Beef Roast One-Pot Meal in Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker

Laura Pazzaglia, founder of, shows how to cook beef roast in Instant Pot. More details and videos are at

This recipe can be cooked with either Instant Pot IP-DUO or IP-LUX series. The detailed recipe can be found in our free pressure cooking cookbook available here:

Hi I'm out of Italia from hip Pressure-cooking calm and today I'm Going to show you how to make a Delicious one pot meal with your instant Pot beef roast with carrots and potatoes To cook our Rose we're going to need to Brown it first so we push the soft head Button on the pressure cooker and we Wait for the display to say hot and that Means that the pressure cooker is Preheated and is ready to brown Ingredients okay let's cook our roast I Already pushed the sautee button and When the pressure cooker is preheated The words hot appear in the display and That's important because when we brown Meat in stainless steel we want high Stainless steel and cold oil so let's Add a little olive oil and then we can Start browning our roast you want to Brown it on all sides Then around it about five minutes per Side you want to roll it around and also Stand it on ends to make sure it's Browned all the way around Once the roast is browned we add the Stock twist on the lid seal the steam Handle shut and select a cooking program I'm going to choose meat stew and Actually since this is a pretty big Roast here it's asking me to pressure Cook it for 35 minutes I'm actually Going to push adjust to the next Recommended time which is 45 minutes so

Now I just let instant pot pre cook the Roast and we can start preparing our Vegetables we can start peeling our Carrots and slicing our potatoes Okay our roast is cooked and now we're Going to add the vegetables so we'll Turn off the pressure cooker and release The pressure the lid has unlocked now we Can twist it off and open it always took The pressure cooker lid away from you to Keep the steam from going in your face Now we're going to quickly add the Potatoes and put those all around the Rose and on top we're going to add the Carrots now the reason we're leaving the Carrots whole is that they take less Time to cook the potatoes so in order Not to get mush and still get whole Carrot pieces we're going to leave these Whole and we're going to slice them Later after they're cooked so we're Going to put them on top of everything To steam instead of boil like the Potatoes and the roast now we just put The lid back on put it in the sealing Position and we're going to pressure Cook this for 10 minutes so we're going To choose the manual mode and the minus Button until we get to see ten minutes When it beeps again our dinner is going To be almost finished Okay our vegetables are ready now we Open the pressure cooker when you open The lid there'll be a lot of

Condensation in the lid so you want to Make sure to drip that back into the Pressure cooker Okay so first pull out our carrots this Is the serving platter for the roast so Instead of dirtying more dishes which is Got the carrots if you see I'm just Touching it with the knife and I'm Roughly slicing them they still have a Little bit of life in them if we had Chopped them before they would have been A little bit mushy okay now we're going To get the potatoes out I'm using a Slotted spoon You can see they're so tender that They're almost falling apart and that's Just how we want them I'm leaving a space in the middle for The roast next is the roast And you want to cover the roast right Away with tinfoil while we work on the Sauce We've cover it it's very hot and we'll Cover it relatively tightly with tinfoil Now we want to reduce the cooking Liquids and make a little bit of a gravy So we push the satay button again and Wait for the contents to come to a boil And in the meantime we're going to Sprinkle in a little bit of flour to Thicken it and you'll want to boil it Until it reaches the consistency that You like while our gravy is reducing we Can start slicing our roast when the

Cooking liquid has reduced to a nice Thick consistency you can pour it on the Roast and serve You You

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