stovepic_home“Here at Bubba’s you will find a coziness and friendly atmosphere that has become our trademark. When my brothers turned the Red Cabin Inn into the Pot Belly Stove in 1977, we had one bartender, one waitress, two cooks and one thought in mind-providing our customers with the finest quality food served in generous portions.

Since then, we’ve grown a bit. You’ve seen us expand from a soup and sandwich menu into a dining establishment that really does take pride in preparing wonderful food for you. Our family at Bubba’s is anxious to make your time here a pleasurable one. You’ll never leave hungry!!” – BUBBA

Bubba wrote this as an introduction to his menu. He was proud of this restaurant and the good times that were shared here. He was more than an owner he was a friend, a dad, a brother, and a great boss who didn’t wear a suit but an apron. We may have lost him but his spirit remains in the value and traditions that are kept alive by everyone that works to keep Bubba’s going.