Beyond Grateful. Our Good Morning America Experience!

I wanted to share a few thoughts about our experience on GMA, hope you enjoy!

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Good morning everyone so I’m finally Back in equilibrium yesterday I had to Spend the day just resting also Remembering that I have two kids and I Have a household and a full-time job and Just getting back into real life it’s Been a whirlwind of the last few days Since Thursday I still think it’s a huge Dream that we got to go on Good Morning America our team was super excited to go I’m very excited also that we all got to Go together I think it made a huge Difference for you for Nicky and dimple To be there with me because we do this Together it’s it was a very special Moment for all of us we are super just Excited surprised we still feel it’s a Big dream and it’s still surreal to me That day before yesterday I was in New York doing a nationally live cooking Competition I mean who knew two years Ago when we started the channel I had Mentioned like hey guys like what if we Get invited to go to a show and like Actually get to cook and show more People like what we do and at that time It was just a thought and it was a dream For the channel and the fact that it Came through like I I I don’t know what To say We were super surprised and just there’s No words for it I can’t believe it’s Real I can’t believe I’m back in Dallas We flew to New York Thursday flew back

To Dallas on Friday back to real life And it was a it was an experience you Know it happened really fast A week ago Brad from ABC one of the Producers reached out to us and said hey Would you guys want to come on the show Obviously no one’s gonna say no to that So we went ahead and moved forward with That plan and every day we talked to him We emailed him he was super responsive The writers were great I felt like I Only Brad from high school like it was Just crazy how well we got along just Very welcoming open to the Indian food Story open to my story and they loved The fact that it was traditional to me As well as really close to my heart that The dish that I wanted to make was was My family’s and it was Something that brought me really a lot Of joy and I just kept smiling the whole Time I know that sometimes it look cheesy on The camera but I couldn’t stop smiling About the fact that you know they Allowed me and advocated for me to do a Story that was Indian in nature Something completely different Probably a dish that a lot of people Have not heard of but they were very Excited about the idea and just wanting To try that dish that they did not Change up my my approach and I am just Grateful for the fact that they embraced

It and and it was just refreshing to see That Indian culture is important here And that we were able to help kind of Spread the word and really just be proud Of being Indian in the United States and Growing up here having both cultures It’s something really great to me And super exciting that I got to do that For for my family but also for all of us Who come from families of different Countries nations cultures it’s just I Don’t know it’s just one of those Positions that I was in that I was just Really excited that I could do that for For the diversity of our dishes and what We could possibly do together But yeah the experience was was amazing We flew in Thursday night I would smack Dab in the middle of Times Square you Know another big fact is that I’ve never Been to New York and so the fact that I Was able to go to New York for 24 hours Land like in Times Square see the ABC Studios see all the lights have a hotel Like right on the most popular place I Would say of that city it was it was Breathtaking I didn’t have a lot of Words I was like a kid in a candy shop Like just taking pictures taking Pictures and Nikki and Diplo like come On when we gotta go we got to go to bed And I was like oh let me just get one More picture it it was surreal to see How Times Square works and all the

Lights and and the movement and energy It was just something else felt like Something different in the morning we Woke up super orderly got ready they Asked us to get Get to the studio 5:30 got to the studio You know when you first want to go to The studio you’re just kind of like I Don’t know what I’m gonna get there I Don’t know if everyone’s gonna be really Uptight I don’t know if people are gonna Be like on point like just wanting Things done done done done and I had Meditated in the morning so the whole Week I’ve been meditating try to Compartmentalize my brain I did not Consider that I was going on national Television it was to me it was just I Was going up there I was doing something That I loved and if people loved it That’s great and if not that at least I Tried and that’s kind of the mentality Day what with you know a lot of people Said are you nervous to go and I’m like Mmm I think I’ve dealt with the nerves Before I got here and then I just went Out there and just had fun with it and You know we got to the studio Brad was There it was like I met my friend from a Long time ago and we just hugged really Big and just welcoming welcoming very Casual just just a very um I don’t even Know how to describe it but it was very Homely like I had been there before that

