and i Love sharing Easy but healthy recipes that you can Make right in your very own kitchen I know you guys absolutely love Using your instant pot what kind of Instant pot do you have Let me know in the comments below you Guys let me know Sometimes you don't want to make a large Amount of food Or maybe you live in a dorm or you live In a van or you're going camping and You're bringing your instant pot or Staying at a hotel You guys have been asking for more one Pot recipes Where you can just put everything inside Of the instant pot and All cooks at the same time today we are Making Salmon I've made salmon before in this channel You guys have absolutely loved I will link those recipes in the Description box below if you want to Check them out Afterwards in case you miss them hit That thumbs up button if you love Easy recipes with all that said i'm Starving so let's Do this shall we

[Music] Let's run over the things you will need For today's recipe So i'm going to start with some honey i Love using raw Honey but you use any kind you have then We're going to use some soy sauce I like using gluten-free tamari a piece Of ginger About a thumb size piece if you don't Have fresh ginger you can also use dried But if you have fresh ginger I highly recommend using it i'm using These two Wild caught salmon fillets you can just Use one but i wanted to show just how Much i can stuff Inside of my mini instant pot you guys Let me know you love The recipe cards i've been adding to the Videos so make sure you stay All the way through the end that way you Could take a screenshot of it for easy Reference As always we are starting with a very Sharp knife So i've cleaned these potatoes and now I'm just chopping them Up into relatively equal bite-sized Pieces Then i'm going to put them in a bowl and Set them aside alternatively you could Use sweet potatoes But i decided just to use plain old

Russet potatoes So now i'm going to take my green beans And just cut off the ends of them i like To kind of Line them up it just makes it a lot Easier and faster to do Then i'm also setting these aside next We're going to combine our sauce Ingredients it's so easy simply add the Soy sauce to the honey And grate in that thumb size piece of Ginger It really doesn't get any simpler than This but the sauce is so incredibly Delicious mix it up and set it aside Next we're going to create Packets for the salmon so i didn't Realize that i really had almost no Aluminum foil left So i was trying to wrap that first piece And of course it didn't fit So after i wrap this piece up it doesn't Have to be perfectly tight Just as well as you can do i decided to Grab a piece of parchment paper and then I thought i would try an experiment And see which does a better job of Cooking the salmon So here is my attempt at making a packet Out of parchment paper which is very Hard to do So then i decided to stick it in that Tiny little piece of aluminum Foil just to hold it all together i'm

Going to be using my Instant pot 3 quart mini do you have the Mini instant pot i would love to know Let me know in the comments below so now We're going to grab our instant pot And just add those potatoes straight to The bottom along with the water And then i'm just going to use my spoon And just kind of I don't really know what i'm doing here It's not necessary but i decided to stir It up Then i'm placing in my trivet And i'm gonna add the salmon packets now Again this is the mini so this barely Fits You could just use one piece of salmon But i just i'm not sure exactly what i Was trying to do Then i'm trying to make a packet for the Green beans and i'm doing a very poor Job If you have aluminum foil of course it Would work better Then you're going to close the lid make Sure that you set it to Ceiling then we're going to come down to The control panel And we're gonna make sure it's on high And we're gonna go down to four Minutes i've gotta say i'm very Surprised at how quickly This mini instant pot comes to pressure And then the pin

Pops up and not long after it switches To four minutes And then when the instant pot is done It'll beep And we're gonna perform a quick release I'm doing kind of a little controlled Quick release here i'm really just doing That so it doesn't hit My camera with all that hot steam then i Open up the instant pot And now we're going to remove all of the Packets look at these green beans They're cooked Absolutely perfect remove the salmon Then i'm going to take this trivet out And we're going to make some mashed Potatoes Right here inside of this pan look at These perfectly cooked potatoes So i'm just removing the liner draining Them and then putting the potatoes Right back in how easy is that and i Don't have a potato masher so instead I'm going to use my meat tenderizer Why not use anything that you've got and Then i have This delicious pecan milk that i made With my almond cow If you guys haven't tried making your Own plant milk you've got to try it I've left the link in the description Box below if you want to check it out For yourself But look at this perfectly cooked salmon

Trying to get the packet open on the Other one i just had to check is it as Good Yes it is cooked just as great Look at this the aluminum foil the skin Just sticks to it Saved me the trouble of having to remove The skin let's see how The parchment paper did nope didn't Remove it so i have to use my spoon and Scrape it off It seems to me we have a clear winner Aluminum foil wings What do you guys think let me know in The comments below are you team aluminum Foil Or parchment paper then we're going to Grab our sauce I'm going to be using my instant Omniplus air fryer to crisp up the Outside of this salmon because i Absolutely Love it like that the salmon is cooked Absolutely perfect Straight out of the instant pot so if You don't have an air fryer with you Or access to an oven you absolutely can Just add the sauce Right on top and it is so delicious So we're going to just spoon a little Bit of this sauce on top of both of the Salmon fillets I'm going to reserve some of it for After they finish

Browning in my oven to be honest i Love adding a little bit of that sauce On top of my green beans And my potatoes so then we're gonna Stick this inside of the airfryer The broiler the oven and mine just sets To 10 minutes but i only left it in There for about three minutes Removed it plate it up top with a little Bit more sauce some sesame seeds ah So delicious question of the day What is your favorite type of fish that You order From a seafood restaurant let me know in The comments below If you enjoyed today's easy instant pot Recipe i would be so appreciative if you Would hit that Thumbs up button it really helps out my Channel and if you haven't already Tap that red subscribe button below i Would love for you to be a part Of this community put together a Playlist of more Easy instant pot recipes i'm going to Leave right here on the screen if you Would like to check that out Thank you so much for watching and i Will see you next Sunday for another delicious recipe Bye guys

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