3 Easy INSTANT POT Chicken Dinners│HEALTHY Recipes You Will Love│WHAT’S FOR DINNER?

3 Easy INSTANT POT Chicken Dinners│HEALTHY Recipes You Will Love│WHAT’S FOR DINNER?

Today I am sharing 3 easy Instant Pot Chicken Dinners. You guys have been asking for videos that show how to use the SAME ingredients in more than one recipe. We are kicking off this series with a compilation of easy one pot recipes I have previously shared. Having one video showing how you can use an ingredient (CHICKEN!) 3 different ways helps ensure you will find inspiration for whatever type of cuisine you are desiring! What other themed videos are you interested in? What ingredient do YOU want to see next? Let me know in the comments below!

0:00 – 3 Easy Instant Pot Chicken Dinners
0:14 – Chicken Tacos
2:27 – Italian Chicken Pasta
4:39 – Chicken Stir Fry

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Chicken Tacos:
1 – 3 pounds Chicken Breast
15 oz San Marzano Fire Roasted Tomatoes
1½ tablespoons Cumin
1 tablespoon Garlic Powder
1 tablespoon Onion Powder
2 teaspoons Chili Powder
1 teaspoon Ancho Chili Powder (optional)
2 teaspoons Garlic Bouillon
⅔ cup Filtered Water
2 cups Quinoa (rinsed and drained), 2 cups Filtered Water, 1 tablespoon Garlic Bouillon

Add everything except quinoa the Instant Pot. Place a trivet inside the pot. Place a heat proof bowl on top of the trivet. Add quinoa, water and bouillon to the bowl and stir. Close the lid. Cook on HIGH pressure for 12 minutes. Allow 10 minutes of NP, perform a quick release. Remove and shred chicken. Using an immersion blender, lightly blend the sauce. Pour sauce over the chicken. Enjoy!

Italian Chicken Pasta:
2 teaspoon Basil
2 teaspoon Parsley
1 teaspoon Salt
½ teaspoon Black Pepper
1 Bay Leaf
1 medium Shallot chopped
3 Garlic Cloves minced
15 ounce Tomato Sauce
8 oz Pasta
2 oz Mozzarella Cheese
¼ cup Pecorino Romano
¼ cup Fresh Italian Parsley chopped
¼ cup Fresh Basil chopped
⅓ cup Chicken Stock
⅓ cup Filtered Water
⅓ cup Dry Red Wine (substitute with water/broth)
1 large Chicken Breast (cut into pieces)
Drizzle of Olive Oil

Set Instant Pot to sauté on HIGH. Add olive oil. Add shallots and garlic and 1 min. Add chicken and dry spices, stir for 1 minute. De-glaze with wine. Add stock, sauce and stir. Add pasta. Add water and then add bay leaf. Push cancel on the Instant Pot and set to HIGH PRESSURE for 3 minutes. Allow 5 minutes of NP, perform a quick release. Stir pasta. Add remaining ingredients and stir until cheese melts. Enjoy!

Chicken Stir Fry:
1 cup rinsed and drained White Basmati Rice (may substitute any other white rice, pearl couscous or quinoa)
1 cup Filtered Water
1 pound Chicken Breast cut into thin strips
1 cup Broccoli cut into florets
1 Green Pepper chopped
1 Red Pepper chopped
⅓ cup Baby Corn
1 cup Snow Peas
¼ cup Soy Sauce
¼ cup Oyster Sauce
¼ cup Rice Wine
⅓ cup Garlic Broth (substitute chicken stock)
⅛ teaspoon Sriracha Powder (optional)
3 Garlic Cloves minced
1 inch piece of Fresh Ginger minced
1 Shallot chopped
¼ cup Dark Soy Sauce (optional)
Drizzle of Avocado Oil

Set Instant Pot to sauté on HIGH and add avocado oil. Add shallots and cook for 30 seconds. Add garlic and ginger, sauté for 30 seconds. Add chicken and sriracha powder and stir for 30-45 seconds. Add rice wine, soy sauce and broth, scaping the bottom of the pan. Add trivet to the pot. Place rice & water in a heat proof bowl and place on top of trivet. Press cancel and set for HIGH pressure for 4 minutes. Allow 10 minutes of NP, then perform a quick release. Remove the rice and set aside. Add veggies and dark soy sauce to the pot. Stir and cover for 5 minutes. If thicker sauce is desired add a cornstarch slurry and bring pot to a simmer for 2 minutes. Enjoy!