I had known these people for a really Long time the crew oh my we had so much Fun we joked around in rehearsals they Told me where to go and and just fell Help us made really just helped us feel Comfortable in our skin to be there and Then Brad took us to our room and we all Hung out we had breakfast they had great Food there for us and then we met Jeffrey who again we were doing a Cooking competition but it was all for Fun I mean I have to say that I respect Jeffrey’s approach I respect the fact That he’s done a really really great job He took the leap he said that he left His full-time job he took the leap and You know created this amazing pressure Cooker channel with instant pot and just Amazing dishes from his own creations But also with the twist of his family’s Recipes and kind of the same thing that We’re doing but just a really really fun Guy and again you know embraced us was Really appreciative of our Flair of the Dishes that we do and we hung out I mean We hung out for three or four hours Together we were taking pictures of each Other all of us were just super excited To be on the set and then we Rehearsed and we just had fun with the Crew I mean even then we met one of the Culinary specialists a food stylist her Name was Karen at Good Morning America And she was able to hang out with Julia

Child’s and I got to hang out with her And she made the bomb bhaji and she was Like I’ve never made Indian food before And all the years that I’ve cooked and And your recipe was super easy to follow And she made it like three or four times Over the week just to practice but the Way they prepped the food and organized It all and the way she had presented it I mean it was just a dream to learn from Someone with that kind of experience the Anchors of the show were so nice We met Adam out of Raqqa for I did not Want to know too much about Adam because I didn’t want to get overwhelmed and Hopefully met his standard I kind of Just met him as Adam and just was a Super cool guy like down-to-earth very Nice I wish I got to hung out with him More to pick his brain about different Dishes different ingredients I’m so Happy that he liked the bomb buddy I’m Sure he’s heard of it before but I’m Just excited that he tasted it and then Picked us I mean who knew so we’re in The middle of Times Square we rehearsed We got ready they took us to the get Ready room they’re like oh no we need to Just touch you up a bit so we go in this Room and it’s just like makeup and Lights and it was like this huge mirror And I wish I had one of those mirrors in My house because it was like like the Set like so bright and I was like a

Little kid again like oh look at that Lipstick and look at that blush and I Want to use that bronzer and it was just A lot of fun Super-sweet makeup artists there the Whole experience was out of this world Everyone at Good Morning America on the Set was amazing So then we started cooking you know we They introduced us we were on the side Just playing around Jeffrey and I were Just messing with our dishes we finally Started this segment we started cooking Nerve-racking but I knew my family was Watching at home I knew my friends were Watching I did this for them you know I Wouldn’t be in this position to Be able to do these videos or share my Story or even share our cooking without Number one my two friends who do it with Me Nikki and dimple but also you know Everybody around me has touched me in Some way and helped me get to this point My parents my family huge family all my Cousins there’s just so many people that Have shaped my approach to this and so I Got up there just wanted to make them Proud I didn’t care if I won I mean you Know Geoffrey has a lot of experience he Has great dishes and he and I were both Like hey whoever wins wins at least we Came out here we had a lot of fun and he Kind of had the same approach to why he Was doing the dish and why he started

Cooking was because of his family and Just that rooted deep rootedness he had With his family so it was just amazing That two people who came together we’re Doing it all for the same reason which Again you couldn’t have asked for a Better partnership for this segment and I’m super excited to do some future Collaborations with him hopefully maybe We can do some Indian dishes and he can Start kind of practicing Indian food and See how he likes it and then we you know We did the segment we had a lot of fun With it and then Adam liked the bomb Bhaji which was great and he picked us And then I want to instead baat like you Knew I was gonna win an instant bot and Then after we were done we wrapped up They they changed the set so fast the Production crew is amazing like that was A minute segment and then they go to Commercial and then the whole set Changes everybody comes on the set they Change the thing they do the makeup that It is there was so many moving parts but Because they do this every single day It’s a science they just have it down And so actually our segment was over the Show was finished we saw crew members Walking around and they were all running To the kitchen to go start eating and They come back up and they’re like oh we Love the pav bhaji like we can’t wait to Make it at home and just that in itself

Was was really fulfilling I was very Content when we were done I’m sure I had Messed up a few things but you know I I Was just again in the Living it up who knows if I’ll ever get To do it again You know ABC if you want us back let us Know we’re more than happy to come back To New York And and really just kind of do our thing Up there if you if you ever need us let Us know Brad you know we took him some Indian sweets and they loved it and so Now we have a channel for care packages So we may be sending some care packages Over to the team at ABC whenever they Would like it and then while you were Waiting around Jeffrey over at pressure Luck he gave us a few places to go so we Kind of had like this mini scavenger Hunt planned out my daughter loves milk Bar so she watches Christina on Netflix And so she was infatuated with milk bar For a really long time we first stopped At milk bar we had some wonderful ice Cream we had the compost cookie ice Cream and the cereal milk ice cream and It was just like we were little kids Again like didn’t even feel like we got Done with ABC America or ABC on Good Morning America I just again we couldn’t Believe that we were there from their Way into the M&M store and we bought a Few things from the mmm store and then