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Three easy chicken dinners Cooked inside the instant pot in only a Matter of minutes You guys are definitely going to want to Watch this video to kick things off We're going to start with one of my Absolute favorite Recipes chicken tacos it's so incredibly Easy So i'm just using some large chicken Breasts I'm using four you can use more or less And i'm adding some garlic broth You can use chicken broth vegetable Broth along with some Whole tomatoes you could also use Crushed tomatoes Or diced tomatoes and i've taken my Cumin Seeds and toasted them and then ground Them of course you can just use ground Cumin everything is going to be listed In the description box below So you don't have to worry about writing Everything down right now I love using two different types of Chili powder But you can just use one you don't have To use The ones that i'm using here then I'm simply placing in a trivet and my Heatproof Glass bowl and i'm gonna make some Quinoa

You don't have to make quinoa you could Make rice instead But i wanted to get a little bit extra Nutrients Or you could just make the chicken by Itself i also love adding some of this Garlic bouillon to my quinoa i'm using Red quinoa here You can use any type that you like we're Going to close the lid Make sure it's set to sealing and we're Going to set the instant pot to high Pressure For 12 minutes then we're going to allow 10 minutes of natural pressure and when The pin drops We're gonna open up the lid And i like to fluff my quinoa look at How perfectly cooked this is So i'm removing the bowl removing the Trivet And then i'm going to take all of this Chicken out and shred it look at how It's just falling apart Just trying to take it out of the Instant pot and i'm using My immersion blender just to puree this You don't have to do this but Since i used whole tomatoes i decided to Do it and then i'm just pouring it over The chicken Ah what a delicious flavor this is guys This makes delicious tacos Super healthy top it with avocado of

Course i'm drinking a dry red You can also use this chicken just in Nachos or sandwich it's delicious Next up we're making an italian chicken Pasta this recipe is so quick and easy To make you guys are gonna love it So i'm starting by setting my instant Pot to saute on high and add some olive Oil I'm adding in some shallots and garlic You can also use A little bit of just a regular onion and Here's my chicken and just like magic It's cubed up So i'm giving this a saute it really Intensifies the flavor I'm deglazing with some chicken stock Anytime you saute Make sure you deglaze the bottom of the Pot that way you don't get that dreaded Burn signal now i'm adding in all of my Dried spices Just like the other recipe guys Everything is listed out In the description box below and then Since you guys know i love red wine i'm Adding some red wine Here if you don't want to add any Alcohol to your sauce you don't have to But i Highly recommend it and i'm also adding Some chicken stock of course i'm Drinking Another glass of that delicious dry red

We're adding in our tomato sauce And contrary to what you hear guys i am Going to stir this there is enough wine And other liquids so it's perfect i'm Adding in my pasta this is a red lentil Pasta So yes you can use gluten-free pasta Inside of your instant pot and it's Delicious Final touch add a little bit of a bay Leaf Make sure that silicone ring is on close The lid we're going to hit cancel on the Instant pot We're going to set it to high pressure For three Minutes make sure it's set to sealing We're going to allow five minutes of Natural pressure And when the pin drops we're going to Open up the lid And guys look at this incredibly Delicious pasta dish can you believe how Easy this was Make sure that you remove that bay leaf And i'm gonna jazz this up a little why Not i have these little Mozzarella pearls i'm adding in along With some pecorino romano And some fresh basil and parsley These are optional but i highly Recommend it And i didn't even have to set this back To saute the heat from the pot is

Melting the cheese Absolutely perfect it's like baked pasta Without the oven And it's so fast you guys will love it Lastly We are making a chicken stir fry guys This might be my favorite Out of the bunch set it to saute on high Add some avocado oil I'm adding in some shallots i love Shallots again You could use onion if you prefer i'm Also adding some garlic and ginger I love fresh ginger and just like before Magically the chicken is sliced up i've Decided to slice it here Of course you can cube it instead if That's what you prefer Give it a nice saute so it gets a little Brown i'm going to add a little sriracha This is not a spicy dish This really just adds a depth of flavor But you can leave it out if you like And of course i'm adding my soy sauce my Rice wine My different types of broth my oyster Sauce again Everything will be listed in the Description box below Placing in my trivet of course that Bottom of that pot is deglazed guys Don't skip that step Adding in my white rice and some Filtered water

One-to-one ratio i love making recipes Like this Where you make everything at the same Time inside of the instant pot because It's so easy Hit cancel on the instant pot set it to High pressure for four Minutes allow 10 minutes of natural Pressure when the pin drops Open up the lid and guys can you beat A recipe like this everything is done It's so incredibly easy i decided To add my mixed vegetables now these are Raw Yes i'm adding raw vegetables i'm also Adding some dark Soy sauce i like dark soy sauce if you Don't have this you can use Regular soy sauce then we're going to Place the lid on and just let the Residual heat Cook the veggies if you want it more Cooked go ahead and throw them in the Microwave first sauce is the perfect Consistency for me but if you want yours Thicker Make a cornstarch slurry and add it now Three easy chicken Recipes let me know in the comments Below which one is your Favorite

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