We went to the veins bakery where dimple Picked up some really famous cookies if You going to New York definitely go They’re really cool pastries and cookies And things like that then we went over To kung-fu kitchen and we had dumplings Soup dumplings is what Nikki and dimple Had I had the Benji dumplings obviously And then my dream was to have like New York style pizza why not you know we I Haven’t eaten pizza like that ever and So we ran out of time though because we Were going to the airport we had to go To the airport starting at noon so we’re Trying to cram the scavenger hunt in an Hour and 15 minutes or an hour and a Half walking around West Village driving Around going back to Times Square the City is amazing and I can’t wait to go Back and spend time just to roam around I like to roam so hopefully I will go Back to New York for something if not For pleasure and just go and enjoy the City a little bit enjoy the food maybe Learn some new flavors but again the Experience was something else it was a Lot of fun I just keep smiling even this Morning I woke up looked at the pictures And I’m like did this really happen 24 Hours like weed food us on a Thursday Night we flew back on the Friday Afternoon and then to top it off we went To a concert we into gurus concert and Just danced and had a really really

Great time back with our friends and and With music that we love from where we Come from I mean there was no better way To do the 24 hours there was there was No doubt that we met some great people In that day everything seemed to work Out from timing to no delays on our Flights to no traffic I was just I There’s not enough words to say how Happy this makes me How content I am you know I will Continue to do my best I know Nicky and dimple are also with me On that and Mike I told Brad we don’t go Anywhere without each other we have to Go together and so for me that sticks Very deeply that I if anywhere I go for Instant parting with Poonam they will Come with me and they are the backbone Of what we do without them I don’t have Any videos or editing or great dishes And great ingredients and and there’s Just so much that they do for me not Just for the channel but personally for My growth for me to be a better person It’s a group of supportive women and and We do it to where we lift each other up When we’re down we make each other feel Good and powerful and that you know There are a lot of things that we can do And so I think the message here going to GMA and getting to take that all in and Meeting Jeffrey and meeting Brad and Meeting the crew and all these different

People I think within all that I guess The lesson that I learned is in whatever Path you are in or in whatever endeavors You are taking just go with it have fun With it Laughs with people learn about other People And and just take go for the ride go for It go with in full content full force Enjoy it and I feel that you will see Great things can happen and with the Support of the people around you you can Do anything and I feel that I would like To be the example of just go out with it Have fun with it and whatever happens Happens but as long as you try your best That’s all that really matters I think For me it was just a matter of making my Family and friends proud and being proud Of where I come from and being proud of My culture being proud of how I grew up Being proud of living here and and Blending to two different ideas and two Different worlds together so that my Kids can then also do the same I have Two girls I want them to grow up to be Confident powerful women I’m hoping that I am providing that example for them They were super excited that I was on TV Someone I drew a picture of Nicky dimple And I with an instant pot and the TVs in The back with the ABC side and it was it Was super cute you know even my husband Was it was super supportive of me just

Going and reaching you know reaching for That dream so find people who support You find people who lift you up who make You feel stronger because in any step or In any challenge or in any event or in Any fun adventure that you are taking Those are the people that are gonna get You through that experience and make the Experience better they enriched our Lives They make us stronger and you just feel Fulfilled and I and I think that’s where I’m at right now I’m gonna go back to my Regular life I go back to work tomorrow And just take this experience as a Experience that came from nowhere it was Dream to go we worked hard we put a lot Of energy into the channel to make sure We do the best that we can and we just Hope you continue to enjoy it we hope That we made you proud and we hope that We continue to do some great things in The future and just a huge huge thank You to Good Morning America to ABC to Adam Rapoport thank you for being there With us Cecilia and George Stephanopoulos thank you for being there And a big big thank you to Jeffrey we Just hope we get to do some really cool Stuff with you in the future And good luck on your channel as well as Any in future endeavors you take with it I’m sure you’ll be super successful Doing whatever you’re gonna do and I am

Sure there are some bigger plans for you But thank you again for being our Partner and just embracing us and Embracing our story and we hope to do Some great things pretty soon and we Hope to keep growing as we keep going With the channel I guess we’ll catch what we can do next And we will continue our journey and see Where it goes so thank you again for Watching and thank you for all the Support and I just want to make sure That I hope I made everybody proud

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